Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wuglyees Has Really Found A Treasure This Time!

      {Just so you know, tomorrow is the drawing for the 2 scarves. 2 winners. So, check back!}
    Cindy, of the Etsy jewelry shop CinLynnBoutique, has outdone herself with this beautiful REDS!! Warm Reds!! treasury!! When I saw it I almost couldn't wait to talk about it!...* Big Surprise, right?! ^_^ *...It wasn't just the color scheme that struck me though, although isn't that beautiful?!! With all those reds!! But, more importantly for me, there are some great Etsy shops here that I've never seen before, with the greatest items ever!! I'd like to share some of them with you.
     My Red Rose Angel Hair Button Flower Brooch ...
       ...was in such good company!!...I think you'll agree when you see these shops!!
   One of the first things that caught my eye were these baby shoes. The Evangeline Baby Shoe/bootie... by sugarplumbtree made me wish I had a baby!....Or much, much smaller feet!! ^_^
        I could buy up every pair of shoes and booties in this shop!! You HAVE to check it out for yourself! Seriously! I've NEVER seen baby shoes and booties like the ones she's made. I'd be looking for places to go just so I could show off my baby's feet!! ^_^
    Thanks to good friends and a good hubby, I always have flowers or plants in my house that need a pretty place to grow and be loved. They could really show off and sprout a big smile out of me in this beautiful Rhubarb Red Vase with Raised Branches by marymeestudio.
   But, as with the other shops Cindy picked this time, this WHOLE SHOP is full of unique, beautiful, well made, and nicely priced bowls and vases! The pottery she makes is exquisite, and unlike any I've seen anywhere else. Gorgeous shop!
   Am I gushing too much you think?! You won't think that when you check out these shops!...The next item was these Red Apple set of 4 Crochet Coasters by MonikaDesign.
    I've loved this shop for quite a while. I've been tempted so many times to get me some of her fabulous coasters as a gift to ME. But because I'm a crocheter myself, I keep reminding telling myself: "you can make your own coasters! Don't be lazy!" :-] So far I HAVEN'T made them though!! And even if I did, I don't know that they'd be as pretty as Monika's. She has a shop full of the most gorgeous coasters of all kinds of colors and designs that you'll ever see!
    Another love of mine, which those who follow this blog know, is photography. And one of Cindy's finds was a shop with Vintage inspired photography. It's buckscountyframes. Look at this Red Ride Fine Art Travel Photography . It's a bike that reminds me of ones from my childhood!
    But, once again, the whole shop is totally worth a 'Look-See!'
     Last, but certainly not least, is the cutest bears in the world....not including my Wuglyee bear, of course! ^_^ This one is Archie, the OOAK Handmade Miniature Mohair Teddy Bear by Lisabears.
    Unfortunately...or fortunately, for his new owners...Archie is no longer for sale. Someone snatched him up as soon as they saw how cute he was! I understand, because I had to stop myself from immediately clicking and taking home Ifor!!
    Little Ifor's face looks exactly like a dog we had when I was younger named Tracey! I loved that pooch. I'm afraid Ifor would get loved to within an inch of his life too! ^_^ I keep reminding myself: "I'm 50 years old! I'm 50 years old!!" {I'm actually older than that, but WHATEVER!! ^_^}
   Aren't these some great shops?!...And just so you know, the curator of this treasury, Cindy, has some red in her own shop too! I found this Cinnabar With Sterling Silver Necklace in there...and it's on sale too!
     In fact she's having a HUGE 3 DAY SALE!! 15% OFF EVERY ITEM NOW UNTIL THURSDAY MORNING! So, pop on over to CinLynnBoutique for some great prices...really great prices in her 'sale room'!
   Okay, my carrying on about this treasury is over!....Stop that clapping!!! ^_^ All that's left is a nap for me....after a poem, of course! :-) {Wrote it about my crocheted bear I made. He became the theme for my Wuglyees Etsy Shop.}

My Beloved Wuglyee

Crocheted with the greatest care.
Leaving off a tail and hair.
Button eyes that shine like coal.
Made from yarn, recycled and old.
Parts that spin, and dangle too.
Things they weren't suppose to do!
Took so much time. I could write a book!
Even made some clothes to hide his look.
He's just as ugly as ugly can be!
My beloved Wuglyees Wuglyee!!


