Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's A 'WHINE FREE' Zone!

       Welcome to the 'Whine Free' zone of the Wug's backyard! ^_^ Yes, I've decided that yesterday's post was enough of that!! Today it's back to talking too much and sharing things I like! :-) Aren't you happy to be here today instead of yesterday?!....Ha! Ha!
       Like the Koi fish in that beautiful photo above, I'm just gonna take it slow and easy today. Relax! Enjoy! :-) And I'm bringing you along for the ride!!
     I wanna show you the new boutonnieres I made a minute...and tell you about a custom order I'll be working on today. But first I wanna show you the cute things I spotted on Etsy!...
      I love romantic-looking fingerless gloves! And these are gorgeous!!...

     Pretty and creative needlework is making a comeback, Y'all! :-) Look at this too!...

        Nothing to whine about here, right?! :-)

      And the necklace below is nothing to whine about either!!!...


     And you know my affinity for polka dots lately! Well, I found a way that I could possibly put some polka dots on my boutonnieres! ^_^ ...

     Polka dot buttons!! :-) ... As soon as I get my hands on some spare 'moolah', 'dough', 'green'.....CASH! ^_^...I may re-visit this shop for some buttons! She has all kinds of colors with polka dots too!! :-]

      And if you know how many times hubby and I have been to Paris...virtually! won't be a surprise to you as to why I love this little clutch!...

      We still have our Friday 'virtual' date night plans up in the air right now. Due to lack of funds we may just be hanging around the house this time!....Wait! That almost sounded like whining! O_O Okay, scratch that!!...We're looking forward to Friday, whatever we're doing!!...That sounds better, right?! Less whiny?! ^_^

     Now, about my custom order!...A sweet lady I used to study the Bible with contacted me to make her 7 brooches! :-) She told me to choose the colors myself....PRESSURE! ^_^ Is it just me, or do other people go through the unsure emotions of choosing design and color for customers?!
      I would rather have a customer that says: "I want 2 like this, with yadda yadda yadda!" When I have to choose I think: "Will she like this?! Wait! She never wears those colors! O_O But wait! She's not getting them for her. She's getting them to use as gifts!...What kind of friends does she have?! Do they like color?! Are they more conservative?! etc......AARGH!!!!!"
    See?! ^_^ So, for future reference, if you want me to make you something, PLEASE just tell me exactly what you want, what color, and what combination of design?!...I'm a work horse! I just like to do what YOU want me to do!! :-) whining!!!! Just saying! ^_^
       Moving on!!!... Let me show you the latest boutonnieres I made for my Wuglyees shop!...

    Nothing to whine about there! ^_^ They'll all be in my shop later today.

     Okay...See?!...WHINE FREE!...and we're all still breathing!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!


I'm cold. I'm hot. I'm helpless.
I don't want to eat that stuff!
I'm hungry...full..exhausted.
Why does life have to be so tough?!

I'm lonely...tired of people,
Need to find something to do.
Why doesn't someone call or text,
or email me...But who?!

I'm whining all the time
about one thing and then another.
If I had a dime for all that whine...
I could be rich just on the weather!!

No, I'm not a little kid.
I am a full grown "Whiny Mama"!
And I can whine, and list and list,
comma after comma!

I don't like waiting. I am bored.
And I've got so much to do!
Did I encourage you to whine?!
Don't want to hear it...Mine is through!


  1. Great finds! I LOVE those fingerless gloves!! And those buttons...awesome!! As for the custom order with no direction, I don't like them either. Always wondering....
    I'm sure you'll make the prettiest ones for her! Be sure to show us how they turn out. As for whining....we all need to from time to time!!
    Whine on.......

    1. I'm glad you like the 'finds', Bead! :-) And thanks for sympathizing with me about the custom order choices!...Now I have 2 custom orders going!! :-] The 2nd one knew EXACTLY what he wanted....YAY!!! ^_^ I'll show you both orders when they're done...STILL No Whining!! LOL I'm having too good of a day for whining today!! ^_^ ♥


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