Monday, May 7, 2012

It Has Been A Joy.....Sorta!

       YAY!!!! It's finally finished! And it has been just a joy to watch go from one thing into another...I'm talking about the crochet picture frame that I refashioned into a pillow case,....but that then I reconditioned into a place to put my brand new baby poem...and then collaborated with my 'tiggerific' friend on, and ended up changing it even more...into an embroidered silk-backed poem on a baby pillow, with tiny crocheted flowers ...that you can display in a little baby's room! ^_^
     Oh Yeah! This crocheted picture frame/pillow cover/baby room art has done a lot of changing over the last few months...and each new step was a new found joy! :-] ... Now I just have to work on getting it photographed presentably, and priced, and listing for sale in my Wuglyees shop! :-) ....That's where my joy has turned into a 'sour lemon face'! LOL 
       I really....really...wish I had a professional photographer, and pricing agent, around here!! ^_^ Here are my attempts at photographing my newest joy... (now you'll see what I mean!)...

        This dark under-exposed photo of the pillow cover was the best one of the bunch....and there was a whole BUNCH taken!...Hubby even tried to photograph it in the backyard....YUCK!...Not even one of those photos survived!!

          I took it at angle after angle, light this way, no light that way...


      The only thing good about these photos is that you can clearly see that it's a pillow! LOL...And you can see that it has little pink and white flowers.....and, okay, you can see that it's crocheted, and the words to the poem can be read.

      ...But other than that! ^_^

       Back to the photo drawing board!! LOL

      I'm complaining, but considering how long this little project has been dancing around in my "To Get Done" bag, I'm very very pleased.....joyful see it finally finished! And I have a question you can help me out with. Should I sell the pillow cover and the pillow insert together...and charge the large shipping fee...or should I keep costs lower and just sell the cover and let the customer buy their own little pillow insert locally?! I think it's a pretty standard baby pillow size.
     I'll wait to see what you think. In the meantime, I'm gonna go and try to get something done on the whole 2 or 3 hours of sleep I got last night!...*shaking my head*...I even had to wake hubby up and have him open a window in the bedroom because one of the times I woke up I had a 'head in the oven', claustrophobic fit!! O_O A first for me!...What's up with that, Mr. Hormones?!!!!!!
      Oh Yes, it was an adventure when I finally calmed and cooled back down..and then had to put that C-Pap machine back on to go to bed!!!! UGH!...Needless to say, hubby and I both are probably gonna need a couple of naps today!! ^_^ My poor 'Wobbly Wibbly' daddy! LOL I'm very fortunate to have a man that can 'hang' when I'm 'wigging out' on him!!...even if he doesn't know how to establish a proper nickname for his 'yet to be' children!! (You had to have been here the last few days to know what that's all about! ^_^)
       Anyway...have a good day, Everybody!....And get some sleep, will ya?!.......Oh, that's for ME!!! LOL

Baby Waddle

So-you don't  have a strut
like a skinny runway model.
Walk proudly as you stroll,
with your 'Hippy' baby waddle!

Pretty soon it will be over,
and you'll  walk your baby's  bottle
back and forth all through the night;
And who will notice if you waddle?-
With your smiling babe to coddle


  1. I'm sorry you've had trouble sleeping. Hope it gets better for you soon.

    I LOVE the new pillow!!! I think if I was you, I'd list it as a cover with the option to buy the pillow too. Let the customer know that you can send the pillow with it at an additional cost and additional postage. Tell them what that amt. would be and then have them contact you about it BEFORE they purchase. Just my thinking on it.

    Your poem is really cute too. Is this where your hubs came up with the nickname?? LOL

    Enjoy your day! I got rained out and so I'm staying home. C.O. week anyway.

    1. Thanks for the nice words about the poem and the sympathies about the sleeping thing, Bead. I'm hoping that I can get myself back in a proper circadian rhythm before long. :-) ... And thanks for the nice words about the pillow. I may take you up on the suggestion about how to list it too!...Enjoy the rest of your day...walking between raindrops! LOL

  2. Wow Deb, the pillow is absolutely beautiful. If it were me I would sell it without the pillow. Sorry to hear about your sleepless night. Hope you can get some rest. Love the poem. Have a Great Day!!!!!

    1. Awwww! Thanks Velma...for the nice words about the poem and the pillow cover! :-] I like the way the pillow cover came out too!...And thanks for the feedback about how to sell it too...I've had a nap already today...working on number two! LOL Have a good day!

  3. All that hard work with changes galore and the result is a sweet, beautiful pillow. So very precious! I like CinLynns idea of listing it as a cover with an option to by the pillow. Perfect!

    The Baby Waddle poem brought a big smile to my face.

    Wishing you a VERY restful slumber tonight.

    1. Hi Julie! :-] Thank you for so such sweet words about my poem and pillow cover. ♥ Now I'll have to part with it....right?! ^_^ And thanks for the feedback about how to sell it too. I think that may be the better option...Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  4. Lovely!
    I love your blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    If so, please leave your link at my comments box so that I can follow you back.

  5. The pillow is adorable..and I wonder if you could find a student of photography at a local college or high school to come out and "practice" on your items? They might like the experience and would probably do it for free. I usually have no trouble sleeping but I actually had a hot flash over the weekend that woke me up. I take hormones so I couldn't figure out why I was having these...then I remembered the cortisone shot in my knee on Friday...yep, I bet that screwed up my system..although my knee feels fabulous!

    1. Hi Yaya!...Ooooo! A student of photography! I never thought of that...and we have nothing but Colleges around here! I'll have to check into that. Thanks for the suggestion. :-) ... About the sleeping thing, too?! O_O Maybe the earth heated up on us or something?! LOL...I sure hope it stays cooled down tonight!...Thanks Yaya.

  6. Gosh you're still having problems sleeping? I hope you're able to get a good power nap or two in during the day and a restful sleep tonight.

    WOW! Your pillow looks amazing! You & your tiggerific friend have done a fantastic job with it.
    I like CinLynn's idea about selling the cover with the option of buying the insert. I would never have thought of that myself. It's a really good idea.

    1. Yes, Jo! STILL!! But it's okay. I'm dealing with it...and crocheting my brains out!! ^_^ I'm gonna have all kinds of stuff for my 'imaginary' craft show!!...And thank you, by the way, for the nice words about the pillow cover...and the feedback about how to sell it too. Cindy's idea 'was' a great one. I think that's what I'm going to do too. Have a good day, Jo!


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