Friday, June 21, 2013

What I Did Yesterday

        What did you do yesterday?!...Work at a secular job all day?!...Have lunch with your girlfriends or guy friends?...Do some crafting or needlework?...Mow the lawn?...Etc....? Was it a good day?!
      Well, my day just flew by! It seemed so productive, but......but......! O_O Well, here's what I did!...

       I had a little breakfast...nothing special. Just nourishment.

        You know how it is. Sometimes it's got to be like that!...especially when the next day is 'Virtual Friday' it is today!! ^_^ ... the day when hubby and I eat something we've been craving all week, while we're on our date...somewhere in the world! :-) Tonight it's a trip to South Africa!! :-)

       After breakfast I needed a nap! :-) 

     With my 'female' issues lately, I've been taking lots of refreshing naps! ^_^ The key word is 'refreshing'! Not 'sleep'...which would be 'restoring'. LOL Yes, people! There is a difference!!

       After my nap, I looked around at what some of my friends have been doing lately. I saw that my friend Cindy made another one of her cute necklaces for little girls! :-) ... 

       I love it!! :-) Of course I would. It's a flower, and it has colorful green in it!! ^_^ It's such a cute necklace for a little girl!!...Keep up the good work, Cindy! ♥

      Then it was lunchtime.

        But I wasn't hungry!...So instead of eating, I...

     ...took another little nap! :-)

     After 'that' nap I spent some time with hubby. We listened to some really encouraging public discourses, and talked a little about life...with a few giggles along the way. ^_^

       Then I did a bit of crocheting...

       I still have a couple of backings to put on a couple of other boutonnieres I finished. I'll do that on the 'virtual' airplane out of the country later...if they don't give me a hard time about taking my crochet hooks! O_O 'Virtual' traveling takes so much thought these days! ^_^

      Then it was time for dinner!...and since I had missed lunch...I WAS STARVING!!! It required a little 'snacky-poo' while I was waiting for dinner to be finished cooking. :-]

        And after another talk session with hubby, it was time guessed it! ^_^ ...another nap!!

     The last nap was taken right before my meeting last night...which was wonderful by the way, even though I was 'low energy'. 

      "And wait! That's not all!!" ^_^ Sorry. The infomercial phrase came into my mind! Ha! Ha! After the meeting hubby and I talked about the talks that were presented. We especially loved the little ones' presentations. :-)

      Then it was a relaxed viewing of the NBA basketball final! :-) Congratulations to the Miami Heat on their repeat championship win!! 

    Can you see, from my goings-on yesterday, how 'exciting' of a day it was?! LOL it wasn't that exciting. ^_^ I'm still not at 100% yet. But I'm working on it!...Still...

      *Yawn* ^_^ ... Have a good day...a good date...and a good weekend, Everybody!! :-)


Weekend Folderol;
Lollygagging, having fun;
Makes working up to Friday
worth the paperwork you've done.

Your job, all week, came first,
but now it's time for a little jaunt;
or to lay around the house
and just do nothing, if you want!

A little this. A little that.
A bit of fun had out of doors.
A little weeding in the garden.
And a little bit of chores.

Some weekend folderol,
all alone or with your friends.
Or some chit chat with your neighbors,
new acquaintances or kin.

A Weekend that's all planned,,
or simply finding things to do;
Because every Monday will be back
and you'll need something to look forward to!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT day to me Wug!! I cleaned and worked all day yesterday and wanted to fall asleep at my meeting last night! LOL
    Thanks for showing off my new "baby"!! I really like my new child size necklaces and I hope other people do too!!

    Have a great date night tonight! We're sort of doing that tonight too! Tell you about it tomorrow....

    1. Ha! Ha! It 'almost' was, Bead...except for 'one-tiny-little-BIG-issue'!!! ^_^ You know what I mean!! LOL...I know what you mean about wanting to sleep too. Even after napping...I still had to fight the 'noddies'!! ^_^ This 'imperfect'...non-user-friendly...body of mine!!! LOL By the way, I can't wait to hear about your date too!! ^_^ ♥

  2. You make me laugh out loud :)

    How cute are those earrings!! You are on a roll with your pretty crochet flowers!!

    1. ^_^ You just made me feel better, visualizing you laughing out loud over some words of mine!! ^_^ And thank you for the nice words about my crochet flowers too! ♥


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