Monday, May 14, 2012

Now Here We Go!....Anxiety!

      Hello Everybody! Don't you love seeing green?! That's what I'm looking at in my header photo, and out of my window this morning. ..and rain. Oh Well.
      I hope you all had a good weekend. We did...even though I'm still having a few sleeping issues. In fact I think I'm developing some kind of anxiety disorder associated with it! O_O No kidding!
      I'm finding that, for some strange reason all of a sudden, I don't sleep more than two or three hours at a time...if that!...and when I wake up I feel like I'm in a room that needs air...NOW!!! O_O What's up with that?!!! There's nothing new going on. Everything is fine. I'm feeling pretty good...mostly, except for my normal "stuff". Soooooo...what's up with the anxiety?! Could it be some new level of hormonal issues?! O_O ...UGH!
       I've had friends that got to this point in their life...past the teenage stage, waaaay past the 30s, and on the sunny side of 60...who have dealt with this wave of anxiety coming on them out of nowhere. I sure hope that's not what "this" is!! O_O I don't need my brain having anything else to wrangle with! It's already having so much fun wrangling with 'ME' on a daily basis! ^_^
      Oh well, at least I have something to try to help me focus anyway....crochet flowers! :-) And focus I did, this weekend! I made keychains...

        This is the only one I've listed in my Wuglyees shop so far...

       I made a few. Some I'll sell in the shop, and some I'll give away as free gifts with purchases...whether they want them or not!! LOL
         I also made my very first crochet flower ring this weekend!!...

      It's an adjustable ring. Just something to use as a fun piece...

      I'm gonna have to decide what colors I wanna make them now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I mean...I know you don't have anything else to do with your time! LOL

      I think it's gonna be kinda fun knocking out ring after ring, anxiety attack after anxiety attack! ^_^ ... UGH! What's next?...The return of zits?!....teenage crying jags?!....Locusts?! ^_^ ...Whatever!!!!

     As I say all the time...getting old is not for sissies!...And yes, that's my "old" hand wearing the ring...*shaking my head*...And to think, those are the same hands that are crocheting all that pretty jewelry! ^_^ ...Good thing I can laugh!...and see! ^_^ Shhhhh! Maybe the sight will be next! O_O
       I'm only fooling around here. Yes, it's frustrating and annoying, getting old and anxious, but it's better than the alternative! LOL...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Quick Ditty About "Change"

No! I don't do "change" well.
I like things just the way they are.
That's why I wear a the same deodorant
and drive an old  beat-up car!

My clothes are classic, retro style;
I still shave. Will not use NAIR.
Until my hair falls out...
then I'll be off to buy some hair!


  1. Oh My goodness i nearly missed this post i adore your keyrings its the colours you are using there gorgeous. And the rings are such a cute idea you could go to town with those colours ;-)) Pretty pinks and black maybe purples and pale blues. Green and oranges ;-)) You have my brain working now ;-)) I hope you manage to start sleeping better i used to only sleep a couple of hours a night before waking up but now i have given up work i sleep solid for the first time in years. Mr J says its contentment and that i have less to worry about he may be right ;-) Take care, dee x

    1. ^_^ Thanks, Dee! And you mentioned some of the colors I was thinking of working on, the greens, purple, orange, etc...My mind is 'going-to-town' too! LOL...But of course, without sleep what else does it have to do?! ^_^

  2. Sorry you're still having trouble sleeping. Hopefully it IS just hormones ( that's bad enough, after all)..
    What a cute little crochet ring!! And you know I "love" the keychain too!! Keep busy, don't fret about the rain and get some sleep.

    No one to work with today, so I went to the flower shop and grocery store and now I'm off to mow the lawn.

    1. Hi, Bead!...I'm so sick of talking about my lack of sleep! But considering that I'm sure it's affecting my train of thought, I figured I might as well talk about it! I'm thinking...for's either hormones, allergies, or a systemic problem with the C-Pap machine. Considering that I'm all stuffy, like I have a head cold or something, it's probably one of the latter two. UGH!...Since I can't rest, I'll keep busy! No sense letting good crochet flower making time go to waste! ^_^ ... I'm sorry you missed your group, but looks like you found a way to put the time to good use to! :-) Have a good day, Bead!

  3. Girlfriend- you are a whiz with your crochet needle! Your key rings and jewelry are just so "chic"!! Im sure they will do well in your etsy shop!!

    The bracelet is fabulous-- I've already been to look and I think I may have to have one!!


  4. Awwwww! Thank you, Vicki! :-) I'm all about the colors already today!...And I'm with you about the bracelet! It's so cool!

  5. Wow. How fun is that? A crochet ring!
    I'm sorry about your sleeping issue. My husband is like that, so I know how hard it can be.
    Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Hi Priscila! ^_^ Yep! A crochet ring!...Actually, two now. :-)) I'll show the other one soon...About the sleeping thing, tell your hubby I feel his pain! :-)

  6. That multi-coloured yarn looks amazing! Very spring like!
    Your crochet ring looks really good too. I can almost see a little girl wearing it while playing dress-ups!

    1. Thanks, Jo! :-) I'm loving it! The package for the thread called it 'Tie-Dyed'. I liked that, so that's what I'm calling the flowers I make out of it....Tie-Dyed keychains, necklaces, etc... ^_^ And I'm glad you like the ring. I'm two rings strong so far. :-)) And around here adults are wearing the handmade rings too. I'm hoping I'm not too late to jump on the big crochet ring band-wagon! LOL


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