Monday, May 28, 2012

Animals Can Enjoy Tennis Too, Right?!

      Let's face it. You already know where my mind is...and where it's gonna be until the French Open is over! So I've decided to share a little bit of it with you every day until it's gone...No! I'm not gonna talk non-stop about tennis. I'm just gonna talk "some"-stop. LOL
     But I "will" have some kind of tennis inspired Etsy item as my header photo every day for the next two weeks...And...I "will" be evoking the SPOILER ALERT button on occasion throughout the tournament!...In other words, I will occasionally be talking about who lost or won whatever match that day, or about any interesting developments 'Tennis-Wise' that particular day.
     AND....and don't be too excited about this please...^_^ posts will probably be a lot shorter. {It's hard to focus and write at the same time 'as it is'!....I know that with tennis on it's gonna be even HARDER!! LOL}
     And that's it for today...except for the little video from my backyard. :-)

 See! I'm not the only one that appreciates tennis! ^_^ And isn't it interesting that my little friend decided, just as the tennis started, that he wants to not only come and drink at the feeder off and on all day, but also hang around in the tree and listen to the tennis with me! ^_^ ...That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
     By the way, this old broken down tree...from the battering it took from the storm this past winter...has a new visitor there constantly now. And no one is more shocked about it than me!...A robin is nesting there!! :-) 
     Hubby is gonna try to get some photos later on. He doesn't wanna make her skiddish right now. She's sitting on her nest most of the time..."Take care of those pretty turquoise blue eggs, Mrs. Robin...We'll wait!" :-)
     Have a good day, Everybody! May it be filled with lots of "Racket" and "Love"!! ^_^

 Backyard sounds

Flitting, flying, flapping, creeping.
Swaying, floating, chirping, leaping.
In our backyard sounds are heaping.
Me and hubby always peeping.


  1. I'll need to check your blog for tennis's news, because we don't have any channel set up. No tv for us.
    Have a good day, too.

    1. ^_^ Great!...I'll try to be as accurate as I can when I talk about it then!...Have a good day, Priscila!

  2. That dog is so cute! Enjoy your tennis! And congrats on the sale!!!

    1. ^_^ He really is, isn't he?!!..Thanks, Bead. See you later!

  3. Hee hee - I know where to come for my tennis fix then! Not sure how much will be shown on mainstream tv here and we've nit got cable or satellite. Like today's poem too :-)

    1. ^_^ Yep! It's gonna be French Open Highlights ALL THE TIME over here! ^_^ ...And thanks about the poem too! That was one of my wordy, yet not too wordy ones! LOL Have a good day!


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