Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pancake Sunday....But With Flowers!

      Aren't they beautiful?!!! :-)  These are the flowers I mentioned in my post yesterday. The ones my friends gave me as a gift. :-) I can't sniff them...but I can look at them! :-)

    Forgive the close up 'fuzzy' shots. ^_^ 

    They're no pancakes!... ^_^ ...but they're still beautiful!!! And now that I have pictures, I don't have to worry about my allergies to them, or about them dying on me! ^_^ I'll have them to look at, in photos, for as long as I want!...fuzziness and all! :-)

     And before I head off to have my pancakes, I also wanna show you the flowers I've been making!...

    They're cream and brown. The little cream and brown one was made for one of the friends that gave me the flowers. :-) I gave both her and her sister some scarves, and I'm also gonna give both of them a little flower boutonniere pin for their coats! :-)
     One sister took a brown and cream scarf. The other took a black and white one. I'm making a black and white pin for her! :-) ...

     Call it a 'flower-and-scarf-exchange'! ^_^ Although I think I got the best part of the deal! :-) (You can find some of the crocheted ones for 'you' in my Wuglyees shop, if you like. ^_^)...

       Okay...Now I'm off to eat my pancakes....No! You don't need to see the photos. Trust me!!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! :-)

Ode To Flowers

Ode to all loved flowers,
whatever color, shape or form.
You enthrall with sheer delight!
At other times, make my heart warm.

Whether photographed or made,
growing tall out in the yard;
In a vase or porch-side planter,
or just naturally unmarred;

Please know you always make me smile,
and lift my mood when I am down.
The world would be a different place
without a lot of you around!


  1. Love the flowers!! AND the crocheted ones too! Great colors!!! Enjoy your pancakes, meetings and your day too! :D

    1. Thanks, Bead! :-) I'll enjoy a pancake for you too!...Enjoy the meeting...and the day! ♥

  2. I love fresh flowers. I usually get some nice ones from hubby from time to time and I pick my own when they come in season. I'll even get some at the grocery if I feel the need! Yours are beautiful! Hope your pancakes were could they not be? Have a good week!

    1. I love fresh flowers too, Yaya!...but sometimes they don't like me!...*ACHOO!!!*...A vase full of pretty flowers is high on my list of sheer happiness inducers. :-) ... By the way, grocery store flowers are some of the prettiest these days! I don't know why...AND...the pancakes WERE delicious!! ^_^ Happy Monday!!


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