Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is That Real?!...And Can I Eat It?!!

       In case you haven't figured it out already, I'm having a slow period in my Wuglyees crochet shop right now. Because of that I'm not doing my 'crazy girl' amount of crocheting right! And that's why you haven't been seeing me showing my colorful boutonnieres all over the place! ^_^
      So, since I'm not showing off crochet boutonnieres, I have to come up with something else to talk about and show off around here! ^_^ And Etsy is a great place for that!...Case in point, did you see the header photo?....What do you think, eatable or not eatable?! 
      The answer is 'NOT' eatable! ^_^ But do you know what they are?!...No?!....They're cabinet knobs!! :-) ...

 (Set of Four Realistic Miniature Japanese Bento Box Resin Cabinet Knobs by popplyanddragonfly)

      I saw them this morning when I was searching for something else on Etsy! :-) I think they would look so cool as the kitchen cabinet knobs in a chef's kitchen!...or anyone's kitchen for that matter! ^_^ When I saw them I really didn't think they were cabinet knobs though. I thought that they were maybe soap...or jewelry...but not cabinet knobs!
      Since they were knobs, but I had thought they were food, that led to the next step of this post...Is this real? And can you eat it?!! LOL...Now play along, Y'all! ^_^ 

       Is this chocolate dipped bacon (below) real?...And can you eat it? ^_^ ...
 (Dark Chocolate Dipped Bacon by BeastlyBeefJerky)

      Uhhhh...it's bacon....bacon dipped in chocolate! Of course it's real!! LOL And I wish I had some here so that I 'could' eat it!!! ^_^

      Is this chocolate cord real?!...And can you eat it?!...

    Guess what?...It is real cord. Chocolate colored cord! :-) But not eatable. I'd use this for some pretty necklace cord for some of my crochet flowers...if I was making them anymore. Which, right now, I'm not! :-)

       What about these (below)?...Eatable candy...or not?!...

      NOT! ^_^ They're earrings!...Cute and colorful earrings! :-)

      How are you doing so far?! :-) ... Let's try some more sushi...or not! ^_^ Are these plates eatable, you think?!...

       No they're not! They also are cabinet knobs!! :-) Did I catch you with that one?! LOL...Okay, let's try some more bacon covered with chocolate. Is this one real? And can you eat it?!...

       If you thought to yourself: "Okay, the other bacon was real, so this one must not be real!"...you should probably not play this game anymore! ^_^ Chocolate covered bacon is nothing to play around with!! LOL It's as real as real can get!! :-) And this one, with maple peppering....YUM!!! *drooling a little*

      Is this real?!...and can you eat it?!...

         Yes, it's real. And yes, you can eat it!! :-) ... And let me be real with you for a minute by saying...I really wouldn't care what they shaped it as. It's CHOCOLATE!!!! ^_^ Eat it!!!!

      Last, but not least...and be careful with this one....Is this real?...and can you eat it?!...

       Yes, it's real desserts. But you can't eat them! They're soap!! :-) And what cool soaps they are too!!!
      So, have you had fun playing my game?! :-) Sorry, but there's no million dollar prize, or trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina! :-) At least not for you!! ^_^ I've got a 'virtual' date coming up on Friday, sooooooo! :-)

     Okay, gotta go get something to eat. Funny....but I'm craving bacon and chocolate! ^_^ I'll leave you with some photos...bad though they may be!...of my hummingbird getting a little meal in the pouring rain yesterday...

      He's in the last photo above too, but you can't see him because he was in flight and his little wings were beating faster than my camera could photograph! ^_^ ... Anyway! Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Double Take

Yes, I looked at it again,
because I couldn't believe what I saw!
Was it meant to catch attention?
Or to make you drop your jaw?

Was it what I thought it was?
Was it real, or was it fake?
Just like life and all it's wonder,
some things need a double take. 


  1. I'm not fond of bacon, but it is all the craze right now. Somehow chocolate covered bacon is a bit weird, but I guess, don't knock it till you try it, huh? LOL
    Your hummer is a cutie!! I'm getting them now too since I've solved the "how to get rid of those ants" dilemma! Yep...I bought a moat. Works great!
    Have a great evening!

    1. WOW! You could knock me over with a feather!...you're not fond of bacon!!! O_O WOW! What kind of bacon have you had?!! LOL...Anyway, I agree that chocolate covered bacon seems weird, but it also sounds delicious to me!! ^_^ ...YAY for the hummers!!!...Moat?!!...Please share a picture, Bead!!! LOL


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