Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Had a Bad Dream...and Now I Have a Headache!

    Now, you would think that waking up to beautiful scenes like this would put most people in a serene and calm mood...
     ...Especially if you add to it that I can hear sizzling in a pan, and smell sausage....and I know that hubby is making grits, and oatmeal with pineapple to go with it! ...{and that I'm a lazy mugg whose getting breakfast in bed this morning...the vacation's last hoorah! :-)}
    But, even though it's beautiful out...
      ...I can't fully enjoy it...I'm nursing a headache I woke up with after a REALLY bad dream I had last night...Let's face it, I'm really NOT that serene when I wake up and see snow anyway!! :-)) Especially when I know that in a few minutes hubby is going to have to go out there and face....Dah-dah-DAHHHHH!!......This!

      ....the snow and ice-mobile! Yep! Gotta brush off the snow and then chip the ice off. Don't you just love winter?!...NOT!!
   I'm such a crazy woman that not only was the headache nagging me this morning, but so was the poem that my brain CLEARLY wanted to write about the dream!!! I had to sit with a headache and write the whole incident out in a poem, story-style, before I could rest! LOL PLEASE tell me that this kind of thing happens to other people besides me!!...UGH!
    As you can tell, I'm on another one of my 'Woe is me' jaunts this morning! But actually, I'm not feeling as bad as it sounds, now that I'm typing it. I'm sure the headache will subside. I know the snow and ice will be off of the car pretty soon. I KNOW breakfast is going to be good! And....I get to do some crocheting today!!! ^_^ 
   I'm going to take it slow at first. I may just try to work out a pattern for some warm bedroom slippers, or a pair of lacey fingerless gloves, or...who knows! But I won't try to do too much the first day back out with my newly NON-pulled muscle arm. :-)
   I am going to be a LITTLE sad though. Vacation time is over, and tomorrow it'll be back to my regular routine....Crocheting all day...Wait!! That's not a bad thing!!!!! ^_^ Yippee!! I'm in a good mood again. {I love being able to bring you along on one of my brain-thinking-out-loud days! :-)
     Enjoy your quiet Sunday. We have a late afternoon meeting today, and preparations will be in play for the new work week. Other than that, not too much. Relaxing.....maybe even another nap to get over my long interrupted nap! ^_^ Okay, enough talking. I'll just leave you with the poem I did after I got up this morning. Hang in there with it. It's a WILD ride!! ^_^

A Southern...TRIP!

A friend, my dad, and me
went on a Southern-bound road trip.
Everything was going fine
until our schedule took a flip.

The friend wanted to visit
a relative ,along the way.
So dad decided to drop her off,
and we headed off for the day.

Dad wanted to visit too,
someone he'd seen just last year.
It was a half an hour away.
As we got closer...So did FEAR!

It was a bad neighborhood;
Wooden shacks, planks in the road;
Planks with nails sticking up,
like some "We'll Trap You!" secret code.

And as we rode fast round the curves
I said: "What is this all about?!"
House doors were cracked, with big sticks,
with fake dog heads,  sticking out!!

I don't mind telling you
that I was really, REALLY, scared!
{Things like this are the reason
that I'm premature gray-haired!}

You wouldn't think it could get worse,
but Yes indeed! It surely did!
My father stopped the car
and went inside!...I flipped my lid!

Here I was, in a car;
Didn't know the time! Had no clock!
And fake dogs are looking at me!
And the Cadillac doors won't lock!

Thankfully it wasn't long
before he got back in the car;
But he didn't seem that happy
that he'd driven out so far.

Then a man came walking up;
and dad got out, so they could talk.
But it didn't seem that friendly.
Dad was watching him like a hawk!

From where I was positioned
I could hear everything they said.
Apparently, last year,
this guy had hit dad in the head!

Oh Boy! This can't be good!
Now I REALLY wanted to go!
Whew! Dad got back into the car
before he got another blow!

Now he was driving so fast
he almost made us miss a curve!
By the time he slammed his brakes though,
I was just a ball of nerves!

