Saturday, June 22, 2013

South Africa...'Virtual' Date Visit

      Think delicious cabbage and potatoes, beef, rice, coconut banana pastry, and good music, and you have our date in a nutshell. :-] Hubby and I had a really good time! Actually, I should say it was a really good time...except for a bit of 'virtual' jet lag! Other than that, it was perfect! ^_^
     As you can see in the header photo, and the photos below, I'm bringing a bit of South Africa to you too, here on the blog! :-) ...

      The description under the beads in this shop says that "...Earthbutter Beads are hand rolled by single moms from a disadvantaged rural community near Cape Town, South Africa..."

      That makes them even more beautiful to me! :-) The 'back story' of things always makes them more beautiful. Even beads, doesn't it? :-] ... 
        Actually that's true with many things in life. Not just beads. :-) Wouldn't you love to hear the 'back story' of these cars?...

      Oh Yeah! All old timers have a 'back story'!!...including hubby and I! LOL 
      But some 'back stories', like the real 'back story' of our 'virtual' date last night, need to remain unspoken! ^_^ The real back story of our date showed just what old timers we are! ^_^ So I'll keep that story to myself! LOL But let's just say that a looooooooong nap was involved at some point! ^_^

      Anyway!....As planned, I 'did' get to do some crocheting on the plane. :-) ...

      Now I have some new boutonnieres to list in the shop! :-) ...

      Today...WOW! It's Saturday already!!! gonna be all about recovering from jet lag first of all! ^_^ And then...listening to the last day of a Jehovah's Witness convention on audio tape...Finishing the scriptures of my Watchtower for the study at the Kingdom Hall tomorrow...(If you don't understand what that's about, and you wanna know, just send me an email and I'll explain.)...Going to pick up some supplements...(we have to go out of state to get them because no place around us carries them, and we waited too late to order them online...OOPS!)...Doing some laundry and... Getting some paperwork together for another re-filing for health services...UGH!...Oh, the 'red tape'!!!!

    So, that was the 'virtual' date that was, and this is the day that 'is'! :-) ... What did 'you' do yesterday, and what are 'you' doing today?! Do share!!...even if you think I wouldn't understand. ^_^
    Our visit to 'virtual' South Africa reiterated to us that even though people are all from different places in the world, and speak different languages, we're all still a part of the same human race. And while we all have some of the same things in common...right now...language isn't always one of them! LOL
    Thankfully food, and the mood of music has a language all it's own. :-) And we were able to 'understand' that language through some of the delicious food we ate, and beautiful music we heard. :-) I'll leave you with one of our favorite songs from last night below...We didn't understand all of the words. But we certainly understood it's sentiment. :-) I hope you like it.

Have a good rest of the day, and a good rest of the weekend, Everybody!! :-) 

Another 'Virtual' Trip!

Another long trip abroad.
We're some 'virtual' traveling fools!
We revel in our 'virtual' jaunts,
but don't have to follow travel rules.

Our shoes stay on our feet.
In fact, sometimes we go without!
And what is all this measuring
and getting searched about?!

Yes, we travel everywhere,
and we never spend a dime.
It's 'virtual' perfection.
You should try it too sometime!


  1. Hi girlfriend-- loving the virtual trip to Africa!! Actually it's on my list for a real visit sometime! Love the beautiful beads-- a great story they tell. Those cars--- amazing!!

    You find the best stuff on etsy!


    1. Hi, Vicki! :-) I'm glad you liked my trip!...I can't wait to see the photos when you take your 'actual' trip!! :-] You take the best photos!!!...By the way, have you crocheted or knitted anything new lately?!...Have a good weekend! :-)

  2. Ps-- your crochet flowers are so beautiful!

    1. Awwwwww...Thank You!!! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our beads on your blog! I enjoyed reading about your virtual trip to our lovely country and hope that one day you'll visit us for real. We're only 75 minutes drive from Cape Town Airport... Your crochet boutonnieres are beautiful.

    1. Hi Desiree!...It was my pleasure to share your beautiful beads! :-) And one day maybe I'll be able to do a similar blog about my 'actual' trip to your lovely country! :-) ... By the way, thank you for the really nice comment about my crochet boutonnieres too!

  4. Your virtual trip sounds wonderful! And I LOVE those beads!! We actually went down to the harbor with lawnchairs, books, mp3 players, food, drink and decided to sit, read, eat and people watch. What we didn't expect was that it was going to be cloudy, windy and cold!! I had to run home and change into jeans and get a jacket for myself and hubby so we could sit there. By the time I returned, the sun came out and it was warming nicely. We ate, talked, went for a long walk and sat some more!! For a total of 5 hours!! It was so relaxing too!! I snapped some photos of nothing (I'll show you on FB) and just enjoyed myself!!
    Glad you did too! :D

    1. It 'was' wonderful, Bead!...Did you say beads, Bead?! ^_^ Yeah...I LOVE them too!!...And hey! Looks like you and your hubby had a good relaxing date too!! I saw the photos on FB...Nice! :-) Sometimes you just need to slow it down a little, right! :-) Enjoy the rest of the day like that!! ^_^


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