Tuesday, May 15, 2012


      I was so glad to see the sunrise this morning!...It's funny how appreciative you can be of a lit up, albeit rainy, sky...after a few nights of looking at the blackness of night WIDE AWAKE!! LOL Although I'm happy to report that I 'did' get a few hours of sleep last night...broken up in quadrants of time here and there....UGH!
       My sleeplessness...and other physical issues...have caused my hubby to start giving my disorders funny names. ^_^ It's a good thing I still have a sense of humor! If I was the type that went crazy on a small amount of sleep, he might have to be watching his back right about now! LOL
       He has named my sleepnessness "Up, Still Up-itis". ^_^ Crazy man!!...And my sleepnessness is not the only thing on his radar! Because of the rain, and the barometric pressure effects on my bladder, I'm using the 'little girl's room' almost every 15 to 30 minutes!....or as hubby says...I have "Pee Pee-itis".  And when I go and it doesn't produce much,....Yes, we 'do' talk about EVERYTHING!! LOL...he refers to it as "Tee Tee Simpl-ova". LOL...WHATEVER! ^_^

       At least he's entertaining...when I'm half asleep! LOL

      In other news, we got a new hummingbird feeder!! :-)

      If you saw the feeder we had last year, you'll immediately recognize that this is a totally different kind. There's two reasons for that.... 1. those crazy ants....and  2. those crazy wasps! LOL They were giving our poor little hummingbirds such a hard time last year!...This one is suppose to be bee-proof...We're hoping that translates into being ant-proof also!
      Also this year, we no longer have the branch on the tree that we hung the feeder from! The freak storm that hit our backyard...and that hit the whole area really...took out a bunch of trees all over the state, including ours...The tree is still standing, but the branch that hung out there, so proudly displaying and offering sweet nectar to the hummingbirds, 'bit the dust'!
      Hubby, the ingenious, creative, disorder-naming man that he is, 'jimmied-up' a few paper clips, stringing them together to extend the feeder down to in front of the window. He hung the feeder from the over-hang of the house. :-) Let me see, what name would you call his disorder....hmmm....I know, he's an "Undo-able-phobic"! LOL If there's a will, which there always is...he'll find a way! ^_^
       Speaking of which, we've been scratching things off the list...as to why I'm not sleeping well...
--- I haven't had coffee in over a week....That's not it.

--- The C-Pap machine has been De-germified...That's apparently not it, although we haven't ruled out something systemically being wrong with the machine yet. That's still on the list!

--- I washed my hair.

--- I make hubby take a bath every time he goes out of the house and comes back in...to wash the outside pollen off of him.

--- We've checked all of the new seasonings and foods we've bought lately.

--- We've checked to make sure we're not using any new household products...detergent, hand soap, deodorant, etc.. (Had to get rid of one of hubby's deodorants. The scent of it was giving me the sneezies..."Achoo-itis" ^_^....He's sometimes Mr. Funki-itis now! LOL...Just kidding! He smells like a dream. ^_^

--- The air purifier and the humidifier have been Spring cleaned.

--- And yesterday, the bedroom was Spring cleaned! O_O
      The one thing I'm not gonna be able to take off the list...at least not yet...is menopause. And considering some of the other issues I'm dealing with, this may be the answer to the whole 'shebang'!!..."Old Lady-itis"!! LOL
         That menopause thing may be responsible for the other disorders I have right now..."Crabby-mouth-itis"..."Crickety joint-itis"....and "Totally Annoyed-itis"! ^_^ And, if the post nasal drip and spotting doesn't subside soon, I may need a "cough-ectomy"....or a "snoring-and-think-he's-funny-hubby-ectomy"!!! LOL {For the non-medical folks out there, the suffix 'itis' means 'inflammation of'.....and 'ectomy' means 'removal of'. ^_^}

       Okay, enough silliness for today! ^_^ Off to soothe the growling tummy. I need breakfast....STAT!!!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody!

My Mind Went A Wandering

After barely any sleep,
and dreams I find that I am pondering,
my mind is on a journey,
skipping rocks and out a wandering.

It's acting sorta senile,
like an old lady in her nightie,
barefoot on the highway,
thinking she's all high and mighty.

I'm contemplating platypus
and belly buttons too.
All this while thinking fingernails
are not that good to chew.

It's probably not a good thing
that my head's so far from home.
Especially all uncovered,
and now clearly needing a comb.       


  1. Deb, you to are absolutely funny. I hope you can figure out soon what is making you have sleepless nights. Great poem. Get a nap or two in if you can because it sounds to me that you are a silly person when you lack sleep, which is better than a grouchy person...LOL.... Have a Great Nap and Day!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma! ^_^ I'm so glad that me and Mr. Funny man can entertain you! LOL He's entertaining me regularly!...By the way, thank you for the nice words about the poem...Silly Girl...OUT! ^_^

    2. Deb, I guess I should have told you that when I lack sleep I get very silly like i've been to the dentist and i'm on laughing gas. My husband calls me an air head when I get this way...LOL......I tell everyone that I get kind of loopy when I lack sleep. It sounds to me that maybe you get that way too. Hope you got some sleep. Your silly blogger friend Velma

    3. Ha! Ha! Same here! You should have seen me having laughing jags in here yesterday...about the most ridiculous...not really funny...things. Hubby, I think, was laughing at me...not with me! LOL

  2. LOL! I mean.... I'm not laughing at your sleeplessness or other issues but your telling of it. Your hubby sounds hilarious and it is probably a very good thing that you have such a fun sense of humour...! Hope you manage to get a bit more sleep, that the hummingbirds love their new feeder and the ants and wasps don't and that you're well. Sorry not to have been around much in the past few months - you've probably forgotten who I am by now!!!

    1. ^_^ It's okay....Go ahead and giggle. I SURE did!! He's a mess...my hubby! LOL And, by the way, how could I forget who you are?! I traveled to Scotland with you...virtually! ^_^ I pop over quite often and read your blog. I just don't always comment...I'm glad to see you! Hope to see you back again. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  3. Your hubby is a hoot! However, you may not always appreciate his wit...We have a saying in our house that covers a multitude of ailments....we call it: "multiple ugliosis"..I have it on many occasions. Actually, I think I'm a carrier of this disorder... Yesterday I got called out to work at 3:44am and came home around 4pm...that gave me a bad case of it! Menopause has made it much worse! Chocolate has been proven to alleviate severe cases...I don't know if you'd find it in a medical journal or textbook. If it's there, it probably has my picture under the title.

    1. Hi Yaya!...Agreed! He is indeed 'a hoot!' LOL But your family, with your 'multiple ugliosis' are 'a hoot' too! ^_^ And now that you mention it, I may carry the 'ugliosis' gene myself...but it's not a dominant gene. LOL...By the way, I tout the wonders of medicinal doses of chocolate whenever I get the chance. Speaking of which, have you seen the 'Dove' waffle sundae covered in chocolate?!!!...*drooling*...I'm gonna try that thing SOON. Medicinally speaking of course :-))

  4. What a fun post! I had to laugh at your Mr. Funki-itis comment. I think my boys suffer from that one too. Although I think their one shoulc be called stinky-teen-itis :D
    Sorry to hear that you're still having some sleeping problems. I hope you manage to solve this puzzle soon.

    1. ^_^ Ha! Ha! Somehow I knew that my man couldn't be the only non-deodorized man in the world!! LOL But be careful! I think 'stinky-teen-itis' grows up to be 'Mr. Funki-itis'!! LOL


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