Sunday, January 16, 2011

Somebody is Going To Be Walking Pretty Now!

      As you can see from the header photo, the snow and an early sunrise in my backyard look pretty good together! :-) As you can also see, the backyard is LOADED UP with this white stuff!!
      Something else that you can see is that just trying to go for a little 'walkie poo' in it can be a bit of a struggle! ^_^ And you certainly can't sneak anywhere in this stuff! Your footprints will be right behind you!
    Something else that's hard to do is go outside to take pictures of your FINISHED flower slippers!! :-) So, I did the best I could trying to take some different shots of them from inside.
     As you can see....I got a little carried away with the picture taking! ^_^ But come on now, you know how amateur I am at this!!....But I'm still trying! At least 5 of these have got to go in my shop. HELP!!! Which ones?!
     Tired of looking at them yet?!...*Teehee*
        Okay!!!! ^_^ Only a couple of measurement shots left.
       In comparison to my foot, these are really small. I personally wear anywhere from a size 9 to an 11 shoe, depending on what kind of shoe it is, and whether it's wide-width or not. These flower slippers are much smaller. They measure at a length of 8 inches {20.3cm} on the bottom. {When I measured the bottom of my own foot....YES I DID!! was about 9 1/2 inches {24.1cm} }
      They were fun to make, but a lot of figuring had to go on, trying to figure exactly where to sew the flower on, which buttons to use, etc. much do I charge for them?! If you could help me, I'd appreciate it. How much would you be willing to reasonably pay for a pair of slippers like this?
     Okay.....I had one more photo. Sorry. :-/ But I'm all done now, for real....Except for a poem! :-) Have a good day everybody. {And thank you all for your wonderful comments of support for my post yesterday. It's a rough system we live in. Sometimes you just need to know that somebody is thinking of you...I felt that from all of you yesterday, about my dad....I hope the people in the flood, fire, earthquake, and snow affected areas feel that from all of us.}

Thinking Of You

Whenever there's blue skies
I find myself thinking of you.
But whenever there's bad times,
I'm thinking of you then too.

I hope that you know that
no matter what you're going through.
You'll be in my thoughts.
I'll be thinking of what I can do.

Whenever you're wondering
if anyone cares that you're blue.
Please rest assured.
'Cuz I'm always here thinking of you.


  1. Nice post Wug! I need to read your yesterday's post to find out what you're referring to. I love the new slippers!! I have NO idea what you should charge for them. I think I'd look at other etsy shops that sell similar slippers and take it from there. It's great to be home and to be able to keep in touch again/ Have a great day my sister!

  2. CinLynn, Welcome home my sister!!! I've missed you! And I think you're going to be pretty surprised when you read it! ^_^

  3. Lovely slippers, I wish I could crochet so well. I can do rounds forever but thats about it! (:

  4. Dearest Wug,

    Why do we live in New England? No, seriously. I need you to tell me.

  5. Oh I love the winter wonderland! No guess as to how to price the slippers but of course it would be based on the cost of your materials, and time involved in making them. Lovely!

  6. I would be more than happy to pay up to £10 in English money for them but i just adore them, i have no idea what they would sell for i would check other stores like the lady mentioned above. Gorgeous pictures of them though ;-)) Dee x

  7. marathon1981, Thank you! But Hey! If you can do rounds, you can do anything. You just need a pattern. That's how I learned...from a book with pictures and patterns! :-)

  8. Holyoke Home, Ha! Ha! And you don't know?!!! ^_^ I was kidnapped from the South! What's your story?!

  9. sMacThoughts, I know you do love it!! :-)...As to the pricing, that's where I'm having the problem. It takes me about an hour and a half to make the flower alone! Then the slipper, maybe another 2. If I charged myself just by the one would pay that!!! The materials are not that expensive. How do you guys do this?!

  10. delia, Thank you!! Of course I had to Google what the equivalent would be in the American dollar, but I got it! That's about what I was thinking too! :-) I'm also going to take you guys suggestion about looking to see what other shops are charging. Sometimes that doesn't work though. I don't sell things equal to what I see. I like being unique, but it's hard for the pricing thing.

  11. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I really appreciate it x

  12. Those slippers are adorable!

  13. I'm not sure on the pricing but they are really cute.
    Love your snow photos to. I wish we got snow here. Hopefully we will see some when we travel around Australia some time next year.

  14. BugsandFishes, It was my pleasure. It's a really cute blog...and a cute shop too! :-]

  15. Janet, Thank you!! I actually bit the bullet and listed them already too! :-]

  16. Alittlesprite, I got a really good, affirming suggestion from delia earlier. I took it and ran with it...seeing as it was close to what I was thinking too. They're listed for sale in my shop now...And if you want snow....."COME AND GET IT!!!!" LOL


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