Saturday, January 1, 2011

Okayyyy! Gotta Get My Brain In Gear...AGAIN!

    Yep! That's it! The winner's necklace. I decided to show it on Tina today. Want to know who won it?!....I'm not going to fool around with you today, and make you wait until the end of the post. {F.Y.I. though, you might want to wait around a little see what the next Giveaway will be. It's a DOOZY!! :-)}
    So, we took the box with all of the names of those who have commented on this blog since December 15th...
    ...shook it up.......And shook it up again......and again. Then hubby put his hand in there...
    ...and with his eyes closed, he picked a name. {Forgive the ashy hands....I forgot to pass him the lotion before-hand...again! ^_^}
    ...Ooooo! It was someone whose name was on one of the polka dot 'Post-Its'!! :-] The winner is...
      Congratulations my friend!! This is the first time, after all of those wonderful comments, that you've won one of my Giveaways! Looks like you're having a winning streak going here lately. I loved the butterfly print you won on another blog recently! Well, I hope you enjoy my little wire crocheted "baby".  I know you'll be a good "crochet baby Mama" because you already own one of my "babies" and it's been well loved! :-)
    I've been giving away small things for a little while, but for the January 15th Giveaway it's going to be a BIGGIE!
   First, though, let me show you the custom hats I've been working on...and FINISHED! I had to do two black ones. I already showed you one of them. This is the other one.
    And the white one came out really cute too...even if I do say so myself. :-]
    What do you think?!...I won't jump right back into making these right away...unless I get another custom order. But I did have a ball of yarn that someone gave me that I now think would look good as one of these hats. I already started it. {Well! You knew I'd have some kind of crochet project going, right?! ^_^ 

      It was suppose to be a custom scarf, but I can't find the yarn for it anywhere! I'm still on the hunt for it though.}
    Okay, back to the NEW Giveaway for January 15, 2011 {2011....2011...2011!! I have to keep repeating it. Otherwise my bills and checks are all gonna look REALLY past due until at least March. That's how long it takes my brain to do the right date!...*sigh*} I decided to give another blanket/afghan away. Hubby really wants them out of the house....and out of his way! ^_^ This is it...
    ...It's heavy, thick...and warm....and meant for cold nights in front of the T.V. or fireplace, with a hot Toddie or hot chocolate in one hand, and a T.V. remote in the other! ^_^
     In the wide shots here, hubby is holding it up both ways, with his arms out-stretched. It's 40x45{101.6x114.3cm}!! Now you know why he wants it out of here! ^_^
    Rules are the same as before. Between now and January 15th, anyone that is a follower of this blog, and that leaves a comment below (only one entry per day), will be illegible for the Giveaway...If you just want to comment and NOT enter the Giveaway, PLEASE do! Just let me know in your comment that you don't want to be entered. No hard feelings at all!.
    WHEW!! Done for today! Off to finish my delicious breakfast hubby just made me: Sausage and eggs, and oatmeal with peaches and cinnamon! {The perks of him being on vacation have started already!! ^_^} I hope yours is as delicious!!
     2011....2011. Yep! It might take a while! ^_^

Gear Change for the Brain!

Another year has passed by.
"Come on brain. Let's get in gear!
Remember not to write
the same old numbers as last year!!"

Somehow I think it's futile
to try to teach this brain new tricks.
No matter how I try
it thinks I do things 'just for kicks!'

My checks and bills, till March,
will, no doubt, show the year that's past.
'Cuz I can't get my brain in gear
to change it all that fast.

Maybe when the snow's all gone,
my memory will be too!
Remembering not to write a year
that's done, and gone, and THROUGH!


  1. Deb the afghan is beautiful. Great color combo. Your poem once again just hits the spot cause I will be doing the same thing till march or april. Congrats Cinlynn Boutique on winning the necklace. Have a good day.

  2. Anonymous1/01/2011

    Hello Debbie, so nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my special place and for leaving a comment so I know you visited! I am always so delighted to meet another fellow writer as it seems poetry has become a lost art. No matter that we have a different style, as long as we keep our passion alive!

    May the coming months fill your heart with untold happiness and may each day shine luminously bright! Wishing you a fabulous New Year!

  3. SnowflakeDreams1, Thanks Velma! The poem and the colors for the afghan almost picked themselves. Some things don't take a lot of work for me...Others?! Having to do with food and exercise? LOTS of work! ^_^

  4. Paula, It was my pleasure! :-] It's very nice to have you visit my backyard too! And no worries, my poetic passion is alive and well...that part of my brain never cuts off! ^_^ I think YOU know what I mean. :-]

  5. Congratulations! I have chosen your blog to receive 'The Stylish Blog' award. If you would like to accept this award please follow the link below.

  6. Nat, Awww! How sweet! And thank you! I'll check out the link later today! :-)


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