Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oooooo! It Was A Lovely Date Day..For The Most Part!

     I haven't shared every one of hubby and my 'Date Day' with you. I don't wanna bore you with all of the 'virtual' mundane-ness of it. ^_^ Although, for us, it's a fun time every week...even if we're using our date day sleeping!...which we do sometimes! LOL
    But yesterday was a pretty good 'Date Day'!! So I thought I'd share a bit of it with pictures mostly. :-) ... It started out with this 'FABU' breakfast!!!...

     It was an omelette with mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, bacon, sausage and eggs!!! Oh! Sooooo YUM!!!! :-) ... And I had cheesy grits on the side! :-) ... Don't call the doctor. I'm still alive!! ^_^ And happy!!...
      Later we had a visit from some dear friends...carrying gifts! :-) All kinds of 'good-for-me' healthy food and stuff from 'Trader Joe's' (it's a kind of healthy shopping store and grocery...kinda.)...By the way, they also brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!! :-) But wouldn't you know made me sneeze! LOL
     Hubby has them in a vase somewhere......somewhere where he can enjoy them! :-] I'm gonna get pictures of them though, so I can enjoy them in a different way whenever I want! :-)

     Then we headed out for our Spain! :-) But first we had to make a little stop at Roland France!... :-) ...where my 'baby boy', Rafael Nadal, was going to be in a semi-final battle with Novak Djokovic at the French Open!!
      It was such a GOOD match!!!!!...

     And in the end, my 'baby boy' did it again!! :-) ...

    YAY!!! Congratulations Rafa!!! :-) 

    The second match was between David Ferrer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and it wasn't as much of a challenge. Jo-Wilfried was having a very 'off' day, and Ferrer ran over him like a train!!...Maybe next year Jo-Wilfried!
      Today Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams play for the woman's championship!! :-) ... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :-) I'll tell you who won tomorrow!...

      (All of the above sports photos were shared from the Roland-Garros Facebook site.)

      After the excursion to Roland Garros, hubby and I headed off to Spain! :-) Oh! We had such a good time! And we ate so good!!!! We had a personal chef who cooked us the most delicious Spanish inspired soup, with corn, potatoes, beef, and all kinds of delicious spices!...and then there was the bread!!! :-) Need I say more?!.....Okay, Y-U-M!!!!!:-)
      After a tour, and some good music...we went to a concert of Stevie Wonder's in Spain!...


So, for the most part, it was a very good day!...except for a memorial talk we went to for a friend of ours that died. :-( ...*sigh*... Now....on to today!! I hope it's a good one too!...For you also! :-)

Love Fills The Holes

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live,
the holes we fill up
from the love that we give?

Even the hard times
make wonders abound,
because of the memories
of times safe and sound.

The good times, they come,
they fill us, they flow
and leave behind a smile,
like the hard rain's  rainbow.

So, its the love that keeps growing,
that adds wonder to life;
because no matter how peaceful,
or how full of strife,

Isn't  it wondrous,
this life that we live!
Cherish it always-
for the holes it will fill.

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