Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue Shades

      I'm not gonna be too talkative today. I'm too distracted! :-) Yes, I'm watching tennis....Yes, it's very good!!! ^_^ Novak Djokovic is playing my 'baby boy', Rafael Nadal!! :-] So please forgive me that I'm not sharing my latest boutonnieres like I was suppose to today, but......! ^_^
       I did wanna take time to let you see the pretty blue treasury that one of my boutonnieres got picked for though!...

 (Blue Shades =) Etsy Treasury by Sabrina of CrazyFoxDesign)

      If you have time, click on the treasury above and go by and check out all of the items. I'm partial to a few items, like 'MY' boutonniere! ^_^ ...

      ...and these pretty, deep blue, beads!!!...

      Other than the treasury, the only thing going on around here today is French Open tennis...David Ferrer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga play after Nadal and Djokovic! :-) YAY!!!!....Oh Yeah, I'm also going to 'virtual' Spain this evening! :-) It's Friday Date Night time!
      Okay, I'm out!...especially since I'm having a hard time focusing on YOU!!! ^_^ See you tomorrow....And have a good weekend, if I don't see you tomorrow!! :-)

  French Open 2012, Week One

I can hardly believe
that a whole week is through!
It's been seven days.
WOW! How the time flew!

Tosses and serves,
swings and close games,
grunting and nervousness,
"That was in!" claims.

Very long sets,
(Thanks Isner, Mathieu)
A first round upset
when Serena was through!

A ball-boy mistake,
and Andy's bad back.
I've watched with enjoyment,
whack after whack.

The basketball Playoff's
distraction complete,
with the Celtic's first win
against Miami heat.

And baseball chimed in,
with it's fans all a flitter,
when Johan Santana
pitched the Mets' first No-Hitter.

This may be Sharapova's
and Sloane Stephen's best year.
Whatever the case, one more week,
I'll be here!

      (That was LAST YEAR!!! ^_^ I'm still trying to decide if this year's French Open deserves being waxed poetically about!! ^_^)


  1. Hope your date is going nicely and Spain is all you want it to be! I love the color blue...used to have it all over my first home. Now I've have more rooms that sport the color green, but I'm glad to see blue making a comeback and I've put it into a few rooms again. Enjoy tennis! Have a good pancake for me this weekend!

    1. Hi Yaya!...We're back from Spain now. :-) It was wonderful! Good food, good music...

      ...And tennis was GREAT too! My 'baby boy', Rafa Nadal won his match and is going to the final!! :-) Have a good weekend, Yaya. I'll eat a pancake for you on Sunday! :-))


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