Friday, May 4, 2012

I've Seen All Kinds Of Things.........!

          When you have a backyard the size of ours, you're bound to see things in it that make you smile, like butterflies...

     ...and all kinds of woodpeckers...

 (Woodpecker from MassAudubon) sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, finches, crows, blackbirds, an occasional hawk, and, of course, robins!...

        In fact, we have robins in the backyard 'ALL' the time! One time we even had robin eggs! :-) ...

     You should have seen the maneuvering, and quiet stalking, hubby had to go through to get the picture (above) of those beautiful blue robin eggs! ^_^ But now that the storm took the tree that the robins were using for nesting, all we see are the robins hopping all over the yard with earthworms...another regular backyard visitor...and twigs and grass in their beaks. I think our yard is the community robin supply and grocery store! ^_^ 

       Some other regular backyard visitors are...squirrels...


        ...and cats.

          In fact, we have a 'stalking' black cat going back and forth, and through, our yard every day lately. He's always crouching and pouncing and sneaking around. I haven't seen what the prey is that he's stalking yet...and I'm not sure I want to! O_O That's because, a while back, we found this guy (below) the backyard....*gulp!*...

        I don't know if it was the cat's doing or not, but I have my suspicions! LOL 

     We also get a lot of dogs roaming through the backyard...usually followed by their owners, yelling for them to "STOP!" ^_^ ...Maybe they should buy the doggies some peanut butter!...

 (Framed Cooks Blog)

      That just might slow them down long enough to get a handle on them! ^_^

      But none of these visitors are the reason I decided to do this post today! I decided to do this post today because over the last few days we've been seeing some 'regular' visitors that are kinda strange to our the daytime at least!  O_O
       We've been seeing a fox!...

      He's just been trotting through the yard, as pretty as you please! O_O ...Imagine!...Foxes trotting through the yard in the daytime...without a bunch of dogs or men on horses, in ugly riding pants, carrying guns, chasing them!
       I tried to make hubby run out there to see if he could get a picture of him, but he was too quick...Maybe he knew that the hunt was almost upon him or something....the imaginary hunt, because I didn't see any of my backyard grass flying up from the pounding of horse hooves! LOL 
       I'm starting to think that maybe we should be a little more worried about this than we are, because this was, after all, a the daytime! And the other day I was reading one of the blogs from someone kinda local to us, and she had just had a bear who climbed her birch tree and left claw marks!...Of course he might've been after her honey. They have a hive...But still!!

      To top off my story, guess what else came meandering through the backyard a couple of days the daytime?!...

      Yep! A skunk! the daytime!! O_O I thought skunks were nocturnal, and that if you saw them in the daytime that meant that they could be rabid!!!! O_O ... Great! Stalking foxes, black cats, dead snakes, maybe tree-climbing black bears!...and now...daytime...and maybe rabid...skunks! :-/
        But ours wasn't a cute little baby skunk. How do I know?!.....Hubby actually got a picture of him! :-] ... It wasn't a great picture, but it was enough to be able to see that it was a skunk!...and that it was daytime!!

       O_0 ...Uh boy...hubby's gonna have to be a lot more careful when he's taking the garbage out...If he gets clawed or ends up smelling like a skunk....I am NOT gonna be happy!!...I might giggle at him...if he's just an UNclawed and stinky man I mean....but I won't be happy!! ^_^
        STOP LAUGHING!!!...What kind of things are roaming around your yard....huh?....HUH?!! LOL...Have a good weekend, Everybody! 

Double Take

Yes, I looked at it again,
because I couldn't believe what I saw!
Was it meant to catch attention?
Or to make you drop your jaw?

Was it what I thought it was?
Was it real, or was it fake?
Just like life and all it's wonder,
some things need a double take.


  1. Well, I haven't seen a fox or a bear, but the other animals I have seen!! I woke up a few nights ago to the screams of a rabbit. Something must have been attacking it! It was awful!!
    On a lighter note, Wednesday evening while it was still light out, I heard hoof sounds and looked out in my FRONT yard and say 3 deer running down the street to the busy road. Glad no one hit them.
    We've also had turkeys, woodchucks and skunks too. We had a skunk nest under our shed one year. Those little babies will poke their heads out of the hole even in the daytime. They really are cute!!! Mama would wander during the day too. So maybe your skunk is a Mama too!
    Enjoy your day...and stay dry!!

    Cute poem too by the way! :)

    1. Oh Yeah! I forgot rabbits!!!! I have a resident rabbit too!.....but screaming?!! O_O YIKES! Poor baby!....And deer too?!!....What's with all of the animals coming out of the woods, huh?!! Hmmm....!...And thanks for the info about the skunk mama wandering out in the daytime. That might've been exactly what was going on....she was hunting for food for the kiddoes! :-))...Okay, I'm still grggy from my 2nd nap this morning...*Teehee*...My hubby skunk is hunting for food for me!...and cooking it up too! ^_^ Have a good day, Cindy! ♥

  2. Deb,

    This is amazing. All this animals in your backyard... so cute. The blue eggs, wow. Never seen before.
    Not sure if the cat did that.
    We see a lot in our backyard, too. But I think you won.
    Great day!

    1. Hi Priscila!...You must see animals too. Especially the cats, dogs and squirrels, if nothing else, right? ^_^ You should probably be thankful if you're not seeing the other things! LOL...Have a good weekend!

  3. Jack always makes fun of my animal identification skills...I've made a few bad calls in the past! He still doesn't believe me when I say I saw an eagle. We have many of the same animals in our yard. The cats I don't mind because they kill moles...dogs I do mind because they poop...skunks I do mind because of Eddy the boxer. One morning, early, we spotted 2 skunks in the back yard..but Jack took care of them..that's all I'll say about that! I have only seen a fox here once. It was in the Creepy Woods in the afternoon some time back. So pretty! Deer come frequently but I don't encourage them when I have a that's my zoo, thanks for sharing yours! Nice pic of the skunk too! (good thing for the skunk Jack lives here)

    1. Heyyyy! Looks like our yard zoos are about the same! ^_^ And so are our identification skills. I initially thought the fox was some kind of weird looking dog! LOL The skunk was very recognizable. His striping looks sorta like mine! But mine is gray and black! ^_^ According to Jehovah God, wisdom is associated with grayheadedness I'm good with it! ^_^ I just have to work on not letting my wisdom be so stripey!! LOL

  4. WE get rabbits, possums, snakes, squirrels, cats, birds, and other things but my yard is not as nice as yours.


    1. Ooooo!...Possums! :-) I haven't seen a possum in my yard since I left the South!...I have seen the remains of a few of them in the street though. :-/ Anyway!!....thank you for the nice complement about my backyard.

  5. A couple of months ago we had a bald eagle scouring the river that runs through our town. That was a great day! My favorite are the hawks and we have lots of them around here. I can often spot up to three in the 20 mile drive up to our closest town. Also, our hostas are already eaten down due to the deer. A neighbor who doesnt sleep very well often tells of seeing a small herd of them wandering through our local backyards and even down the middle of the street. I am always sorry that I sleep so well and cant stay up to see them. lol

    1. Oooo! How exciting!...We very...and I mean VERY...rarely see eagles. Hawks are more of a siting for us. But we don't see them that often either. They are some pretty birds swooping around in the sky though, aren't they?! :-) It's a wonder that I don't see more deer. I'm up with the chickens usually...and the chickens are up before the deer! ^_^ eyes may not be that open at that time of the morning, and deer don't make that much noise. LOL...Thanks for sharing.


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