Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do I have to ORGANIZE it?!

    It just dawned on me this morning that I don't think I reminded you about the FREE gift from Mariann Rea! See this beautiful winter photo of this cute little Marsh Tit?! Well, it's the FREE desktop calendar for January that she's giving out on her Nature and Wildlife Photography Blog! There's two sizes of this wallpaper to download too. Just follow the link.
    Yay for us! She's going to be sticking with her desktop calendar posts this year!!...Oh! I wish I could take photos like she does!...But then again, considering what was photographed in my house over the weekend, it's probably a good thing they're not her quality photos!! LOL
    It's my craft storage room. Or should I re-name it? Something like "Wuglyee Waste-land"! ^_^
     There is so much stuff in this room!!! Crochet projects galore....and some other things that have made their way in here...UGH!....Okayyyyyy! Time to ORGANIZE!!....{Not the project I wanted to be doing this weekend! :-/}...And this is why I need to start selling things in bulk in my Wuglyees Etsy shop, people!!!!

       YIKES!! And Hey! That's where my lamp went!!...Why is it so short now?! {Probably got scared and overwhelmed in this room!! LOL}
     Afterward it looked a l-i-t-t-l-e bit better!


    Clearly, I have a ways to go!!! ^_^ But after the camera was put down...{"No More Wire Hangers....!!!!"....I mean PICTURES!!! LOL I don't know why a scene from Mommie Dearest popped into my head!...Probably because this room looks beaten up!! ^_^}...
     ...as I was saying, after the camera was put down, some more straightening was done in the room. So it looks much better now! The ironing board and iron are in the laundry room, where they belong! And the boxes are all neatly stacked off to one side, so I can get to them quickly if I get an order. The T.V. trays, wrapping paper, red T.V. (Yes, I still have it!!! LOL), walker, and personal letters have been relocated too!
      And don't worry, I'm not going to make you look at anymore pictures of it! Just take my word for the fact that, if it's not already ORGANIZED, it will be soon! :-)
     That was what happened over the weekend. But yesterday I wasn't even THINKING about that room! I was crocheting!!!! :-)...Just trying to work out a new pattern though. Nothing too strenuous. (0_o)!...I used this extra yarn I had laying around...
    ...Mixed it with two strands of other sport-weight yarn, and made this!

     Can you see what I was working on?!...The lighting wasn't as good later in the day, when I finished them. But this is what the finished product is!

     Yep! It's a 'knock-Around' bedroom slipper! Ugly, but functional! ^_^ I only finished the sole for the 2nd one, but hopefully, if my arm and joints let me, I'll finish the other one today. {It's 12 degrees Fahrenheit, and we have another WHOPPER snow storm due to start late this evening and go right through tomorrow. They say we could expect a foot of snow in our area!!}
    I got my new Country Living magazine in the mail yesterday too. Just in time to have something else to focus my attention on. It's just BEAUTIFUL, from beginning to end. I'll share some of it with you tomorrow. Here's one photo....A taste! ^_^
     Just because all days are better...with chocolate!!! :-)


A snow storm on the way,
finding out you're hard in debt.
Somehow it's not so bad,
if you have melted chocolate!

Bad news everywhere,
want to throw your T.V. set.
Thankfully there's music
and some deep dark chocolate!

Doggie had an accident,
another long trip to the vet.
A waiting room with lots to read,
but you can nibble chocolate.

Grocery shopping too.
While you run in there to get
dinner for the evening
you can grab some chocolate!

Okay, you know what's coming.
Are you sick of this poem yet?!
If you are, just roll your eyes,
and sit and eat some chocolate!


  1. Love the chocolate poem! Sorry about the drooling all over this comment....LOL! Your storage room looks great! It's about time for me to get busy in my craft room and do some organizing too. My first priority is to catch up on my time a bit though. That will HAVE to come a bit later!
    Have a great day!

  2. Ha! Ha! That chocolate poem is so silly! ^_^ I'm glad you like it though...Yeah, the storage room does look better now. And no worries about yours. You've got more important things to focus on right now!...Have a good rest of the day my friend! :-)

  3. Thanks for spreading the word, Debs! :) I feel proud of this month's calendar, turned out great ;) But enough about me LOL Your craft storage room looks..umm...crafty! :D I would love to have a look around there, I'm sure there are hidden gems to be found ;) But at least you have a room to put things, I don't even have that!
    Nice slippers! Although I am not a fan of pink ;)
    And here we go again, the mouthwatering has already started LOL Gimme some chocolate now! :D

  4. Mariann, It was my pleasure! You're right. The calendar did turn out great!!...And come on by and look around the craft room. Maybe you can find a few things for me that I've lost track of! ^_^...Thanks for the nice words about the slippers. Now that I have the pattern down, I "MAY", in my spare time, make a few with nice materials. These were just "practice" slippers. Hubby said: "Oooo! Cute! But I can't wear pink!" {Clearly he's used to getting my "practice" items. LOL}...Just have some chocolate and look at all the pretty snow! ;-}

  5. Anonymous1/11/2011

    Great blog and Poem. Love the slippers. I am a orginzed freak. I have to be orginized or it drives me crazy. LOL

  6. Peg, Thank you so much for all of the nice words!...You're an organized freak?! Well, I guest you don't have a room that looks like mine then! ^_^ Give me some secrets! {Although it's not too bad right now. :-)}

  7. Glad you're practicing the slippers (wink). I'll need a pair in black or brown or dark green in a man's size 15. Let me know if I need to measure that in inches. My son Rashad has the biggest feet of anyone I know :-)
    P.S. Notice anything different?

  8. You have a storage room? I'm jealous! All I have are 4 plastic boxes in the corner here by my desk.
    Those slippers look good too btw :)

  9. AndWhatNots, Heyyyyy!!! :-) Somebody has a blog!!! But I couldn't access it. I wanted to follow you! :-)...Anyway, yeah, I'm trying to perfect these slippers. I'll really have to perfect them for "Big Foot"! ^_^ I'm only kidding because my 6 foot baby here wears a 13...not far off! And yes, please measure the sole of his feet in inches for me. Length and width. Talk to you later Miss Blogger! ^_^

  10. Jo-anne, ^_^ Yeah, it used to be an extra bedroom, but since our 'Kinda Foster' daughter who used to come and stay with us all the time is now a married mommy, we converted it. Now, we just have to stop relocating things in there with my stock!!! ^_^ ...And thanks about the slippers too. I'm still working on perfecting them...and prettier colors. :-)

  11. You inspired me tonight, I've gone and started knitting a pair of slippers since I'm not that crash hot with crochet yet :)

  12. awwww those slippers are not ugly but sooo cute i love them and i can't believe there made just out of wool, what a fantastic idea ;-)) Good luck with all your sewing projects, dee x

  13. Great Jo-anne!! I hope you show them to me! :-) I might need some new ideas!

  14. delia, Thank you! Now that I got the idea of how to make them, I may be making a few pair for the shop too! :-) Have a nice day!


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