Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sleep....And A Story About Some Dogs....

        Are you looking at the pretty flowery mask in my header photo?...Isn't it pretty?!...Oh, if sleeping could be so easy! ^_^ ... I'm not gonna get too much into it, but Yeah! I'm still not sleeping well!
      All of a sudden my body clock has decided it wants to be up with the owls! Grrrr!...I'm working on different things to do to fix it. Please be patient with my constant conversation about it, but......that's whats going on with me! :-]
     To the credit of 'sleeplessness', I have lots more time to think about useless, unimportant, "mentally exercising" stuff these days!, for instance, I miss not having a dog....If I had a dog I would've had some company when I was up in the middle of the night "not" sleeping! ^_^ Dogs are the best for companionship like that, aren't they?!
      My family had many doggies while I was growing up. I've spent many a night, in my childhood, dancing with and singing in a hair brush to the dog...cuddling up and reading to the dog...crying on the dog's fur...and eating! The eating was the best part. :-)
      I thought about all of this when I saw these Ceramic Stoneware Custom Name Pet Dish or bowls in my Etsy roamings last night...

        They're from a shop called MissPottery...

       They're so cute! ...They reminded me of my dogs,... :-/...but in reality they can be dog or cat bowls...or some other pet bowl too I guess. I'm sure they're not discriminating about guinea pigs, birds, earthworms....whatever your pet preference is! LOL

        While I was still thinking about whether I was gonna get any sleep or not, the name of this etsy shop caught my eye...MyHouseOfDreams. :-) ... And it's not just a name, this shop. Look what I found in there!...

       It's a treasury box with flowers, butterflies and a bird on the outside....and a bicycle on the inside. Click on the photo and pop on over and see it!...It's so 'dreamy'! :-) 

      The last thing I saw were these Handmade Sewing Machine Stamped Gift Tags from MaybeSparrowDesigns...

       I love that they have the little hole right in them, so you tie your ribbon or string on them...I'm all about handmade you know! ^_^
       As a matter of fact, I sold my 'handmade' multicolored men's boutonniere yesterday...

       ...and then the customer who bought it had a request for another one. He wanted to know if I could make him a carrot orange one...:-) ...HELLO!...ME? A challenge to crochet something special?!!...YES I CAN!!!...I aim to please! :-)

        Here's what I made...

      I know it looks big, but it's only one and a half inches (3.8 cm)...He saw it....he likes'll be his later today! :-) ... NEXT!!!! LOL

       I'm determined to get my body clock back to normal....whatever 'normal' is. In the meantime I'm embracing my love of 'The Nap'! ^_^ In fact, I may get me one right now! :-)

About A Dog

This is a tale.
No, not a 'tail'.
A story of a puppy dog.

Oh Yes, it wagged.
I mean his tail...
every time he saw a frog.

My story's long.
No, not his 'tail'.
Although its wagging wouldn't end.

I'll tell it to you...
Yes, my 'tale',
about my wet-nosed wagging friend.

But not today.
The End. 


  1. Hi, sorry i have missed some of your posts i haven't been in blogland for a few days there just doesn't seem to be enough hours to do everything. I have to say i love your multi coloured brooch that is gorgeous no wonder he snapped it up those colours are lovely. I had a dog while growing up called Pepper she was such a cute little thing and brought us a lot of joy. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

    1. Hi Dee!...You never have to apologize about reading, or not reading, my blog. I love that you take the time to read it and comment WHENEVER you do! ^_^ And thank you for the nice feedback about my colorful brooch. I guess I should make another replacement now, huh...something inspired by that one, because I never end up with things exactly the same somehow. :-) ...And I'm sure your "Pepper" and my "Tracey" would have got along great! LOL And you enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Thank you for featuring my pet bowls!
    MissPottery aka Melissa

    1. It was totally my pleasure, Melissa! :-) They're so cute!

  3. Those pet bowls sure a cute!
    Sorry that you're still not getting a restful nights sleep. I'll cross my fingers that it happens soon.

    1. I love those bowls too, Jo! I almost wished I had a dog, just so I could get one! LOL...And news just in....I slept great last night! :-)


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