Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Does This Confirm That I 'AM INDEED' An Artist?!

        Sorry I'm a bit late with my blog post today, but I got side-tracked by a video...which I'll tell you about in a minute...It was when I was reading the posts of the blogs I follow this morning. And then, on top of that... the Sharapova/Jankovic quarter final tennis match came on! You know what that means!! ^_^ Write a little...root a little...write a little...root a little! ^_^
      Anyway! :-) ... If you saw these (below) would you think you were looking at the tools of an 'artist'?!...

      Well, guess what?!...You are! :-) And thanks to the video, Makers in Business..., that I just looked at, of the 'true' artist, Marilyn Rosenfeld...

     ...I'm more sure of it than ever, that I am, indeed, an artist...with an artist's heart!! :-) No, my tools aren't ink and sketching materials, or an easel and professional paints! But, after looking at the sweet and touching recap of Marilyn's life by her daughter Liz, (of Mill Girl blog) and hearing Marilyn's feelings about her work, and people's reactions to her work, and how she felt about pricing it...and realizing I feel almost exactly the same way about my poetry and crocheting...I know, for a fact,that I'm an artist! :-)
       The two videos are about 20, or so, minutes each...and well worth the sweet words she conveyed. Part 1 is HERE...Part 2 is HERE.
     I was so inspired...even teary!...that I just had to own some of Marilyn's art for myself!! :-) So, I went by Liz's madeinlowell Etsy shop and bought myself some chickens!! :-)) ...

       She's such a good artist! :-)

     And can you see my artistic abilities too (below)...without a paint brush, but still?!!! ^_^ ...

       Let me just say that anyone that makes or creates items, putting their heart into every piece, and would make it even if they didn't get paid one penny! an artist!!! :-) If you don't believe ME, look at Wikipedia's definition for an 'artist'!...By the way, I thank Marilyn for reminding me of my artist-ship! ♥

      Have a good day everybody!! :-) I've got to go and create some art!!

Around the Bloggie World

Blue birds, with tails extended.
New tutorial writers too.
New cameras at the ready,
all enhance my bloggie view.

Face sketches, eyes so pretty.
Flower earrings to give away.
And all kinds of crafty candy
also being given away today.

A painting of weeping skies;
a musical horn made into cake;
a miniature calendar
and a snow scene by a lake.

A new haircut, all snazzy;
A butterfly print. It's her first win!!
A Himalayan trek,
and baked cookies in a homemade tin.

I love the things I see
when I look at my Bloggie world.
It's exciting for a writer
whose a curiously nosy girl!


  1. I just have to reiterate how thrilled Mom and I are at your reaction, it's more than we could have hoped for when we sat down to tell Mom's story! Thanks so much for always being a terrific supporter and kind voice on my blog.

    1. As I said earlier, Liz, the pleasure was truly all mine!! :-) I was thankful to have heard your mom's story, and felt very honored to hear her heart through her words. ♥ And I'll be keeping my eyes open for your other "makers in business" interviews!


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