Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have You Seen Things Like These Before?!

       I'm up early again...*cough! cough!*...but this time it's not hormonal! It's my allergies. :-( The lady that cleans my house came yesterday and cleaned the house, top to bottom. I mean every corner of the house is clean enough to eat off of!...Problem?!...O_O...She, herself, was covered, head to toe, with pollen from outside!!
      She went from room to room to room, not thinking about the fact that she was carrying all of that pollen, and dumping it off with every step, shake, and move...just like the bees do!!! :-) And I don't dare let her know, because she would feel awful! When in fact...I wasn't thinking about it at the time either! O_O 
     So, all night long I was blowing my nose, scratching, and wheezing! O_O Let me tell ya, it's not a lot of fun having swollen sinuses when you also have to wear a full C-Pap mask to bed at night!! Yep!...Darth Vader ain't got nothing on me!! ^_^ Although 'I AM NOT HIS FATHER!' LOL ... {WOW! The things that stay stuck in your brain!!!!!! LOL}
      Anyway!...I've told the story of my allergies and C-Pap mask before! Let's look at a few things I came across on Etsy that I 'haven't' told you about before...because I'd never seen them before myself!...Let's see if  YOU have! :-) ...

        Let me just stop here and say...I LOVE the colors of these bracelets! (above and below)...Also the design...Uhhhhh...also the fact that they're PAPER!! :-)

       Also the fact that she extended the idea to a necklace!...

      Sooooo cool!! :-)

      Lastly...because I've got to go and watch the women's semi-final tennis match! ^_^ these cute, cute, cute wrist warmers...with a little surprise! :-) ...


       How adorable are these!!!! :-) ... Nope! I'd never seen any like them!...Had YOU?!

     Okay, until tomorrow! :-) I have some new boutonnieres to show you that I made with my very own hands-full-of-♥! ^_^ Have a good day, everybody! ...{By the way, the poem below was the one I should've left with YESTERDAY'S blog post!! *snaps her finger* ^_^}

Artist's ROCK!

Their eyes see what their heart sees,
and in colors on canvas or in yarn.
You can see it in their photographs of foliage,
or the red and brown that's painted on a barn.

Their heart says: "This bead color's perfect!"
Then you see the artist's work on jewelry stands.
They recycle, mix the media and show you,
and collect a lot of now adoring fans!

Whatever medium they work in,
Whether working with their hands or just their eyes,
you can be sure they'll get some ogglers and lookers,
who, like me, will give them "Ahhhs" and "Ooooos" and sighs.


  1. What a fantastic blog- so full of energy! Thank you for sharing my necklaces amongst all this talent :)
    Louisa from beady daze

    1. Awwww!...hank you for the nice words! ♥ And sharing your necklaces was MY pleasure! :-)

  2. wow!!!
    your post put a big smile on my face, actualy a "huge" one!
    thank you a lot!

    p.s. will promote your post on my FB page ,)

    1. :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!And I was happy to have your 'heart' here! ^_^ ... By the way, thanks for the prom too!


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