Monday, June 17, 2013

Lovely...and Favorite...Things For Your Wedding!

     I wanna start this post by letting you know that all of the photos in it are from the Etsy shop FrenchKnotStudios. I'm telling you that 'right off the bat' because it's important to know!...especially for anyone that's planning a wedding! :-)
     NO! I'm not planning a wedding! :-)) And I don't know why I'm talking to you about it...except that I don't have anything else to talk about besides my 'nosy' Etsy endeavors!! LOL So....weddings it is!! ^_^
     Oh yeah, there is another reason. It's because this shop is GREAT!!!! I knew that right away when I saw the pocket square with the words on it: "Can't wait to marry you!" :-] Oh!!! What a great idea!!!...

      I flashed back in my mind to over thirty years ago when hubby and I got married, and I thought about how sweet it would've been to give hubby a note like that to put in his pocket before we walked down the aisle!...Way to go Audrey!!...What a creative and wonderful idea!!
      And after I saw the pocket square, I looked to the right, in her shop, and saw a photo of a guy in a tie, with a heart boutonniere on his chest...A heart boutonniere!!...Okay, now you know, being the crochet boutonniere queen that I least in my own mind! ^_^ ...I just 'had' to look at the rest of the shop!!! LOL

      The shop is full of great wedding items!!!...Just look at the ones that I loved!!!...

     Yes, it's a photo album. But not just any old photo album. It's a personalized extravaganza!!! :-) Here's what the description says in her own words:

         "Each album is custom made to your likeness. Your dress, colors, style, and wedding party. Even curly hair can be recreated with french knots. Send me an image of your bridal party, and I'll stitch it complete with your wedding date and "my whole heart, my whole life" or other 30 character phrase."
       Is that fabulous, or what?!!!! :-) ... And Oh Yeah, here's the skinny tie and boutonniere pin I was talking about...

      FABU!!! :-) ... And I'm honest enough to tell you that if these boutonnieres were'd never have seen them!! :-)))) But as it is, any attention to the boutonniere business on Etsy does me a big favor! :-) So, thank you Audrey! :-)

     Now let's talk cake toppers! :-) ...

     ...plaid bowties!...

      ...and bridal bouquets!...

     I love this shop!!! :-) It has just about everything you need for your wedding, and maybe even a few things you didn't know you needed for your wedding! :-) ...Can we talk curtain backdrops...ring bearer embroidery hoop kits...a golf bag boutonniere...and shoe clips!!

     Audrey says that lovely things are her favorite things....MINE TOO, Audrey! :-) And your lovely shop is now one of my favorite things!! :-] Go by and check out the whole shop, Y'all...And have a good rest of the day too!...if there's any day left after you get through wandering around her shop! LOL

My Favorite People

My favorite people listen well,
and talk almost as good.
They like to eat good food,
and hang out in my neighborhood.

They like a chuckle now and then,
and dance when music's played.
And give nice complements...
and no! they haven't all been paid!

Some 'favorite people' are, I'm sure,
still ones I haven't met.
But until then, my favorites are
ones owed a 'loving' debt.

They've loved me through some heartache,
and the hardest, roughest time.
They're my favorites for a reason,
and deserve this 'Debbie' rhyme.


  1. Love the fabric bouquets :)

    Bee happy x

    1. Thank you, Bee!...I agree!! :-]

  2. June is a wedding month and those ideas are really cute. I love all the neat stuff they have for weddings these days...makes me want to get remarried just to have a great party with cool decorations! (OK, just kidding!) Enjoy your day today!

    1. I agree, Yaya! If I wasn't already long time dogs years!... ^_^ ...I'd love to be planning a wedding with more of a cute handmade feel! :-] But no re-marriage for me! Once around is enough!! :-) Thanks for the nice comment. Have a good rest of the day, Yaya.

  3. Wow! She has everything! Great find Wug!! If I was getting married again, I would know where to go!

    Love the bowties!

    1. She 'does' have everything, Bead!! :-) ... And I agree with you about 'if' I was getting married!...but I'm not! LOL...I can appreciate a good-looking bow tie though! Hubby loves them! :-)

  4. Anonymous6/18/2013

    very sweet finds.


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