Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Know I'm Feeling 'Under The Weather' When...

      Look at this...'Pancake Sunday' and I'm feeling meh! O_O Or should I say 'under the weather'. How do I know I'm not feeling my best...besides the fact that saying 'Pancake Sunday' didn't make me all giddy?! 
    Well, I know I'm feeling under the weather when no matter how long I stare into it...

     ...there seems to be nothing in the fridge to eat.

       And when my mind is not thinking about what I can create, or build next...

      And when I don't feel like crocheting...

      Well...maybe that's not completely true, because I ALWAYS feel like crocheting! But let's say...when I don't feel like 'getting involved' with my I did yesterday, when I made a new button brooch...

     I also know I'm feeling 'under the weather' when tennis is on, but I haven't checked the day's draw, to see which matches I wanna watch!...Now you know  that's 'serious'!...especially during French Open time!! O_O



      Maybe I need to go back to bed and then wake up and try it again!...Yeah. Let's try that :-] ... See you tomorrow...By the way, YOU have a better day, will ya!!

 Quiet Sunday Morning

Quiet Sunday morning.
Flowers blooming in the yard.
Rain clouds overhead,
forecasting rain, but not too hard.

Quiet Sunday thinking.
All is well. No one is mad.
There's an easy state of being,
and a poem on my pad.

Quiet Sunday morning.
Music, chatting with my friends.
A perfect picture postcard,
or reality through my lens.


  1. Ohhhhhh, I hope you feel better soon. Sorry it's not a good day.

    1. Hi Cin...I 'am' feeling better this evening. I think I just needed an extra nap...or two! ^_^

  2. Hope you continue to feel better Deb...Have a good week of tennis watching and creating! (and maybe a pancake on another day?)

    1. Thanks, Yaya...I'm feeling tons better this morning already! :-] And there wasn't a pancake in sight!! LOL


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