Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something Unexpected...And WONDERFUL!!!

        Some days you wake up at unspeakable hours of the morning, for some unknown, unspeakable reason...Really. I'm not gonna 'speak' of it! LOL...On those days time rolls along slowly, and as darkness starts to fall your mind starts to wander forward...."Will I get any sleep tonight?!"...and you can feel your eye start to twitch in anticipation. ^_^
      On other days, unexpected and wonderful things happen that make the unspeakable hours that you have to be awake...the hours that your hubby is snoozing away in unspeakable sleep bliss!...easier to bare. :-]
      Before I tell you the unexpected thing that happened....the thing that was quite wonderful as well!...let me share some wonderful, and, in some cases, unexpected things I came across while I was doing the 'expected' thing...listing my new necklaces in my Wuglyees Etsy shop...It started with those cute little toes in the header photo! :-)
     What a wonderful idea for the summer, right?! :-) All the little babies in the neighborhood, being pushed around in their open strollers, or being tossed from relative to relative at the family picnic, all wearing their little barefoot crocheted sandals! ^_^ Once again....why didn't I think of that?!! 
       I'll tell you why!....because I had other things to think about...like whether I was gonna get any sleep when I went to bed,...or whether the rain that we're due to start getting today was gonna be so much this time...they're using words like "puddling" and "rain event" O_O ...that my joints would explode!! LOL

         I mean...according to the way the weather man is talking, I could officially start singing the blues! LOL...

        Uh Oh!...Watch out Etta James! ^_^

      Anyway!...singing the rain blues or not, I've still got some wonderful things to share!...

        This necklace is wonderful, right?!...And the price...(as of right now anyway!)...was, for me, totally unexpected...$33.00!

       Anyone that knows me knows how much I love a pretty box...especially a pretty jewelry box! But when I saw this one (below), it took me by 'wonderful' surprise!...

     ...and I didn't expect the decoupaged dictionary page with the butterflies on it! It's a wonderful mix of a lot of my loves...jewelry boxes...butterflies...and words! :-)

     Being honest, I have to tell you that I'd never heard of this vintage 'Blendo' colorful West Virginia glass (above) before now. But now...I think the unexpected shape of the mouth of the pitcher, and the pretty colors of the glass are just wonderful! :-)

        Who expected to see peacock feathers...translucent...as a pair of earrings?!....Not me! But, again, wonderful! :-) ...Oh Yeah, I can see me 'strutting my stuff' in these! ^_^

      And if I didn't expect to see peacock feathers on earrings....you KNOW I didn't expect to see mushrooms in a necklace! :-) ...

       ...but there they are...with their wonderful self! :-))

      So, as to Etsy finds, that's my unexpected and wonderful news for today! :-) ...But as to personal unexpected and wonderful news...here's the story...
      I had an emergency trip to the hospital back in 2009 that cost me a hospital stay, hypoxia from an allergic reaction to some pain medication, untold aggravation with the insurance company and doctors, and unspeakable ambulance and hospital bills.!...not to mention my having to wear the sleep apnea contraption every night, and every nap, since! Grrrr!
      I got over the aggravation, and I'm learning to live with the after-effects of the allergic reaction and the C-Pap machine. It's been much harder dealing with my emotional disgust with the insurance company and with the bills generated from this time...mainly because the insurance company had taken the position that there was no real reason for me to have been in the hospital for the amount of time I was there....so they were slow, and sometimes just plain "No!", about paying for things that I felt that I was certainly covered for!
    In order to keep my sanity and not let things put me in a mental space that I knew would not be good for me in the long run, I decided that, no matter what, I was gonna continue to be the best 'me' I could be, and to pay every single penny of that hospital bill...on a payment plan of course...no matter how long it would take!!...which according to the hospital accountant would be, at a minimum, about nine years at the rate I was paying!!
     I paid my $65.00 faithfully every month to both of the bills that were generated...$130.00 a month!....until about four months ago!...Now, call me absent-minded...which I prefer to call 'hormonal' and not seeing things until they jump up in my face these days!...HORMONES! UGH!...but for some reason I didn't notice that I was no longer receiving a bill!!
     I usually just wait for the bills to come in the mail each month, write the checks, and send them their payment right away before I forget...or before I see a bird flying by and get distracted! LOL
     When hubby lost his job and we were trying to figure out our expenses and that, I couldn't find the bill slip for the hospital payments! O_O "Did they come this month?!"...."Wait a minute!!!....*palpitations*...It's been more than one month since I paid it!!!"...Hubby was kinda annoyed with me. Then he searched for the latest bill and realized it had been four months since we paid it...*gulps!*...Apparently the hospital hadn't generated their normal bill...and I had totally not noticed!!
      All I could think was "We''re gonna have to pay back money now, more than $500.00 worth!!" O_O Hubby said: "Maybe they forgot, or the bill got lost."...I laughed. "Yeah, right! One of the bills was like $900.00. The other one was more like $9,000 or something. They're not gonna "FORGET" that kind of money!" ^_^ Then we had to decide whether we wanted to call them and "REMIND" them!! LOL
      So, we decided to make sure we had the money first, and then to call them and remind them that we hadn't gotten our bill. :-( And here's where the unexpected and wonderful part comes in. :-) ... The hospital accountant (that's what I call her) said we didn't owe anything!!...What?!!!!!! O_O ...Apparently the insurance coverage had 'kicked in' and was paid in full! ;'_'; ...Just typing it again...speaking of the unspeakable!...makes me a little teary all over again!
       Why they didn't notify us....I don't know. But I ain't mad at 'em!! ^_^ In fact, I'm just wonderful!!....Now, I ask you, how often does something like that happen?!!....No more singing the blues! I wanna get in the car and drive around with the radio at full blast!...


