Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newborns and Other Big Babies

      In her description for her Sack of Sugar Hat the header photo...bluejeanmama says "have you ever said to your sweet little baby that they are like a sack of sugar, and you could just eat them up?" Well, that's exactly how I've been feeling when I've been reading what's been going on in my Blog World lately! There's so many cute babies that I just want to eat them up! :-)
    Mommies all over Blog World are preparing their homes for their little ones.
                           {Baby Birth Announcement Nursery...Decal Wall Words... by SewCuteandMore}
      Or trying to get their health and homes all organized, and catch up on some sleep, like Lillian of Elle The Heiress...I sympathize about the sleep thing, even though I've never been pregnant myself. SLEEP is this "napping girl's" friend! ^_^
      And it doesn't matter whether the new little one is a boy....
            ....a boy puppy, I mean, like the new "Growing Boy"  over at A Cheery Disposition... 
               ...who is a real 'Looker' by the way! :-)...
     ...Or a girl...
                                 (cards courtesy of SnowflakeDreams1 on Etsy) Hanna's new baby girl...from the blog bouffe e bambini)...little Ginger Grace, who was born just the other day at 3:16 in the morning...{WHEW!! I bet her mom needs a good nap about now! ^_^}  She weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz.  and was 20 1/2 inches long!
      Isn't she a cutie?!!!..."Welcome to the world, baby Ginger!! :-) Something tells me you're gonna make your parent's world a lot richer!!"
                            {Welcome to My Little World by vireta}
       All this 'baby love' gave me lots to look at and read this week.
                            [A Mother's Pride by BeccasPlace}
       I think it's going to give all of these new mommies lots to look at, read, and think about over the next few years...or more! :-) Congratulations all of you new mommies!!!
                             (print by Raceytay)
         You've made me very happy this week! I guess you now know that I'm a big baby too! ^_^

Always Somebody''s "Baby"

I have always been somebody's "baby";
My mother's "baby" since I was born.
A relationship that didn't survive.
Too much water and bridges to mourn.

To my dad I have also been "Baby";
His talkative, smile-keeping girl.
And there has never been, not really,
Another love quite like it in the world.

And every since I've been married,
(a relationship I'm most proud of)
I have been my husband's sweet "baby";
Not trained for, but learned through his love.

Everyone should have the great honor
of a love full of joy and great care;
A "baby" who whenever they see you
they smile just because you are there.


  1. Nice post Deb! You should make a treasury with all the mommy and baby things you've found! Nice poem too! Have a great meeting and a great day!! (We have afternoon meetings now),

  2. Thanks Cindy! I don't know why, but since they made the treasuries easier to do...I haven't wanted to do one!! Brain damage!!! ^_^ And yes, enjoy your meeting. Ours has gone to LATE afternoon now!

  3. Aww, thanks for sharing my "baby" in the post. I didn't mind at all. I love showing him off : )

  4. A "Cheery" disposition, It was my pleasure! He really is a cutie!! :-)

  5. LOVE your post!!! How cute! great poem:) Thank you for sharing my little sweet Ginger! I'm hoping to get some professional photos of her done soon. Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Hanna, Thank you so much...And congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!! I'm sure Milton is in love with his little sister already! :-]

  7. Thanks so much for including my vinyl decal birth announcement...that particular decal has a lot of meaning to's all about my sweet little baby boy. Loved reading your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts!

  8. Melissa, It was really my pleasure to share it! I like it even more now that I know your story behind it too! :-) And glad that you'll be back to the backyard too!!

  9. Adorable post! Nice poem,

  10. Thanks very much, Priscila! :-)

  11. Such a beautiful post!! I love the great mixtures of mommy and baby things and photos! Just precious! Hope you are doing well!! Hugs, Silke

  12. Hi Silke, Thank you! It's been so exciting around blogland. I just had to talk about it! :-)...And yes, I'm good!

  13. Wow Deb so honored to be featured on your post.
    I really appreciate the support that you give me and my shop. A very beautiful blog post. Very pleased with how you featured my cards. A lovely poem. I love reading your blog. Thank you for all you do.

  14. SnowflakeDreams1, My pleasure. :-] I appreciate your support too. Have a good night...snow-less I hope! We have more coming...A LOT more!!! UGH!

  15. COngrats to all the new mums. Hopefully it will be my turn one day.

  16. Alittlesprite, Mine too!!...Although it's going to take some divine intervention for me. ^_^

  17. Those cakes are UNBELIEVABLE! The teapot one...OMG.

  18. Kate, They sure are!!! :-)


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