Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello, Cutie!! :-)

       I had a whole lot of words...for the Post Office...Grrr!...that I was gonna start today's post with, but I saw this cutie and that was the end of my rant. :-) Hello, Cutie!!...

      How could you have a bad word for anybody...not the weather man, the aching arthritis pain that's coursing through your bones, the sarcastic post office worker!...Grrr!...or anybody with that little smiley face looking at you?! ^_^ You're smiling yourself right now, aren't you?! ^_^

       So cute! :-) ... And that little cutie is stopping me from ranting on and on about the post office and their shipping prices, but it's not gonna stop me from telling you what happened yesterday!
              Hubby went to the Post Office to mail out a package for me. A rare summer sale in my shop. YAY!!...

      The woman behind the counter at the post office said: "Hi! I haven't seen you in a while!"

       Hubby said: "Yes, that's because sales are slow."

     She said: "Why is that?"

     And he said: "I don't know."

     Then she sarcastically said: "Maybe it's because it's summertime and people are outdoors, and not on their computers."

       I say: "Ha!!!!!!!...No, Mrs. Postal Worker Smarty Pants! It's because YOU GUYS hiked up your shipping prices, and ran all my customers off!!!!!! They can't 'afford' to be online buying anything! especially not crochet boutonnieres that they can live without anyway!!!" ^_^
      But of course....hubby didn't say anything like that to her!! He's too cute, and too polite, and not like me....DIRECT! LOL I would have said: "No, it's not the weather. It's your hiked up shipping prices that's taking my business away!!" LOL
     Hubby wouldn't say that. And he didn't! He just smiled at her...sorta like that cutie in the header photo, and said: "Have a nice day."......UGH!!!

      Uhhhhh....do I sound kinda cynical about the postal worker's comment?!...Yeah!....Yeah.....ya think?!!! LOL...But thanks to smiling foxes, and weather forecasts that say a break in the rain is coming at least for part of the day, I'll get over it! ^_^

       Oh Yeah! Before I go, let me show you my other inspired boutonniere that I told you about yesterday!!...This is the inspiration item!...

       Pretty cool, right?! :-)

     This is my boutonniere that was inspired by the guest book!...

       It's fun doing boutonnieres this way! ^_^ I may look for other items to inspire me! :-] ... But first I have to replace the boutonniere I sold yesterday!! I'm off to do that NOW!!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!

Contagious Annoyance

Are annoyances contagious?
Yeah, you heard just what I said!
There was one thing that annoyed me;
Then somehow it seemed to spread.

I was annoyed at my computer,
at my stomach, and at me;
Annoyed at why my written-worded
brain cells seemed to flee!

Annoyed at my 'To Do' list
never seeming to get done.
Annoyed that going shopping
wasn't nearly as much fun.

Annoyed at family members,
and at hubby's 'helpful' glee.
Annoyed at Blogger-dot-com,
and it's not letting me be me!

So, come on everybody,
Please! Today, 'throw me a bone'!
Just peacefully leave this annoyed
and crazy girl alone!

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