The car was pointed down a dirt road;
"A short cut". Dad hit the gas.
Great! Another wild adventure,
just because he drove too fast!

Down the road we went.
Dust and trees was all I saw.
Then some water across the road!!
My nerves were now, not plucked, but RAW!

No matter what I said
he just replied: "It'll be okay."
Then the road disappeared!!
It was a Southern water-way!

I think, at this point,
it was just a matter of pride,
that kept him going forward
when there was no road to ride.

We were lost and in a car
that now was more like a show-boat.
And there was water seeping in!
{Apparently Cadillacs don't float!}

The car started to tilt.
Too late for scooping with a cup.
YAY! Wait! It was a dream!!
I was never happier to wake up!!


  1. That WAS a bad dream!!! I've had some pretty bad ones myself. Some I'd like to forget, but can't. Thankfully they were just dreams. Glad yours was too.
    I'm happy you had such a nice vacation with hubby. I'm sure it took your mind off the sore arm. Now you can crochet again and all is well. Take care my friend and sister. We're going to a Spanish meeting today. Hope you have a good one too.

  2. I don't usually write my dreams in poetry form, but this one would not be denied....Dumb thing! LOL And yes, back to my favorite pasttime...after my other favorite pasttime goes back to work, I mean! ^_^ ... Enjoy your meeting! I can't wait for the pictures!!

  3. So sorry about the bad dream It amazes me that you could put that into poetry ~ WOW~ and very glad you woke up :) Hope this was the worst part of the day and that everything is looking up from here on out!

  4. Wow! I thought I had weird dreams...glad to know I'm not alone...mind you the dog head thing was very creepy. So you are a female Samuel Taylor Coleridge and this is your 'Kubla Khan' poem! Actually I really like poems like this and the fact you got it down quickly is the best thing to do...I always rush to the office and write when I wake up..well actually during the night when I'm wide awake. My best poem was a love poem that came after a dream...damned if I can find it now. Came by to thank you for visiting my blog and am now scared of fake dog heads! Hope your headache goes. I sympathise as I'm having a holy hell day with my own head and also woke up with a wretched headache. Good luck in the snow and happy crocheting. Thanks for visiting and commenting I always appreciate it.

  5. Kerri, Thank you...and I'm glad I woke up too! LOL Once I wrote it down though, it was off my mind. Now....just getting rid of the headache! Grrrr!

  6., Ha! Ha! Actually, the whole thing came from a conversation with my dad the other day. I've just been worrying about him, and this is how it manifested itself. Dogs were barking in the background when I talked to him on the phone. ^_^ 'The mind is a terrible thing to....let go out on it's own!!'LOL...By the way, hope your head starts feeling better too. And don't try scaring it with a fake dog head...won't work! ^_^

  7. What a scary dream, very real. I have had dreams where I wake up still shaking but relieved it was only a dream. you did a very good job in writing it in poetry form. Keep warm. enjoy your last day of vacation.

  8. Croatian_Latina, Yeah, I was thinking "Wonder if anyone will even know what happened to us, or our family will just be left with this puzzle as to where we disappeared to"...and then I woke up!!! Whew!! It was very real! I'm thankful to be able to poetically record it...although I hope I never need to repeat it again!!! ^_^

  9. Ugh, that was scary even to read! :S It's so strange how we have these crazy dreams sometimes, they seem to come out of nowhere and make no sense. I have tried to understand some of my weird dreams and I've somewhat succeeded but not really. lol

  10. Mariann, Yes it was!! I know that my subconscious made up this dream anyway, and that when I sat and thought about it I knew what it was about, but still....! When it was happening....scary!! :-{

  11. Awww, I'm sorry about the dream & the end of your vacation but that snow is GORGEOUS (says the girl in Arizona) and you got a nice award the very next day so there is balance in the universe <3

    ps. I'll be coming over for breakfast every single day from now on. That's cool right?

  12. Lindsey, Thank you. And you don't have to tell me. I always know who you are when you start talking about the snow being gorgeous! ^_^ ...Next snow storm...breakfast is on us! COME AND GET IT!!! ^_^


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