Sunday, June 16, 2013

10 Things 'PANCAKE'!

     Yep! It's that time again, folks!...Pancake Sunday! ^_^ And since I'm still not feeling like eating a 'stack' of pancakes this morning...although, I will get me a bite or two of hubby's when he makes them! :-) ...I thought that, for a change of pace, I'd show you ten ways I can still have pancakes, even if I don't feel like eating them,...but 'Etsy style'! :-) This is how Etsy shop owners do 'pancakes'!
      Of course, starting with the header photo and how you can smell like a stack of buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup! YUM!! :-) ... Click on the header photo above for details. :-)

      You can have a print hanging in your kitchen to show you how to make pancakes! :-) ...  

      This could turn Pancake Sunday in our house, into Pancake Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday! ^_^ Notice that I left out Friday!...Friday remains forevermore 'virtual' date day!! LOL I don't even THINK of pancakes on that day!! LOL

     You can get a retro kitchen item that helps you make perfect sized pancakes! :-) ...

      Hmmm...That's something hubby may be able to use! Shhhhh....but you didn't hear that from me! ^_^ I like his 'wonky' lop-sided pancakes! They taste exactly the same as perfectly shaped ones...I guess! LOL

      You can get a retro storybook laser print from an original pastel painting of a recipe for banana pancakes! :-) ...

       I love it!!...and I can almost smell the bananas! :-)

     You can get a pair of mouth-wateringly yummy-looking pancake earrings!...

      You can get a t-shirt that declares to the world your love of pancakes! :-) ...

      Of course, if you're me, you can declare to the world your love of pancakes by writing a blog about it ever Sunday! :-)) Admittedly, it problem wouldn't be as cute to wear! :-)

     You can get an adorable print of a cat eating a stack of pancakes! :-) ...

       In real life kitties probably 'do' eat pancakes, but not on such a cute tablecloth! Although pancakes probably taste just as good being eaten from the fingers of their owners from under the table!! LOL

        You can get a gorgeous painting of a stack of pancakes! :-) ...

        Now that's a good-looking stack of pancakes!!!

     If you're a mad-crocheter like me, you can get a crochet pattern so that even when you don't feel like eating pancakes on Pancake Sunday, you can crochet yourself a stack of the cutest pancakes you ever saw...Pancakes in yarn or thread still look good, Y'all! ^_^ ...

       And for those of us with six-foot-tall pancake makers who really are the syrup to our pancakes, we can get a print to give them that let's them know how we feel! :-] ...

       Or we can get out from in front of the computer screen and give those six-foot-tall men of ours, with the boyish grins, a little smooch on their foreheads. ^_^ I'm gonna do that right now!... Have a good Sunday, Everybody! :-)

 The Little Boy Inside The Man

Sometimes a brat, and immature;
Eats everything-just 'cause he can;
But I can't  help the way I love
the little boy inside the man.

He's  sometimes quick to take offense,
without a reason for his stand;
But you can calm, with just a kiss,
the little boy inside the man.

There are times when he acts shy,
and doesn't want to hold your hand;
Afraid to show the longing of
the little boy inside the man.

Why do I love him like I do?
The reasons are as grains of sand.
They're  many, and they're only 
for the little boy inside the man.

When he looks into my eyes
I see his heart, and future plan-
to take care of, and protect me,
and be my strong and loving man.

The little boy transforms himself
into a husband, teacher-grand!
And I forget, at least for now,
the little boy inside the man. 


  1. Thanks so much for posting my print! Pancakes are an ingenious topic for a blog post!

    1. It was my pleasure, Vicki! :-) I don't know about the ingenious part...but it was FUN!!! LOL

  2. My mouth is drooling.....

    Have a great day!

    1. Ha! Ha!...You better do something about that, Bead! ^_^ Have a good day, my friend! ♥

  3. WOW everything look so wonderful thank you so much for adding me in your AWESOME blog. YUMMY! :)


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