Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hmmmm...Does It Need A Nickname?

      Three things...One, I think my body clock is changing again. I can't seem to keep my eyes open long after the sun goes down. Case in's almost 4 a.m. right now, and instead of being off in dreamland somewhere singing and writing sonnets for the new version of 'Pride and Prejudice'...a girl can dream! :-)) ...I'm up writing a blog post!
      And actually, I've been up since about 1:30 a.m.! O_O I fell asleep around the same time the NBA playoff game was getting started, around 7:30 p.m. or so...Me and hubby...after a wildly funny conversation about what we would nickname our children ^_^...were gonna watch it together, have some popcorn and tea, and THEN go to bed!...I didn't make it to the tea.:-)) I barely made it to the tip off of the basketball game! LOL...{Some of that was due to the 'talking head' commentators that kept going on and on though...just saying! ^_^}
      The second thing...What am I gonna get hubby for an anniversary gift this year?! O_O After all, what could he possibly want that would be as great as....ME?!! LOL...Stop Laughing!!!...After him saying that if we had a child he'd nickname him "Wobbly Wibbly" maybe I shouldn't get him anything!! ^_^ {I'll tell you why he said that in a minute..I have to stop laughing so I can finish typing first. LOL}

       The third thing has to do with the new venture I'm mentally chewing on...making flower rings. This beauty from SpotLightJewelry (above) is great inspiration, don't you think?! :-) Of course, my rings would be crocheted flower rings. 
       I was thinking about it a long time ago, but I kept mentally coming back to: "How would I ever know exactly what size to make them. People's fingers are all sizes."....and "If I bought an adjustable band to start with, how would I put my flower on them without glue?!"...I really don't wanna put glue on my crochet items!"
        To their credit, I found some creative and wonderful Etsians that clearly have figured this out!...

        I'm especially partial to this large Sunflower Crochet Ring (below) by joyfulgabby!...

        I like things BIG! :-) ...and I like the way she attached it to the ring base...

       And even though this Stylish Cocktail Ring (below) by GlamCro is silver wire-crocheted, I'm inspired by it too!...

      The only thing left for me to do was order some adjustable base rings...

       SunAndMoonCraftKits to the rescue! ^_^  I bought these this morning...Now I just have to figure out which of my crochet flower "babies" are gonna occupy the spotlight on my new rings. :-) Any suggestions?!

       Now....why did my hubby wanna nickname our first child...which we haven't had...and which I'm now wondering if I wanna have with him!..."Wobbly Wibbly"?!!...He said it was because with his big head, and my big behind, this kid wasn't gonna be able to walk a straight line standing up!! LOL
      He was pretending he was gonna discipline him. He yelled: "Come here 'Wobbly Wibbly'! And watch out for the wall!' ^_^ Then he got completely 'out of order' and said: "You know the neighborhood kids are gonna say 'There goes that Wug kid....Zig Zag.'....O_O He said the neighborhood kids are gonna nickname our kid "Zig Zag"!!!!! LOL...Nope! He doesn't deserve a 30th anniversary gift!...He deserves a whooping!!! LOL
        Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

History Told In A Story

A history of life
held in the mind and heart,
released for all to see
through storytelling's captured art.

Some things pulled from the past
will make you shake your head;
But revelations told
will bring new life from the dead.

Children Ooo and Awww!
Adults think hard and deep.
Oh! The knowledge now performed,
and the lessons we will keep!


  1. You are so funny! What about gardening tools for hubby, then he can grow more fresh veggies for you. lol I just love the flower rings. Glad you are going to make them. Hope all is going well.xoxox

    1. ^_^ Hi Susan!...I'm not the funny one this time. This was all my hubby! LOL He had me laughing so hard last night that when he called me "Mrs. Wobbly Mama" this morning while I was eating breakfast, I almost spit my water all the way across the room! Ha! Ha!..By the way, what a great idea. Gardening tools!! :-] Why didn't I think of that!...Shhhhhhh! I may use that idea!...And thanks for the nice feedback on the flower rings. I can't wait to get the bases back so I can get started on them!...Have a good rest of the day!

  2. Deb good luck on your ring venture! I think you'll do great with it. I'm working on getting the info for the scrapbooking flowers. I'll e-mail it to you. As for your story you had me in stitches. Very nice poem. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Velma!...I'm glad I could give you a laugh. Or should I say...that hubby could give you a laugh! ^_^...*shaking my head*...Thanks for the nice words about the poem, and the encouragement about the ring venture. We'll see if it gets off the ground or not ^_^ ...And I'll look forward to the email about the scrapbooking flowers too...I hope you having a nice weekend. If not, keep working at it! ^_^

  3. I absolutely think you should make crocheted flower rings!! That white set is gorgeous!! As for the nicknames....let's not tell anyone okay? LOL You two have just too much fun!!! :)

    1. Thanks Cin! I'm on it! ^_^ And I agree about the white set!...And about the nickname, I think the cat is already out of the to speak. LOL Or should I say...the big head is already on the lean! ^_^

  4. Sorry you can't sleep. I get frustrating when I can't sleep.
    The rings are all cute!!
    And, yes, today's post was for you, too.

    1. Thanks for the sympathy, Priscila. :-] No worries though. I've been getting plenty of naps to make up for the sleep I don't get at night! ^_^ ... By the way, I agree about the rings!...Crochet rocks! But you know all about that, right?! ^_^

  5. Gosh I had to laugh at the nick name. You and hubby must have some fantastic conversations!
    I am so sorry that you haven't been able to sleep. I hope you manage to get some tonight :)

    1. Go ahead, Jo. Laugh at my big head imaginary child! ^_^ I'm half asleep anyway!!! LOL


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