Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dreaming In A Pink Haze

        I'm not gonna do a lot of talking this morning. I've got a few things to do before my meeting this morning...including getting another little nap! ^_^ Yes, the sleeping saga continues!
      Thankfully though, I'm getting at least 2 hours of sleep at a between the 'eyes wide open' moments in the middle of the night!...*shaking my head*...And for last nights episodes I owe Donna Carrick a big THANK YOU!! 
       Because of her request about making a fuchsia dangle necklace for her, I had something pretty in pink to mentally chew on while I was awake, and to dream about when I dropped off for a few minutes. ^_^ It was much nicer to think about than my mother-in-law in her house with no hot water!...UGH!...Give me a minute. I'll tell you what's going on. First, let me show you the necklace I came up with for Donna! :-)

        The bead dangle was the one I purchased from CinLynnBoutique just recently!...I wasn't initially sure if all of that gorgeous orange nugget was gonna look good under my tiny fuchsia crocheted flower, but when I got to work on it...they looked like they were made to be together! :-) There's even a little fuchsia striping going through the secondary rondelle bead (see the 2nd photo above).
       I made it yesterday...listed it last night....and it SOLD before I got back to the shop this morning! :-] Awwww! I'm in a pink haze!...

      I made three different necklaces, so she could see if any of them were sufficient. So now that she got the one she wants, I've got two other pink 'pretties' in the shop for sale. And they both have shells. :-) ...
      This one has a rose shell...

          ...and this one has a shell too. A natural white shell...

      Hopefully somebody will scoop these up as fast as Donna scooped up the other one! :-))

      Now, as I was saying, my mother-in-law doesn't have any hot water in the house now. The reason is because of the gas leak. It was leaking from three different places in the house. One of those places is beyond the main cut-off somewhere. So a plumber would have to come in and fix all of the piping in her old house in order to repair it...and restore her hot water, because it's leaking  isn't allowing her to use her hot water heater tank!...Aargh! O_O
      We tried to get her to come over to our house for a while...or at least to come and take a shower.....but No! She's happy as a lark, cooking in the microwave and leaving water sitting outside so it can be heated up by the sun, for washing with! :-/ What can I say...She's a woman from the South. She's used to getting by with whatever you have...For that matter, so am I! But I would never turn down a hot shower and a stove cooked meal!!! ^_^ ...She did let us share our dinner with her though.

       And it's been decided. My hubby's brother, who owns his own home and lives alone, is gonna take Ma to live with him just as soon as they decide what's gonna happen with the house. Right now they're organizing and getting ready to sell any and everything they can in the house, so that Ma doesn't have to worry about it. And the few extra 'pennies' wouldn't hurt! :-] ...Anyway, she's not QUITE ready to go just yet!...But soon!

      Okay...back to my pink haze, a little nap, a meeting, and then maybe a little pink key-chain and pink crochet ring too, to use up some of the leftover pink cotton thread I have. :-)
       And here's a little 'Pink' for you too!... :-)

      Have a good day Everybody! :-)

Ode To Flowers

Ode to all loved flowers,
whatever color, shape or form.
You enthrall with sheer delight!
At other times, make my heart warm.

Whether photographed or made,
growing tall out in the yard;
In a vase or porch-side planter,
or just naturally unmarred;

Please know you always make me smile,
and lift my mood when I am down.
The world would be a different place
without a lot of you around!


  1. I am loving all the pink stuff this morning! I especially like your pink rose necklace. Although the fuchsia one looks amazing too.
    Your mother-in-law sounds like she is very independent, very much like my Dad! I'm not sure I could go without hot water or a stove cooked meal for as long as she has. She must be made from stronger stuff than me :)

    1. I'm glad you like all my pink. :-)) I moved on to a black crochet ring today...And you're so right about my mother-in-law. She's made of some tough stuff for sure!! I guess 'necessity truly is the mother of invention', huh?! LOL

  2. Pretty in of my fav movies as well as your pretty creations! If you didn't nap in the day would that help the sleep pattern at night? Just wondering...I'm glad a plan is in place for your MIL..because when winter comes it might not be as much fun to take a cold bath! (with no sun to warm it up!) Hope you week is sleep filled and fun!

    1. You know, Yaya, it might be better if I didn't nap during the day, but I'm so afraid I'd get NO sleep at all that I take it where I can get it!! LOL...And as to my MIL, it won't be that long before she's in with her son, so no winter iceblocks to chop through. LOL...Have a good week, Yaya! :-)

  3. The pink is always great.
    It's a nice day for a nap, not hot at all.

    1. Correct....and soooo correct! LOL Have a good day, Priscila!


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