  1. Oh Deb!!! I'm so honored that you did such a wonderful post on my treasury! The things you love in it are the things I love too! The vase, the shoes, the photography!! But I was especially drawn to the bear! I was a bit disappointed it sold so quick because I was loving to come and look at him.
    I'm so glad you showed off your Wuglyee too! He's so cute.
    And thanks for showing off my necklace and mentioning my sale! I appreciate that!

  2. Oh I love that treasury too! And not just because I'm in it too ;) but because it's soooo pretty! That colour is stunning and thank you for showing me (or us) Cindy's red necklace! I love it! She has so much pretty stuff in her shop and I've also got some of the earrings she has made right here in my home :P
    P.S. Wuglyee looks ready to go out and party in that pic ;)

  3. It was a great treasury Cindy!! All of those shops are just fabulous!!! That doesn't always happen where the WHOLE shop is fabulous!!...And thankas for the complement on my "Ugly" baby!! ^_^ Did you see I put earrings on him?! Jeff said: "That's not right! I thought he was a boy?!" Ha! Ha! He obviously doesn't know much about bear world!! I mean seriously, who does Wuglyee have to impress...except me?!! ^_^ Have a good day and a great sale my friend!

  4. Mariann, Yep! I know your gorgeous photo is in there too. I decided to let it speak for itself today , since I'm going to be all about your photography VERY Soon!! ;-)...And you're absolutely right about Cindy's shop! You have earrings and I have tons of her purse pulls!! I'm trying to stop myself from scooping up all of the others she has on sale now! ^_^ ...And yes, Wuglyee is ready to go out!! He needs a scarf though! Ha! ha! {I made him one, and a hat! I don't have any pictures of him wearing it though..YET! :-)}

  5. Ooh, all this rich red is eye catching. Love some of those items, too. Found some new shops!

  6. sMacThoughts, I found some new ones too!! Some great ones too!

  7. Absolutely fabulous! Cindy has the eye for sure, that red Pops! I love it all and what a great way to check out other shops...thank you...and the poem? Love it!

  8. midwesternmermaid, Thank you so much!! For nice words about the treasury and my poem! :-)

  9. Deb, Thank you for sharing the treasury. Very beautiful. I love the color red it's so rich. Cindy did a great job putting this one together. I think your Wugylee is cute love the red earrings she is wearing.

  10. Thanks Velma (SnowFlakeDreams1), I'm a fan of all of that color too...and love, love, love the shops that she chose to feature!...Thank you too for the complement on my little Wuglyee's earrings. They're in my shop too! :-)

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  12. Hi Deb,

    Love the blog, read what you had to say about the bears with much amusement. Yes as you say Archie now live elsewhere - in the USA, we did two red bears as a trial having never used red fur before. One of the bears - Cassandra was auctioned in Australia for cancer research.

    Many thanks again for this lovely blog, have a great Christmas Lisa (of Lisabears)

  13. Lisa, Thank you so much!! And hmmmm....looks like I see somw more red furred bears in your future! :-)) They're very cute! Thanks for the nice comment.

  14. Anonymous11/30/2010

    Lovely the red treasury! And Love those little shoes!

  15. Those baby shoes are just to cute! Who wouldn't want to show them off!
    Love the red! It certainly catches the eye :)

  16. Michele, Thank you so much! And I love the little shoes too!! Did you see all of them?! OH! So cute! :-)

    Jo-anne, I agree! I agree!! ^_^ Thank you!

  17. Skylar, Thank you! :-)


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