Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm Just Gonna 'Mentally' Get Dressed Today!

       What a beautiful Saturday!! The sun is shining. The hummingbirds are flitting and darting around the feeder. And hubby is off work and in the mood to get some things done!...Oh, if only I felt good enough to shine....flit and dart...and get something done! :-)) 
     But no. I'm not feeling so great again today. :-( What I feel like is just sitting around in my nightie, sipping on green tea, and blowing my nose every now and again. ^_^ It's nothing major though. Just allergy season, and the day after a 'boat-load' of rain...YUCKY!!...It's alright though. Fall is coming eventually!......It is, isn't it?! O_O
       As I say, it's not 'that' bad! My mind is still working! YAY!!! LOL And even if I don't feel up to 'physically' getting dressed, I do feel like 'mentally' getting dressed....and that is 'something'!! ^_^
      So, I'm gonna leave my clothes in the drawer...except for the nightie I'm wearing ^_^ and I'm gonna let Etsy help me get dressed up in the way that I would get dressed up, if I had any gumption to get dressed up!...which I don't!! LOL
      Because the sun is shining so pretty, I feel like a pair of cute shorts would be in the ones in the header photo! :-) I love the little scalloped edge on them! :-) ... I would probably pair them with the same kind of top as in that photo too, but with a pair of filligree type earrings like these...

      ...and a comfortable pair of flat, but interesting black sandals, like these...

       I love the little loops on the side, and the fact that these sandals go between your toes! ^_^ Yes! I'm a flip flop kinda girl...but with a more classic style than wanting to have rubber on my feet!!...So shoot me!! LOL

       If I felt like going over to someone's house for lunch, or just for a little visit...which I don't, except 'mentally'...I'd wear something like this little vintage cutie dress...

      ...with a similarly cute pair of vintage style earrings like these...

       ...and a little kitten heel sandal that says: "Yes, I dressed up for you!"...but in real life that's only for 'play, play' ^_^ these... 

       No, I wouldn't just wear a pair of faded blue jeans and a t-shirt. I think it's a cultural thing maybe, but as an African American girl I don't understand the 'slumpy-dump dress down' style of dressing...And that's not a judgement thing, even though it may sound like it. It's just not the way I grew up. In fact, I've never owned more than two pair of jeans at one time in my whole life!...and the second pair would have been bought because there was something going wrong with the first pair!! LOL
      Although...frilly nighties?!....I have owned drawers full of them!! LOL Clearly, this is not my first time 'mentally' dressing up!! ^_^ But I digress!!...I still have one more outfit to go! :-)

      If I felt like going out to dinner with the hubby, and maybe to do a little dancing...which I seriously don't!...I would wear a skirt with a lot of movement, like this...

       And to make it feel more feminine and girlie, I'd pair it with a simple black v-neck blouse, with a little ruffling on the sleeve, like this...

      Then...because you have to 'glam it up' just a bit when you go out dancing with the hubby...I'd wear a fancy necklace like this...

      ...and a pair of 'sharp' pumps (no pun intended just because they're pointy either! ^_^) like these...

      Ahhhhhh! It's like an extra 'Virtual' date night! :-) I'm all my mind!....and I look G-O-O-D too!!! ^_^ ...

       Now I'm gonna grab some tissue, blow my nose, smile, roll over, snuggle down and take another nap! :-] Enjoy the sunshine, Everybody!...And if you don't have any sunshine in your skies today...get dressed anyway! Even if you have to do it 'mentally'!! LOL

Going Out With My Baby

Going out with my baby.
Or going nowhere, but it's alright.
Playing games and constant laughing.
I think it's gonna be a great 'Date Night'!

Going out with my baby.
Or staying in, and hugging tight.
Eating all the things we shouldn't.
But smiling through every single bite!

Going out with my baby.
And visiting 'virtually' every sight.
All dressed up or in our jammies,
We're having fun. You know that's right!!


  1. Hi! Everything is lovely item. Thanks so much for putting my dress here. Please keep lovely blogging! Nice day!

    1. Awwww! Thank you very much! :-] I'll keep blogging...and you keep making pretty dresses!! ^_^

  2. So sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit under the weather. I hope you feel brighter this afternoon. I enjoyed reading your "dressing up" post. I really like all the wardrobe selections featured here. Especially the vintage inspired mini dress, kitten heels and pretty wire earrings. If you were going to dress up, I would say you would look very stylish. Terrific black and white options!

    I hope the morning nap put a spring in your step.

    1. Thank you, Julie. Fortunately, the sun is still shining, and I'm feeling a bit better than I did this morning. :-] I'm so glad you enjoyed my silly dressing up post. It wasn't a hard one to do, even though I wasn't feeling well! It made me feel a little better just to let the brain focus on pretty things, while the body did "whatever" it was doing!! *ACHOO!* LOL Thank you for the nice comment. Have a nice rest of the weekend! :-]

  3. Oh my poor Deb! I'm sorry you're under the weather today. Nasty damp spring weather is bringing out the allergies full blown!! I sure hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy dressing up and going out somewhere!!

    Love all the picks today. Black and white is so classy....and so are you!!! :D

    1. Hi, Bead! ^_^ Thank you so much for the nice comment!...And you are so right about the nasty damp spring weather! It was nice not to see it out the window today! YAY, Sunshine! ^_^ Now if only I could keep the air from coming in from outside and keep all of those allergens in their place! UGH!...Not gonna happen! :-)) Oh well, at least I was able to move the air around my brain!! LOL I'm glad you liked the black and white! :-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ♥

  4. Thank you very much Deb, I'm happy you like my brooches! :)

  5. Thank you very much Deb, I'm happy you like my brooches! :)


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