Monday, January 3, 2011

See! Sun Does Know Where Massachusetts Is!!

    Just a few shots of the backyard...with some sun in it! So you see...the sunshine DOES know where Massachusetts is...It just isn't all that keen on visiting us early in the morning that much right now! :-] But even though it's only a little...
     ...and the shade is trying it's best to hide it...
    ...It's out there, beyond the tree-line. "HELLO SUN!!  I SEE YOU!!" :-)
     Does it sound like the darkness until after 7:00 in the morning, and then it's return before 5:00 in the evening, is getting to me a little bit?!....Well, YOU"RE RIGHT!!! LOL But whatever!! I've got to just put my head down, stare at a crochet project or something, and pretend I don't notice! I mean, I DO have things to do besides sit here and stare out the window...Don't I?! ^_^
   Part of my problem today is that hubby is home! His being here makes me want to do nothing but chatter on (about nothing in particular)...and eat! :-) Is that a good thing...or a bad thing?! Come on!! Wouldn't you take advantage of it if you had a 6 foot man in your house, cooking sausage and eggs for breakfast, and doing dishes too?!! :-)
   Thankfully, he's got some other things on his schedule for later, so I'll be able to do some things on mine too! {I don't like to be crocheting or messing around too much on the computer when he's here trying to talk to me. Seems kind of disrespectful to him or something.}I want him to know how thankful I am to have him around. {Okay! Okay!....A little TOO much sap for this time of the day!! LOL} 
    I'm thankful to someone else today too. Natalie of NatCraftsandPhotos. She included my "Baby Bird's Words..." book of poetry ... her new Etsy Treasury of 'A few of her Favorite things'
   There's a lot of really cool items in this treasury, including a blanket she made! Please follow the link over and check out the shops if you have a few minutes.
   Okay, going to go and try to get something productive that I'm full of sausage and eggs...and conversation! :-)) What are you doing on this fine Monday?! Are you chit chatting the day away with your family too?! ^_^

Every Day Love Talk

It's  2:30 in the morning.
The alarm goes off right on cue.
He gets up and shaves and showers;
says "Bye Bye Baby. I love you."

Right around noontime
comes a call on his cell phone,
saying: "I was thinking of you.
I can't  wait til I get home."

When his work day ends,
he calls to say he's  leaving the job.
I count the minutes I know it will take
before he's  turning our doorknob.

Then there's  3 pecks on the lips,
and "Hi Baby! How was your day?"
"Dinner will be ready in a little while;"
and before we go to bed, we pray.

We curl up in each other's  arms,
giggle and talk, laying in the moonlight;
and its an "I love you" and "I love you too"
and everything in the world seems right.


  1. We had sun yesterday too and in winter it's rare so I had to go out and walk in it... However, my Man wasn't making an awesome breakfast for me! Hope your day turned out great!

  2. yaya, He's on vacation, so it's got him in a good mood! :-) But you enjoy the sunshine! You know those gray skies are coming!!


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