Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Day Of The Unusual And The Unexpected!

       Yesterday was a day of unusual Etsy finds, and unexpected tennis playing! First....the tennis!

        ********** There were wins: Maria Sharapova began her French Open run with a win over Alexandra Cadantu, 6-0, 6-0...Defending champion, world number 2, Rafael Nadal (or as I call him, "baby boy" ^_^) had a victory over Simone Bolelli, 6-2 6-2 6-1...And this morning, already, Samantha Stosur has won her match!
      There were losses too: James Blake is out...and already this morning, Vania King has lost too! I'm not gonna talk about anymore losers....Well, yes I am. One unexpected loser, Serena Williams!!!! Serena, the world #5,  lost to Virginie Razzano, the current French #4! She's #111 in the world!
      It was SHOCKING...and totally unexpected! There was grunting, yelling out loud during points, crying, cramping, and "hindrance" calls!...If anybody ever tells you that tennis doesn't get good until the second week of play....put your hand in their face, turn your head, and say: "Talk to the hand!" LOL Yesterday's tennis....The match between Serena Williams and Virginie Razzano was ALL THAT...and a bag of chips!! ^_^
       Serena has never lost in a first round at the French Open before...Ever!...And while I feel bad for her loss, it was one of the best matches I've seen in a while!...Did you see it?!...Do you wanna see the last round play?!...I got you! ^_^ 

PARTs 1 and 2 of the last points of the match!!!...

       Needless to say, Serena was not a 'happy camper' after the match...

      ...but who would've been after a devastating loss like that?!...Oh Well, maybe next year, Serena.
     Today I'm on to other matches. ^_^ Who's playing today?! Victoria Azarenka, Roger Federer, Gilles Simon, Agnieszka Radwanska, Novak Djokovic (who just won his match too!),  Juan Martin Del Potro, Aleksandra Wozniak, and Marion Bartoli are the ones I'll be on the look-out for! :-) ...I'm not one for watching only the players from the country where I live. I like good tennis....from wherever...and by whoever is playing well! :-) ...I CAN'T WAIT!!! ^_^ **********

        Aren't you glad that there's other things in the world besides tennis?...Don't answer that! ^_^ You might be considered some of these things I found on Etsy yesterday!...

       And lastly, Oh! How I love an unusual and interesting button!...

      All unusual...and wonderful! :-) ... Almost as unusual and wonderful as the fact that for two nights now I've actually gotten some sleep! ^_^ And considering that we had a severe thunderstorm, with thunder and lightening, come through in full force last night, me getting good sleep really is unusual...unexpected...and wonderful!!
      Now....something not so unusual for me right now...I'm off to get something to eat, and watch some more tennis. Roger Federer is playing right now! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Vintage Buttons

Pull them from a shirt
that's been tossed into the pile;
Yank them from a dress
you haven't worn in quite a while.

Inherit them from friends;
Get them as a gift of love;
Take them from the back
of one of Granny's vintage gloves.

Pluck them from old hats;
Tell their story with your tears.
Now ,use those vintage buttons,
that you've saved through out the years.

Old is what they're called;
Out of style, and retro too;
But when I put them on creations,
with my eyes, they look brand new! 


  1. I love your write up on Vintage buttons. I just went through thousands of them with my mom and got some great Buttons. I used one of them as a clasp on a leather wrap bracelet I made. Check it out at there is also a little write up with pictures of my vintage buttons.

    1. Thank you Jill! :-) You just mentioned one of my favorite pastimes...button sorting! I have a sizable stash myself! I'll have to check yours out. :-)

  2. Wow you have managed to find some really interesting items to share. I love the tennis earrings. Those shoes look amazing although I don't think I would wear them myself. They look much too nice to get all scuffed and dirty from my feet!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the things I found, Jo...I think those shoes would wear YOU! LOL...and those tennis earrings are fabulous, aren't they?! :-)


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