Monday, July 4, 2011

MONDAY!...FUN-day?!...Or Organized RUN-day?!

         Okay....the week has begun people!! ^_^ Time for some to start the work week again...although a lot of people have this particular Monday off because of a holiday. (My hubby included) Time to get the schedule in order and recognize that some good things...weekends I mean...must come to an end! LOL
      Part of getting any new week started around our house includes the ritual of re-loading the pill dispenser. {What can I say....we're OLD people! ^_^} 
        This particular one is hubby's. It's new. His old pill met an ugly demise. ^_^ SOMEBODY, who shall remain nameless....and plead the 5th....and avoid looking you straight in the eye... cut the ugly thing all up!!!.....* looking around to see if there's anyone that will admit that they did it......NOPE!! ^_^ *
        A little note to all of you who are 22 years old or younger: Go ahead and giggle now, but one day, if the world as we know it continues for any length of time, you will get just like the rest of us old people!!...*giggle*
      You will look forward to dinnertime, bathroom breaks, and filling up your pill caddy with the insane amount of vitamins and supplements you dutifully take every day!.....You will!!....Trust me!!....Mark these words! {Okay, that sounded like my granny!!! LOL}
       That 'does' make me sound old, doesn't it?! ^_^ I don't care! I look forward to unscrewing each and every bottle, taking the cotton out, counting out the amount of pills that will fill up 14 days...for both hubby and I..., and putting all the cotton back in the bottles, dispensing the said pills into the said caddy compartments, clicking them closed, and rejoicing in another week off to a good start!......Arghhhhhh!
        I can't wait till the button to reverse time gets pushed. I CLEARLY have waaaay too much time on my hands!!!! ^_^ And it's only Monday!!
        Oh Yeah! Before I go, let me share my gift I got yesterday!!
      A bag of buttons!! Something else an old lady like me enjoys!!! ^_^
       And, of course, the first thing I did was separate them into categories....The above ones are ones I'll use on all brooches, pocketbooks, necklaces, etc... *giggling*...I 'do' sound old!!! ^_^ WHATEVER!!!!.....And the ones below will be used on men's boutonnieres and stuff. 
         Thank you "L"!!!!!!! :-) You know just how to make an old girl happy!!!!  Flower buttons!!
      Man buttons.....
             (I love the square ones!)
        A time clock on a button! Can't you just see this on a man's lapel, as a boutonniere?! :-) And all of the buttons have the loop in the back that makes them easy to attach too!
        And the Pièce de résistance...(according to Wikipedia, a French term (circa 1839), translated into English literally as "piece of resistance", referring to the best part or feature of something (as in a meal), a showpiece, or highlight.)....are these buttons.......!
       They're little tennis rackets!!! :-)
       Does she know me...or what?!! Ha! Ha! {By the way, Congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning Wimbledon 2011!!! :-)}
       And thanks to "L", for knowing and paying attention to the ramblings of an old tennis loving, pill caddy organizing old lady!!....{Even the little note she wrote me had a button on it!!!} :-]
        So, are you ready to start the week?! As you can see, for me it's just another manic Monday! ^_^

      Poem.....and then Have a good Monday Everybody!! :-)

 Monday, Monday, Monday

Here comes another Monday!
Your frantic work week has begun!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy',
and all those things you haven't done.

Four more week days are ahead,
seeming like they'll never end.
But just think, before you know it,
"weekend" will be round again.

Lift your attention, all you mothers;
Week day workers, "Out The Door!"
Time to file, and diaper babies,
walk and scrape things off the floor.

Here comes another Monday!
Whether you want it to, or not!
Say goodbye to 'Take It Easy'.
You've got things to do...a lot!

Monday, Monday, Monday!
Why do you have to come so fast?!
And you stay so long! Why can't
the weekend 'Take It Easy' last?! 


  1. Deb, I must be old too because I look forward to dinnertime, and routines help keep me sane! lol Hubby and I went to a concert saturday night and it will take me the rest of the week to recoup the sleep that I lost! lol

    Great buttons! I especially love the one with tennis rackets!

    Have a great day! :)

  2. Cathy, Ha! Ha! since you're clearly not as old as me, maybe those things are not just for 'old' people! ^_^ Have a good day...and get a good nap!

  3. Deb you're NOT old!!! It's all in your mind (and body) Inside you are the same young person you always were. It's temporary!!
    Love all the great buttons you got! Makes me think I should go through my stash and see if there may be anything you would love!
    Enjoy your day. I'm still coughing my fool head off so I probably won't be doing much today. But it is a beautiful one!!

  4. CinLynn, Awwww! Thanks friend. That's what friends are for, right?! To remind you how old you're NOT getting! LOL But I 'do' agree about how I feel INSIDE. I'm a 'young', dancing, walking machine INSIDE!!! ^_^ And I can't wait to see what's in your stash!! I suppose I'd better get back to work on my brooches, huh?! :-) PLEASE take care of that cough! Try honey and lemon. That always works for me...Also a neti pot, for the sinuses...Take it easy, and have a good day, Bead!

  5. Great selection of buttons! Just make sure you don't mix up the buttons and the pills!
    Hope you're enjoying the day!


  6. Ha ha ha bless you i must be old before my time as i look forward to some of the same ;-)) You did make me smile over the pills it reminded me of my mum and dad ;-) Love those buttons especially the yellow flower one. Thank you for your lovely positive strong comment you left me it meant a lot so thank you. Enjoy your week the both of you, dee x

  7. Gosh do I know what you mean about organising the pill containers. I make up for two sets of containers every week or so but not for myself, not yet any way.
    I love all of those buttons. They look fantastic. What a wonderful friend to have sent you so many interesting and beautiful buttons.

  8. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Ha! No worries...As long as they don't come out of my trusty pill caddy I won't sew 'em onto anything...or swallow 'em! ^_^

  9. delia, :-)) Hey! Us 'old folk' have to have something to look forward to! ^_^ And I loved all of the flower buttons too. The trouble is gonna come when I have to sell them!! ^_^ I still have some necklaces and brooches here in the house that I never listed!! I think I'm gonna try to do that later this week. It's time for sure...And I hope you found the reading encouraging. It might make you realize how MUCH positive can be waiting around the corner. It's something that keeps me going every day. :-) Have a good week, Dee!

  10. Jo-anne, You too, huh?! :-)) Well, I hope the routine of it entertains you as much as it does me!...And I agree about the buttons too! I was gonna start one of the old handbags tomorrow. Now I want to make a brooch with one of my buttons on it! :-] Have a good week Jo!


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