Monday, January 10, 2011


       I have had a most wonderful thing happen to me...I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by...not one person, but two!!! By Nat of Nat's Natterings...and my blogger pal T.Rusk4u. I was very surprised, and very honored that they thought I deserves such a nice notice. So, thanks to both of them!!!
   I feel sorta like 'Miss America', but only in the fact that there are duties bestowed upon the winner of this award. {I got that pretty thing down though!...^_^....but I'm not as smart as the real 'Miss America', and I don't know how to do the special hand wave! LOL}
        There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award though:
1. Thank, and link back to, the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award! 
    Since number one is done, I'm going to tackle my 2nd duty...sharing 7 things about myself. I'm not going to do the obvious I love to crochet, and I write poetry like a nut! ^_^ I'll try to tell you some things you may not know about me:
(1.) Shortly out of High School, I had the opportunity to be the lead singer in a band. I decided not to because at the same time that this offer came up, my siblings were having some problems and needed to be relocated to live with me. I wouldn't have been able to leave them for nights out singing in a band.
(2.) I was a "Regular Pioneer" of Jehovah's Witnesses for 12 years (meaning that I went door-to-door and taught the Bible full-time for that period of time). I am a minister still. I just can't spend the same amount of time in the work as I used to. Health issues...But I miss it!
(3.) My husband has twins in his family, and this was a factor in our deciding not to have children! (Certainly not the only factor though) We were afraid we'd get more than one at a time. What chickens we were back then! LOL If we had it to do over again, we'd go for it!
(4.) I had chronic shyness from my early childhood, up to my 2nd year of High School! I don't think I saw anything but my feet the first year of High School!! ^_^
(5.) I sleep with a foot out from under the covers every matter how hot or how cold it is. I feel like I can't breathe with it under the cover!!...I know! I need Therapy!!!! LOL
(6.) You'd have to have seen "The Mirror Has Two Faces", with Jeff Bridges and Barbara Streisand,  to understand this one, but no matter what I'm eating, the fork has to be loaded in such a way that everything is proportioned exactly correctly before it heads to my mouth!...I don't just eat...I ENJOY my food! :-)
(7.) My favorite music is Country! Me and my hubby used to go line-dancing regularly, and LOVED it!! That was before the hips went! LOL And considering that  I grew up surrounded by Motown music, it's a wonder that I fell in love with Country! {Not so surprising when you consider that I write poetry though. Every Country song is like a poetic story set to music!}...But, as a side point, there's very little kinds of music that I don't like!! I can appreciate Barry Manilow, Opera, and a good banjo too!!!
                 Charlotte Strumming her Banjo... by heatherfuture
     Now...on to duty number 3. I have to award 15 recently discovered bloggers this prestigious award. This one is going to be a little bit harder. Not because I don't have enough blogs that I follow, but because I don't have very many RECENTLY discovered bloggers to award it to. 
    I'm not the kind of person that racks up blogs JUST BECAUSE. I'm particular about who I follow, and I stay pretty loyal. If I follow you...I follow you!! :-) I don't like to accumulate so many bloggers that I can't keep track of what you're doing. So, I don't have but a few NEW people that I follow...But I'll do my best. Look out some of you OLDIES!! LOL But I can say...These blogs DESERVE this award!!
(7.) Croatia
(12.) Framed
(15.) Mill Girl
     Being very honest with you, none of these bloggers need ME to give them an award to tell them how stylishly fabulous their blogs are! Some of them have a B-I-G following already! But they are so fabulous that I thought they should know how I feel about them, and you should get a chance to experience them yourselves!...I'm talking fun, art, good food, funny, and downright pleasant to visit. They are a part of the crew that make blogging such a delight to me!
   Okay, I'm off to fulfill obligation number 4!! I hope they left a light on! I don't want to be rambling around in the dark and hurt my crocheting arm again!!! ^_^

Logging All My Blogging

What will I talk about?
My camera's ready all the time!
Seems that everything's a subject,
whether ridiculous or sublime.

I upload all my pictures;
Head my post with one I like.
Put the title in the spot
that makes my story come to life.

Then I start the easy part,
talking til my face turns blue!
A little humorous bit of 'ME'!
(Is this what other bloggers do?)

After all my work is done,
and all my photos fit right in,
Then I hit to "Publish Post",
Well, first a "Preview", and a grin.

All that's left is constant checking.
Does anybody even care
that I'm nervous what they think,
and that my heart's all just 'Out There'?!

In the end, I have to like it!
Because it's done, won't hit "Undo"!
It's all fun and being me!
I leave the comments now to "YOU"!


  1. Congratulations, Miss America! ;)
    And I got to know you a little better yet again :) Excellent post!

  2. Mariann, ^_^ Thanks! {Note to self: Work on that hand wave thing!!}

  3. Hey, you have an awesome blog! I enjoy reading it on a regular basis and that's why you got the award! And you're welcome!

  4. trusk4u, Awwwww! Thanks!! I hope I did your honor justice today. :-)...And by the way, I'll be keeping an eye on yours regularly now too!

