Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flip Flops, Flowers and Summertime!

         It's that time of year again...right?...It is here in the northeast of the United States anyway.....Summertime! Time to get prepared for the heat waves and thunderstorms, and to pull out the barbecue grills, set up the badminton net in the yard, put on your flip flops, and slather on the sun tan lotion!...Well, for a lot of people, it's that time. :-]
       Here in Holyoke this's time for some more rain. ^_^ Just for the morning though. The clouds are suppose to clear up this afternoon. Then the temperature is suppose to climb into the 80s...and be humid...Great!...Just great!...Humidity...Grrr!
      Whatever!...Bring it on Mr. Humidity! I'm not letting YOU put a damper on my happiness...although I would be a bit more happy if I could get a little bit more sleep to go with all of this sunshine! ^_^

        Yes, the lack of sleeping saga continues! :-( It's really starting to aggravate me too!!!....Wait a minute! Let me go back to my 'happy place'...

        Ahhhhh! :-) Oh, if only pretty pillows could make sleeping easy to do!...But I'm not gonna talk about my lack of sleep this morning. I'm gonna share some summery things...and some flowers! :-)

       And in the case of these flip flop crochet flowers by krochetlady, some summery things that ARE flowers! :-) ... I love seeing new ways to display crochet flowers!
        Here are some other flowers you could display this summer...

       ...or that you could display 'any' time really, because they're beautiful! :-)

(Red Cream Felt Flower by Brigite)

         Including this flower ring...

         Soooo pretty, right?! :-) ... And here's a couple of other summery things you could use...

 ("A Safari Weekend" post from Creating Trouble Blog)

      Wait!...That's not a summer photo! How did that get in there?!.... ^_^ Okay!...I just wanted to share that one. Summer, or WHENEVER, that's a photo that will just make you smile! :-) ...If you wanna see the full story about it, go on over and check out Alex's post. It was an adventure!

      Okay...I'm done with the summery stuff. But I did want to show you what I received in the mail yesterday! :-) Remember...I showed you a glimpse of it yesterday?!...

      Well, it's my Giveaway win from Cathy, of Artsy Butterfly's Blog!...It's two of her photographic art prints...and they are extraordinary!! :-)
       I'm sure my photographs of them is not gonna do them justice, but I can't help myself...I have to show them to you anyway! ^_^ First, let me show you the lovely note that came with them...

      Ooooo! I so love a handwritten note! :-) ... Okay, here they are...

       They're both New York Scenes...

           Pretty cool, right?! ^_^ And they're nice sizes too! I'm already experimenting with what Kind of frames I'm gonna put on them. I'm leaning toward black as of right now. :-) I'll keep you posted.....THANK YOU, CATHY!!!! to get my weekend started....and maybe a little breakfast...and a nap! :-) Have a good one, Everybody!

Summer Is The Sun

Summer is the sun
that makes the sweat down your face run,
when you're having so much fun.
Now the school year is all done;
Your 'Playing' homework has begun.

Summer is the sun,
when your vacation web is spun,
and all your money is down to none.
A dollar bill-you've got just one.
That there's no cash is quite a stun.
But Oh! The memories that were won,
because summer is the sun.


  1. Hi Deb! Thanks for the shout out! so happy you are pleased with the prints! And I think black frames will be awesome!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog post yesterday! I appreciate it so much!

    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Hi Cathy!....I'm the one that should be thanking YOU!! I have new wall art!! ^_^ ...About the comment on your blog, I was hoping you could understand where I was coming from. I'm glad to see you did. :-] These are tough, tough times!!...I hope you have a good weekend too!

  2. Hi Deb,
    How are you? Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    Love love the New York images. So nice!

    Sorry about your lack of sleep

    1. Hello Priscila!...I'm good, except for the sleep issues. But in the scheme of's function-able...Thanks for the nice words about my NY prints. They're not Denver, but hey! LOL...Get those boxes emptied! ^_^

  3. Congrats on the win!! I love them! And thanks for showing us all the cute finds on Etsy!! Always enjoy them!!

    Have a wonderful day and weekend too!

    1. Thanks Cindy!! :-] It was so nice getting something that I can appreciate by hanging on the wall so I can look at it all the time!..And showing the Etsy finds is one of my favorite things to do!...I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. We had a kind of sad memorial talk at the Hall today. Our faithful sister. :-( Her son gave the talk. He did such a great job. She was very loved and will be missed terribly!...But we look forward to seeing her smiling face again soon. :-]

  4. Deb, congrats on the win. They are just stunning. I was dreaming about what I would do with them...LOL.... Over at our neck of the woods it is cold and drab this weekend. We have a blustery weekend with winds up to 20 miles and hour gusts. I'm staying home and keeping warm. Have a Great afternoon!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Velma! :-] I agree too. They are STUNNING! And they're not tiny either. They are such a nice size. My walls will be all classed up! ^_^ ... I can't believe that you're having cold and drab weather, while we're having hot and humid! What a switch! You've got the right idea though. Stay in and ride it out. I'm sure you'll be able to find SOMETHING to do with all of that time! ^_^ Have a good weekend, Vel!

  5. What lovely prints. They look amazing. Congrats on the win! I think they would look great in a black frame too :)

    1. Thanks, Jo! They really are nice. Even more so in person...And it's decided. Black frame it will be! :-]


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