       Note to self: When you're being the best you can be, it sometimes works out good!! ^_^ So, no matter how much rain falls today, or the next few days for that matter...and no matter how much sleep I don't get...it's gonna be a lovely and wonderful day!!! ^_^ Me...speaking positively about rain and lack of sleep?...You didn't expect that, did ya?!!...Have a good day, Everybody!...I sure will!

Be The Best You Can Be

I live my life every day,
trying to be the very best I can,
so that I am not affected
by the degrading words of man.

If "I" know who I am,
then I don't care what others think;
I don't end up in some bar,
trying to hide my pain with drink.

Oh Yes! THEY have opinions
on what THEY think you should do,
on how you wear your hair,
where you should go, also with who!

I nod and give a grin,
respecting what they want to say;
but it's my thoughts that count
at the end of the day.

It makes it so much easier
when I'm being the best I can;
Then I feel good about my choices;
I don't fear words from any man! 


  1. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you! Unexpected wonderfulness is the best!!! Enjoy!

    I'm sorry you're getting the rain. It rained here ALL day yesterday! Coming home was the best choice yesterday. I enjoyed my day. I love those cute little toes in your header photo!! So cute. I love the butterfly box and the necklace and the earrings and the glass (I've never seen that before either)...I guess everything you found in the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully you'll get some sleep today!
    Have a good one!

    1. I'm back up again! ^_^ 'Popping up like a bad penny'...That's something my grandmother used to say. I have no idea what it means! Ha! Ha!..Anyway, I might not have gotten much sleep, about three and a half hours, but I feel quite rested right now. It'll probably hit me later on. ^_^ Glad you liked my picks. I thought they were great items!...Glad you made a good decision yesterday about the rain. Hopefully you'll have better weather than us today. It appears that you sent your weather pattern in our direction again! ^_^

  2. Great blog! I love it! Thank you very much for the feature my Baby barefoot sandals!

    1. Thank you! :-] And featuring those cute little 'toesies' was my pleasure! ^_^

  3. Good news for you! Did they pay you back for the money you sent in? I'm not a big fan of the insurance companies...in health care they dictate everything we can do or not do without the patient in mind at all..just the bottom line. I'm happy it all worked out for you and also that being honest paid off too! Have a good week!

    1. Yaya, It was good news!...and Ha! Pay me back?! I don't even wanna think about how laughable that is!!...but if I miraculously get a check in the mail I'll let you know. ^_^ Don't hold your breath. I'm not!!! LOL...I'm gonna leave well enough alone, and be thankful. THANKFUL!!! :-] Have a good week, Yaya!

  4. Wow sometimes unexpected can be truly wonderful! I am so glad that you don't have to worry about that bill any more! YAY! I love a good news story & this certainly is one :)

    1. How right you are, Jo! :-) ... Happy to bear the bearer of Good News"!


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