  5. Congrats my friend!!! You deserve it for sure!! It's never a dull moment here in the "backyard!" I just take a bit of your advice here and work harder on mine too. Keeps your eyes and ears ready, because sometime next week you're in for a surprise! update!! :)

  6. CinLynn, Awwww! Thank you my dear friend! And no worries...My eyes and ears are always ready for everything!! ^_^ Surprise....update....whatever you're doing!! :-)

  7. thank you!!! I'd loved reading your 7 facts and learning more about you! I had a case of chronic shyness too up until my mid twenties. I hope you have a great week. :]

  8. Hollie, You?! Shy too?!...I guess that just goes to show that we all have SOMETHING, don't we?! :-] For me, it was just a good thing I came out of it. Thanks to my drama teacher! That's another whole story!! ^_^ ... You have a good week too!

  9. Firstly let me say that you thoroughly deserve this rock - or is that not appropriate for a country music girl? It was really great to learn more about you-you are even more interesting than I originally thought. Many, many thanks for passing the award on to me. As you noticed I have already got this award but it won't stop me shouting out about it and you in the next few days.
    as for poem well it certainly sums up how bloggers feel when you blog and in a unique Poetess Wug way! Love coming here. Thanks again for thinking about me.

  10. What a great post, I loved getting to know a bit more about you. I can relate to the health issues but not to the shyness, giggle. My husband has to let his foot breathe too. Congrats on the award and many thanks for sharing your recognition with me. Hugs! Katherine
    P.S> I'm a Fan a low too!

  11. Congratulations on your award! :) And thank you so much for nominating me! I'm going to have to check out your list of other nominees! I'm at work right now, but I plan on "paying it forward" when I get some time at home. Thanks again!

    PS: My family used to be Jehovah's Witnesses too. I remember going door to door as a child with my mom. And I was also painfully shy when I was younger. More elementary school age though.

  12. Hehe, You know I also have to sleep with one foot out. I feel claustrophic, so you are not alone!

    Thank you for the award. Its always nice to read and get to know a few facts about yourself. I bet your siblings feel very lucky to have such a loving sister. You rock!

  13., Before I say anything else, let me say...This Country girl likes all kinds of music!! And, have you never heard of Rockabilly?! LOL {I immediately thought of my love for Rod Stewart too!....Old School Rocker! :-)} And by the by, you also deserved this award...even if you have gotten it before! :-) Thanks for all of the nice words!

  14. Katherine, Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad we share some things, like being "Fan-a-lows".(Barry Mannilow fans are the greatest!)!!, and me and your hubby being foot-breathers! LOL...But I'm sorry we have to share having health issues. One day soon though, " one will say: "I am sick!"...!"

  15. Cassandra, Thank you very much! I thought you deserved it. I love visiting your blog to see what you're up to! :-)...And Hey! We have something else in common too! I'd love to hear about when you were young, going door to door! Are your family still Jehovah's Witnesses?!...And Boy! I guess I wasn't the only shy one around here either, huh?! ^_^

  16. Croatian_Latina, Ha! Ha! YAY!!!! Another foot-breather!! ^_^ It's kinda great to find out that we all may have to share a doctor's sofa together!! ^_^ And I'm the one who feels fortunate to have had my siblings. Without they I would not be the girl I am today! :-) Thank you for the nice words. You go and rock your award too! ^_^

  17. Congrats you stylish chickie you! I love your poem because it is blogging in it's finest! You hit every aspect of being a blogger...Now, I would love to hear you sing!!!

  18. yaya, *Teehee*,,,I'm a chickie!!...Thank you!...And F.Y.I., I sing all the time! But I WILL NOT be gracing this blog with it!!! ^_^

  19. You definitely deserve this award! Your blog is wonderfully entertaining and full of insight and fun. I'm also very grateful to receive your award in return! If I can muster the energy to go through all those tasks!!! LOL! I can't promise anything :) Thank you again for bestowing this award on me. Hugs!

  20. Congratulations on winning the Stylish Blogger Award! I must say, very well deserved! You feature beauty, art, humor, intelligence and wit in every one of your posts. Your authenticity is so very appealing. If that is not enough, I am always touched at how you give back to others. Wear your crown with head held high. You certainly deserve it! I enjoyed reading "7 things about you". I can relate to the shyness issue. I too was painfully shy up through my late 20's. Can you get any more talented? You sing too! As always, your blog is a joy to view.

  21. Congratulations! It is a well deserved award as your blog is very stylish.
    Helen x

  22. Awwww! Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my blog. I certainly like yours!! :-) You deserve the award for sure too!! :-)

  23. Julie, WOW! What nice words about my blog!! I never look at it like that! I'm so glad you like it. If I tried to focus on doing all of that though, I'd be a mess!!! LOL I'm just me being me. No pressure...And as you can see, I'm not shy anymore! ^_^ I do have other talents though! I'm double jointed and can...Well, I used to could...*Teehee*...bend over and touch the floor with the palms of my hands, from a standing position!! {If you don't hear from me after this, you'll know I went to see if I still could...and didn't succeed!! LOL}

  24. Rumtruffle, Thank you!! :-)


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