Sunday, June 30, 2013

On Pancake Sunday, We Have Flowers?!

    Yes, I know! There's not a pancake in sight! Instead we have more Flowers!! ^_^ I'll explain the real reason below...but let's just say for now that I couldn't help myself! ^_^ The colors just made me do it! LOL...Although part of the reason was the satisfaction with myself that I actually finished the crochet brooches I was working on, and I wanted to show them off!! ^_^
     And so that it's not a total self-involved endeavor, I decided to show off some of the other flower maker's flowers too!... :-) ...color for color...sorta!
      Trina's cute red 'baby' is in the header photo...and me and VanCocoaDesigns colorful 'babies' will be interspersed below...starting with 'my' red 'baby from my Wuglyees shop on Etsy! :-) ...

    These beautiful blue 'babies' below are paper!! :-) And are 'as cute as all get out'!!  ^_^ I had to use an old southern expression to show my love for them. Sorry. LOL

       I have a blue one too...but it's not paper. ^_^ It's DMC cotton thread.

     I'm not the only one making flowers with materials other than paper though! Look at these pretty fabric 'babies'!...

      I love all the colors!!!! :-) Look at my colors below...

    I'm gonna work on one with similar colors to this one later today...

      Now, flowers are never a bad thing to talk about on a Sunday morning...or any morning, for that matter! ^_^ But the real reason I'm talking about flowers, and not pancakes, is because....uhhhhh...we didn't have any pancake mix to make pancakes this morning! LOL...SOMEBODY...who shall remain nameless, forgot to go to the store and get it!....Yeah, the nameless one!!...but I think you know who I mean!!! *wink! wink!* ^_^
     Thankfully the nameless one still cooks a 'mean' (great!) breakfast anyway!! So I'll just stretch out his forgetfulness into a hot sausage and some grits, and parlay that into a homemade cheesecake later today!! ^_^
         Cheesecake.......pancakes........cheesecake.......pancakes?!.....CHEESECAKE please!!!! 
^_^ Sounds like a good trade to me! YUM!!!

      Have a good rest of the weekend y'all! Tomorrow will be 'off to the races' week-wise again! :-)

Love A New Beginning

I love a new beginning,
whether day or year or hour.
All the new growth that's now starting,
like the budding of a flower.

The beginnings of a schedule,
 like a long lost welcomed friend.
I love a new beginning,
and so "Here We Go Again!!!" 


  1. Love all the flower finds and all your new ones too! I forgot to buy pancake mix myself when my grandson wanted some the other day (I COULD make them from scratch, but I didn't feel like it), so we also had to improvise! Sounds like a great breakfast anyway.
    Enjoy your food and spiritual food as well!!
    We have convention next weekend! Yay!!

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up for my flower post, Bead! :-) ... And what's up with the 'dissing' of pancake mix this week?! ^_^ By the way, I could make them from scratch too, but then I'd have to 'diss' the nameless one. That would be a 'no, no'!! LOL Especially after he made such a delicious breakfast to make up for it! :-] Anyway, enjoy the meeting today! ♥


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