Friday, June 28, 2013

'Virtual' Friday Date To......?!

        YAY!!! It's Friday!.....Boooooo! It's pouring rain outside here in Holyoke... :-( ...but YAY!!!...because even though it's pouring rain also in London England, Wimbledon has a roof over center court, so there will still will be tennis!!!!!! ^_^ 
      YAY!!! It's 'virtual' date day too!....but there are no booooos about that AT ALL!!! :-) ... "Where are you going?" you ask!...Well, we're going somewhere where I can wear pretty clothes! :-) ...

     ...Where both of us can eat delicious food! :-) ...

      ...Even delicious SPICY food! :-) ...

        Have you guessed it yet?! :-) ... Well, we're going to......

           ...Calcutta...or Kolkata...India!! :-)

    To be honest, with my bones aching a bit from the rain, and after a whole week of mildly flavored soups and stews, I wasn't quite sure I wanted to go to India! But hubby is ready for some excitement...and color...and some new scenery besides the backyard! :-)) we go!!! ^_^
      I'm bringing my crocheting!...

      I've been working on the custom order of lady's brooches. I have one more to make...a pink one...and then I have to make backings for them, and create the buds in the middle, and put brooch pins on the backs of them too. 

     I could probably get this done before we leave for the trip, but I'm taking it with me instead...because something tells me that we're gonna be inside...near a 'facility' (if you get my drift! LOL) at some point on this trip!! LOL I mean...hubby's stomach is not as 'cast iron' as it used to be!...even if he won't admit it....YET!! ^_^ 

      What are YOU doing today, or this weekend?!...Is spicy food involved?! :-) Whatever it is, have a good one!!

All The Things I Love

If I listed all the things I've loved
I could rattle on forever!
Whether by 'order of importance'
or by a poeticly quick endeavor.

Right now it's Tennis...Well, all sports,
and reading informative magazines.
And crocheting, food and music.
Well..that might be in my genes!

I've loved teaching and line dancing,
So many things in my short life.
But I've never jumped from a plane,
or wittled anything with a knife!

With every passing moon
I find some other thing that I love.
Whether grassy patterns on my lawn,
or phenomenal skies above.

Yes, if I listed all the things I loved
my words could fill all space,
It comes from curiosity,
and an Ooo-ing Awww-ing place!      


  1. Thanks for the listing of our Spice Tin, love the blog.

    Spice Kitchen

    1. You're very welcome, Sanjay!! ♥

  2. I love the colors you chose for your custom order!!! Great job!! She is going to LOVE them!!
    Sorry you got the rain. It pretty much missed us this time. Stayed inland so we stayed dry. I'm also sorry you have achy bones and joints too. No fun for sure. Try to take your mind off of it and enjoy your "trip" to India!!
    Love the finds too! :)

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you like the brooch colors! I wasn't sure about them at all!! She left it up to me and I was fretting and fretting about it!! ^_^ Thank you for the shot of confidence!...especially since I can't thank you for the rain this time!! LOL Have a good weekend, Cin! ♥


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