Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Hubby Is A Colorful Character...Sorta! :-))

       It's coming up on 30 years, as of this summer, that hubby and I have been married. That thought, among other thoughts, became the subject of conversation here in the 'Wug' household yesterday. 
        We're still not exactly sure what we're gonna do to mark the occasion, but we 'do' wanna mark it. I many other 'old coots', in this day and age, can say that they've been married for as long as we have, and still find each other funny, interesting, and mentally stimulating?!
     Case in point....and I'm gonna intersperse my latest crochet flower as I talk here...we got into a long discussion yesterday about what we remember about our relationship when we were first dating. I remember how nice he used to smell, how safe I felt when he hugged me, and what a good listener he was...He remembers that do I say this delicately...that I was 'nicely shaped'. ^_^

      My shape has changed over the years, but yesterday he made the comment that he still likes the way I'm 'shaped'!! LOL...YAY! all blind husbands everywhere!! ^_^  And thankfully he still sees me with the eyes of our younger years. :-) ...And also thankfully, he's still just as handsome and funny as he was 'back in the day'. :-))
      I saw an expression on Facebook last night that cracked me up, and made me realize how good I have it, having Mr. Wug by my side all these years. It said: "Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond...By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade." LOL...I don't know what kind of marriages this person was having!...LOL... but I haven't thought of hitting hubby in the head with a dangerous object but once or twice during my whole marriage...^_^...that I openly admit to I mean.

      Before you ask...yes! I'm working on only a few hours of sleep here. Like....Ummmm....three hours, to be exact! LOL So, please forgive my 'flow of consciousness' rambling...Now, as I was saying, hubby and I got into a long discussion yesterday...
       I won't bore you with too many of the details, but I can tell you that hubby was, and is, one colorful character...When we were first dating, he was into his shiny clean Chevy Chevette, dressing well, and being "The Man" around our neighborhood...That's 'his' story...I'll keep 'my version' of 'his' story to myself! LOL...{My version has a little bit to do with the fact that he was slightly delusional! ^_^ But hey! I was 'nicely shaped' in his I'm leaving it alone! LOL}

      We went to bed...very, very late...giggling about some of the details of our life. Details, by the way, that he remembers one way, and I remember another! :-)) ..and smiling about the fact that, while many of our friends thought we were an odd pair who would probably never make it, here we are....30 plus years later! :-) We're still together. We still love each other immensely. We still find each other funny and interesting, and we still would choose each other as the only person to spend all of the rest of our time with, if someone was gonna throw us on an island somewhere and the whole rest of the world would disappear! LOL
      Here's the slight moderation I would insist on though....just in case someone is thinking of throwing us on an island somewhere! LOL...I would have all of the ability to come up with hair-brained ideas....Ummmm (according to him, "creative ideas")...sucked out of his head prior to our island isolation! ^_^

       I mean....I DO NOT....I repeat "DO NOT"...want to be on an island in the middle of nowhere...forever!...with a man with an electric bus that can be driven by NOBODY....O_O...or a man that has invented two sleep masks: One with wide open 'popped' eyes on it....and the other one with a picture of cool sunglasses. O_0 {I asked him why he would have to look cool when he's asleep...especially when I'm the only person that would see him...and I already know how cool....or not!....he is?...and he got that puzzled look on his face for a second......and then modified the idea to include something about them being a picture of wealth....and his whole pile of coconuts....and then.....some coconut sunglasses! O_0 ....I gave up! LOL}

      But with that one 'slight' moderation in place....he's my guy...forever and a day! ^_^ I mean...I could do a lot worse than laughing and eating coconuts for eternity, right?! :-))

The Eyes Of Our Younger Years

As a couple, deep in love,
we dismissed all of our fears.
There was nothing we'd  not solve,
through some talking and some tears.

We would talk it through all night,
while fighting sleep-with perked up ears.
We could see just what was needed,
with the eyes of our younger years.

Now, we're older in our love.
There's been a change in all our fear.
'Will we make it through this system,
with the one that we hold dear?'

We've  gained weight, and lost some hair;
Turned our spears into pruning shears.
We love the person that we see
with the eyes of our younger years.

How could you share such special time,
not aware when all dust clears,
that arguments of who was right,
and disrespectful jabbing smears,

saying:You don't look like you did",
and "When I talk-nobody hears!",
could even matter anymore-
as the system's  end now nears?

You see the one who has your back,
who, when you're good, the other cheers;
The one who sees you, every day,
with the eyes of their younger years.

They remember all your faults,
but they don't see you like your peers.
You're much closer to their heart,
and losing you causes them fears.

They don't see age, or sagging skin.
They see the journey through the years,
with the closest love of all,
whose eyes will search deep down and peer
with the eyes of their younger years.


  1. Just another day in Paradise!! I'm so glad that you are still so happy after 30 years!! (40 for us at the end of may...tee hee)
    It's good to think about what attracted you to each other from time to time. We should do that more often too.
    I love the beaded necklace in your top photo. Very colorful! And the pink flower is pretty too!
    Get some sleep and have a wonderful day!

    1. ^_^ It's not 'quite' paradise yet...but good enough for now, right?! LOL...And I'm glad you both are still going at almost 40 years too! We're just coming up on 35 together. Only 30 married though. It went by sooooo fast!! ^_^ ...By the way, I agree about that gorgeous necklace. I thought it was perfect for this post!...and thanks about the pink flower too. I'm about to go and post that one. I just took better pictures of it, with the necklace added. Sleep will have to wait!...It would anyway. HORMONES!! Grrr!...Have a good day, Cindy!

  2. i always look forward to your posts very interesting

    1. ^_^ I don't know how "interesting" it is, but I really appreciate you letting me know you enjoy them! Thank you!...It's just me...being me! LOL

  3. Your marriage sounds like my parents. They will be celebrating 50 years together soon and are still so happy.
    I'm so happy for them, and for YOU as well. Congratulations for finding your soul mate :)

    1. Awwwwww! 50 years!! That's great! ^_^ Tell them that 'me and mine' say to 'her and his' HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! :-)...and thank YOU for such nice words...And 'you and yours' aren't so bad either!! LOL

  4. What a great poem. I think it's wonderful that you & hubby are still together and very much in love. You don't see enough of that these days.

    1. Thanks, Jo! :-] I wrote that poem quite a while ago too! I'm glad we're still together too!...*Teehee*...I know we're not alone! But, as you say, it's not as popular today as it was years ago, to be happily married. It thinks that's kinda sad too.


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