Tuesday, June 25, 2013


      If our weather here in Holyoke reaches into the nineties again today we will officially be in a 'heat wave'.  Yep!...HOT!...And what comes with hot?...Thunder storms of course! ^_^ And that's what we had yesterday, and 'will' have every day for the rest of the week...according to the weather reporters.
     The skies have been rumbling!...I knew it was gonna be a turbulent day, all the way around, when my 'baby boy' was down two sets at Wimbledon! O_O Nadal?!.....Yep!....And two sets quickly turned into three sets...and he was done!!! O_O I could hardly believe it!...And he was beaten by a player I had never seen play before!! :-( ... And so the turbulent day began!   

     Unfortunately it didn't end there though!...We got bad news about our finances that has us scrambling now! O_O And, to 'add insult to injury', a returning health issue had me in a bad mood all day too!...I won't elaborate because...because...you can't help me anyway! ^_^ It's another one of those 'It-Is-What-It-Is!' kinda situations.
    Thankfully I had tennis to distract me, and give me something to smile about! :-) Thank You, Wimbledon!!...That is, I had tennis for a while!...*sigh*...Suddenly the cable service went out! O_O And that included my computer!!! O_O Turbulent!!

     We waited for a while to see if the channels were gonna 'kick back in'...but....*sigh*....nope!...and right in the middle of a tennis match I was watching too! O_O
     We called the cable station and they said that something had happened at one of the towers!...*blink! blink!*...and that service could be out until 11 p.m.!...*Blink! Blink! Blink! Blink!!!!!!*...And since this happened before 3 O'clock we knew that meant hours of no tennis...no old movies...no 'House Hunters'....silence!...Ugh! 
      After doing a bit of reading and studying, I decided that a nap wouldn't be a bad idea! LOL And I reminded myself that the day could've been worse. The air conditioning could've been out...but it wasn't! :-) The hummingbirds could've been off somewhere waiting out the storm, but they weren't! :-) And we could've had nothing in the house to eat, but we had food! :-)
       So yes, sometimes clouds and storms of turbulence roll in unexpectedly, but there's always something to smile about! :-) ...

      You can wear a cloud on your ears!! :-)

     I'm hoping today is better than yesterday!!...And even if it isn't, I know who to talk to about it!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!

Never As Expected

Why can't things go as expected?
No left turn. No oops!...'Snaffu'!
There's always got to be a fly
in the ointment, soup or stew!

Why can't things go as they should,
Without a hitch, impending doom?
Instead of 'Steady as she goes'!
There's always Click, click, click! Then BOOM!!


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