Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Annual French Distraction Has Begun!

      "I'm sorry"...."Please forgive me"..."I know I should've been more attentive"...So begins my two weeks of apologizing! LOL...It's 2012, and it's the annual  French Open Tennis Time!!! :-)
      And thanks to my sleeping issues all this week, I almost missed the beginning of the tournament too!...which started at 5 a.m. this morning, our time. O_O In fact, I owe Lisa, of grimmandgrete, for getting me to think about it...On Twitter last night she asked me when the French Open was gonna start. I told her NEXT SATURDAY!!...*shaking my head*
        My husband said: "I thought it was this weekend."....I looked at the schedule around 4 a.m. this morning....Yes, I was up! O_0 ...and YIKES!!! It was due to come on in less than an hour....and I almost missed it!!

      Melony Oudin has already won her first match this morning, and Del Potro is at work trying to get a win under his belt too!...I'm watching!! :-)

      I have a meeting this morning, so I won't be in full "Watch" mode until later. Gotta keep the most important things in their place!...But rest assured, me and my annual French distraction will meet again later. :-) ...What about you?!...Are you a tennis watcher?!

     Don't worry though. I'm distracted these two weeks every year, but I still find time to show off things I like on Etsy, like this...

       ...and this...

       And I still find time to display all of my crocheted goodies too. Like these that I just did yesterday...

       ...a new tie dyed button necklace for the summer...

     ...and a new ring!...

        This is my first tie dyed ring.

       I'm gonna try to list these two new pieces right away. The bag with all of my new crocheted....but yet unlisted....items is getting too large. O_O I really need to put those things least until I get them into that imaginary craft show I'm making them all for! ^_^

      Don't expect me to be too diligent about the listing over the next two weeks though...."I'm sorry" advance....Spiritual things, wifely things, tennis, crocheting, and THEN listing of the crocheted things.  That's gonna be the priority arrangement. ^_^ Oh Yeah...and blogging about it all! That'll be a little bit up the list too. You know I HAVE to talk!...even about the tennis! LOL
        Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! :-)

Yes, I am distracted

Yes, I'm gonna be a bit distracted.
Yes, I'm gonna seem a bit aloof.
Yes, I probably will annoy you,
sorta like rain through a leaky roof.

Yes, I'm gonna need your forgiveness.
Yes, your patience would be sublime.
Yes, I know it's asking a lot,
but, people, it's French Open Tennis time!!


  1. Ha ha!! Enjoy your tennis! You look forward to it every year and you don't have to apologize! LOL
    Have a good meeting too!! I LOVE the Watchtower for this week. Can't wait!!

    1. ^_^ Thank, Bead! Make no mistake...I WILL enjoy the tennis!...First, I'm gonna enjoy the meeting and this really good WT this morning. Such good reminders. Looking forward, not into the past...Have a good rest of the day too! :-)

  2. Lol, isn't it funny though that our husbands always seem to know the dates of these things that are important to us!!!

    You know in this day and age if I have to ask a twitter friend when the French Open is starting and all I practically do is watch sports on TV - they have to reconsider how they advertise these things! lol

    Thanks for letting me know anyways Wugs - either way at least there will be something good to watch for 2 weeks!

    Enjoy your meeting and have a great Sunday!

    1. Ha! Ha! True...about the husbands. Sooo true! ^_^ And true about the amount of promotion they do for the tennis matches too. But maybe part of that is because the basketball playoffs are still in full swing...By the way, I'm watching them too! ^_^ Okay...meeting was great, now I have to go and watch Roddick try to dig himself out of a mess! I can't believe he's letting Mahut take him to the wood shed!! Ha! Ha!

  3. My daughter is also a real tennis fan. But I think she records the matches and watches them when it's convenient. Nothing would make her get up to watch a match at 5am. Hope your favorite player wins:)

    1. Ha! Ha! I hear you, about the 5 a.m. match...but I'm actually thankful it's on at that time because I've been waking up every morning around 2:30 and not being able to go back to sleep. By 5 I'm thankful for something to help with distraction!! LOL

  4. Enjoy your favorite time of year and have a great weekend. I love the rings BTW..very cute! I enjoy tennis, used to play ALOT..but I'm not into the 5am thing so I'm leaving it in your good hands!

    1. Thanks Yaya! :-) I am too!!...No worries about the 5 a.m. thing. I'll take it from here. ^_^...Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. If I don't see you online much I know why. Enjoy the tennis!!

    1. Thanks, Jo! :-) I'll still be putting my blog up every day though...unless something else happens. I just may not be on Twitter or FB as much. I'll see you around occasionally though I'm sure. ^_^

  6. Great post, Deborah! Enjoy your tennis.

    1. Thanks, Donna!...Will do! ^_^


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