Monday, June 10, 2013

Sometimes Monday Brings Inspiration!

       Happy Monday, Y'all! :-) least I hope it's a happy Monday! O_O My Monday just got started, and it's dark outside still!...and not because of the time. Unfortunately it's about to start pouring rain. And it's suppose to be raining until Wednesday morning I think. They have us under a flood watch already!!
       Whatever the weather does today, I'm gonna be doing some crocheting though! I'm determined to finally get back on my schedule! I've been slacking off like crazy!...especially this weekend!...Part of the reason is just tiredness from hormonal issues...*AARGH!*...but the other part has been bad weather, which affects my pain level...especially in my hands and fingers.
       But, come what may, I'm doing some crocheting today!!!...And I got some inspiration to get started on some crocheting yesterday. It was the black and white polka dotted vase! :-) ...

    ...I love the red dot on the side. :-) And the flowers too! :-) ...

     Just as a general rule, I love black and white together anyway! But I love to see a little pop of red on a beautifully designed piece, like the bud vase above...

      ...Or the clutch purse below!...

      It got my mind reeling about how to make a similarly inspired crochet men's boutonniere!! :-) Here's my version of black and white, with red...

     What do you think?!....I LOVE the end result myself! But of course I would!! LOL...Just wait until you see the piece I'm doing today! I have another item of inspiration to work from. I'll show you tomorrow.

     Oh yeah, I did crochet another item yesterday too. A green item. :-) It was before the black, white, and red inspiration hit me. :-) This item's inspiration came about when I was just using up some green thread I had laying around. I decided to do a woman's brooch...but a different design than I normally do....experimenting! :-) ...

      Do you see the little triangle-like points?!...

      Kinda different, huh?!...

     I'm not sure if I'm gonna make any more like this one, but I do like it!...Only time...and inspiration!...will tell! ^_^ to crochet! :-) But first, let me say my congratulations to Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams. The winners of the French Open men's and women's final championships!!! :-) Woohoo!!!!!....It was all good....except for a scary incident with some men setting something on fire near the court during the men's match. O_O CRAZY!!!! But it was taken care of quickly. *Phew!*

         Have a good day...and a good week, Y'all! :-)

 Why I Love Sports

When I see something done at it's best,
When I see the hard work and the skill,
When I know they could give it no less,
and if more could be given, they will,

When I hear in their voice the request,
to be put in, yes, even if ill,
When the time that they're spending is pressed,
and the love for the sacrifice real,

When the rules of the game they've addressed,
and for them, the price well worth the bill,
When I've felt them embracing the test,
then I love it, and I always will! 


  1. Love all your finds AND the new flowers! I love the points on the green one! Adds a lot of character!! Hope you enjoyed today. My Monday didn't turn out so well. It appears that someone got a hold of our credit card number and charged an enormous sum on it. Thankfully the credit card company caught it and it's taken care of with no cost to us. What a nightmare!!
    Anyway...have a great evening too.

    1. I'm so glad you liked them, Bead! :-) Especially the 3-pointed brooch! I may have to make some more of other colors...And WOW!! :-( I'm so sorry about the credit card thing!! It makes you wonder if people don't have anything else to do with their time besides trying to make other people miserable. :-( If only they put that kind of mental energy to something productive for other people. What kind of world would we have then, huh?! O_O


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