Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It Was A Kitchen Take-Over!!

      I know it's early, but I just had to show you! My hubby outdid himself yesterday. This was ONE of the things he made after he took over the kitchen...a chocolate pecan sheet cake...for ME! :-) ... I'd love to share it with you, but since I can't I'll just have to figure out something to do with the leftover part...I'm sure I'll think of something! LOL
      As I said though, this cake was only ONE of the things he made! He started with a stew in the crock pot. I was enlisted as resident potato peeler. :-) I would've shown you some pictures of that too, but by the time it got done...I was 'done' too!...done taking pictures! :-))
      It was loaded with veggies...potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, green and red peppers, celery, stew beef chunks, and seasonings...Ater it was on, he made some potato salad...and Oh Yeah, I got pictures of that!...It was his first time making it EVER! And it was sooooo good!...

         ...He even made a pan of homemade corn bread!!!...Why the kitchen take-over you ask?!...I don't know exactly. I think it had something to do with the weather though.
      He had plans to clean and take pictures of his car that he wants to sell. It was his dad's car, but his dad is in the facility now, so his mom gave it to him. It's just been sitting in the yard all this time. The other day he went over and changed a flat tire, bought a battery for it, and washed it. Now he's trying to decide whether to keep it or sell it. It's a 2001 Chevy case anybody's interested! ^_^ The blue book price on it is about $5,000 in great condition. But because it's been sitting in the yard all this time, and needs a little work on the brakes...and a tune up...he's only asking for $3,000.
      Anyway!...He couldn't do anything with the car yesterday because it was raining off and on all day, so he spent his time as 'Chef Jeff' in the Wug kitchen. :-) ... After he put the stew on he was off to the cake baking races! He made my chocolate pecan sheet cake....AND...a lemon pound cake with cream cheese frosting for himself!...

      ...he made it in a bundt pan...Let me be honest, it didn't look that good when it came outta there!...but sometimes the 'ugliest' things come out the best, because I'm here to tell you it was DE-licious!!! :-)
      Today, thanks to a break in the weather...rain-wise...he'll be off to take care of the car, do some job hunting, and a few other errands. No worries though...I've got enough food around here now to keep my strength up while he's gone! ^_^
      Speaking of things to do while he's gone, while he was in the kitchen yesterday...except for a short potato peeling stint...I was in here crocheting my fool head off! :-)

         And when my fingers started aching too much to crochet anymore, I looked around on etsy for inspiration for future projects.....and look at what I saw!...

       It's an orange crocheted brooch...being used as an accent NOT on a man's lapel!, but on a woman's top! :-) ... Why didn't I think of this?!!!...Way to go WhimsyTimeStudio!!!...Any new place to put a crocheted flower...I'M IN!!! :-)
       And as to blog posts for today...I'M OUT!! LOL Have a good one today, Everybody!! And if you need a piece of cake or a bowl of stew....holla at me!! ^_^
      But for those of you who are wondering why I felt the need to share my food with you...

Why Do You Have To Share?

I know you're probably wondering:
"Why does she feel the need to share?"
I'll tell you. It's no secret!
It's because...Oh Well...YOU'RE THERE!

Why should I suffer this alone
when I can whine right in your ear?
And, after all, you came to visit,
and you still are sitting there!

Why should I keep it to myself...
this so-called 'Too Much Information'?
If you leave it up to me
there'll be a 'Listen To Me' nation!

I like to share my good and bad.
I've done it for so many years.
But you don't really have to listen.
You could amputate your ears!


  1. Chef Jeff sure has been busy! That potato salad sure looked good! Mind you so did the cakes! If your hubby would like to pop on over the big pond and cook a cake for me I wouldn't mind ;)

    Love the new items you've made, especially the dangly necklace. It looks fantastic!

  2. ^_^ He has indeed, Jo! It's gonna be stew and cake for days and days!! LOL...By the way, the potato salad is delicious!! :-) And he'll be hopping a plane for your area.......soon. *Teehee* Look for a man toting cake pans...but don't hold your breath in the meantime!

  3. lol thanks :) btw he wont need to bring pans I have a big assortment here including a bundt one

    1. ^_^ He says: "Good to know!" LOL

  4. The food looks great.

    1. My hubby says: "Thanks!" ^_^ ...By the way, it tasted pretty good too!

  5. Wow Deb, your husband has been quite the chef. Everything looks so yummy including your flowers. Hope you had a great day. Hugs, Vel

    1. Hi Velma, Yes he has been! ^_^ And it tasted as yummy as it looked too....Yummier actually!...And thanks for the nice words about my flowers too! :-) Have a good day!

  6. HAHA! I cant believe this but I just posted photos of some crochet rings I have made to! LOL! Love the ring shank you are using. Very vintage.

    Food looks so good, if only I could eat it, I went to the dentist today... so I am feeling sorry for myself. :)

    Love the colourful key ring flower. Very pretty :)

    1. ^_^ Really?!! I have to go and check them out! They're a lot more work than they look like, right?!...Thanks about the keychain flower too...And sorry about the food, and about the dentist! But the way we're eating around here...we won't be far behind you! LOL

  7. ahh your husband is a true gem that lemon pound cake and the chocolate one look and sounds delicious. Bet the smells were gorgeous. Sorry i have missed so many of your posts i haven't been in blogland again this week just trying to catch up with a few now. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

    1. No argument from me, Dee! ^_^ He is a gem! And he's turning into a pretty good cook too! And yes, it all smelled as good as it looked...and tasted! :-) Maybe the days of a smokey house and everything having a dark char are over!! LOL...You have a good week too, Dee!


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