Thursday, January 20, 2011

"EYE" See...Buttons!

    These Vintage Plastic Green and Pearl Buttons are from the Etsy shop of RetroChalet. They represent something really nice that happened to me yesterday!...But first let me tell you about my...
                      (Original Acrylic Eye Painting by jamjam216)

      ...Yep! My eye...I did a few warm towels on the eye yesterday and started to get some more swelling...which, in retrospect, I think was actually suppose to happen. I got a little nervous about it though, and decided to call the doctor right away. 
     I couldn't talk to the doctor immediately, but the assistant in his office said she would tell him the situation, and said for me to call back in the afternoon to find out what he said. In the meantime I continued to rest the eye and apply the warm towels. Too bad I didn't have a cute eye pad like this...
                          (Flannel BOO BOO Packs by hipbabyboutique)

    ...That might have made the sitting and waiting for results, at least a little fun. O_o Anyway...I had talked to the assistant at around 10-ish in the morning. I decided that since she said to call back in the afternoon, I'd call back around 2:30. But at around 1:00 she called ME! She said the doctor was going to be calling in a prescription for me to the Pharmacy! {Apparently he must have thought my eye needed some help...NOW!!}
     Now, something you probably don't know about me is that I'm R-E-A-L-L-Y a crazy nut about taking new medications! I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT!!! Just the idea that I was gonna have to put a new medication in...or body gave me palpitations! UGH! ESPECIALLY because it was an antibiotic!!! I've had some really bad allergic reactions to antibiotics in the past, and so I knew I was gonna have to find out what the side affects of this medication was gonna be before it got anywhere near my eye!! :-/
     So, I Googled it!!....WHY did I do that?!!!! I found out that it was a medication that can have really bad side affects! And the information didn't show that it was being used for eyes hardly at all, but rather, for surgery patients!!! And that you have to be REALLY precise about the dosage! YIKES!!!...I decided after doing some more reading that.....I was NOT gonna be using it!! {More money wasted! LOL}
    Good news is, my eye is feeling better this morning anyway! I'm gonna continue my warm towels and salve, on and around my eye. It seems to be working. {I got the hints on what to do from my trusty Take Care of Yourself Medical Guide I told you about in an earlier post.}...I'm not sure if the medication is no good, or if my trust issues about doctors and medication is getting in the way. But whichever it is, I know that at least my emotional state will be better if I don't have to use it!! ^_^ I'm SICK in more ways than one!!!...*And stop laughing!!!*
     Okay, about the buttons!...I got a wonderful convo (Etsy's email system) yesterday from someone who said they 'love my shop and my buttons and my ability to reuse'! She wrote an article at Handmadeology, the Science of Handmade, and featured my Orange and Blue Crochet Flower Necklace!!
      How nice is that?! :-) It's such a thoughtful and personal article too. Please take a look at how crafty people are at using buttons! I particularly liked one of her own items. It's a pendant made with seashell and a pearl button!
     How cool!...I also got another nice surprise before this one! I made another Treasury!! It's entitled "Sweet Ocean Memories"! It was curated by trinitydj.
     My Turquoise Green Birds on a Wire Necklace was the item she featured.
      So, my "see-er" is not completely well yet, but I still like what I'm seeing!! :-) Thanks to everyone for the concern, encouragement, ....and features. 
     Off to look at some more tennis...with my good eye!! ^_^

Vintage Buttons

Pull them from a shirt
that's been tossed into the pile;
Yank them from a dress
you haven't worn in quite a while.

Inherit them from friends;
Get them as a gift of love;
Take them from the back
of one of Granny's vintage gloves.

Pluck them from old hats;
Tell their story with your tears.
Now ,use those vintage buttons,
that you've saved through out the years.

Old is what they're called;
Out of style, and retro too;
But when I put them on creations,
with my eyes, they look brand new!


  1. ;-))) Your posts always make me smile. Gald to hear you eye isnt any worse bless you for reading the side effects they are always scary things and i think sometimes why o why do we do it ;-)) But you have to trust your instincts i feel. Well done on getting some lovely right ups about your jewellery that is soooo lovely for you and very well deserved you make the most beautiful things. Wish you could teach me to crochet over a cup of hot chocolate one afternoon. dee x

  2. delia, I'm so glad you enjoy my rambling! :-)) I'm thankful my eye was feeling good enough for me to do it today!...And thank you about the write-ups too. I was so happy to hae something nice to focus on...instead of eye symptoms! UGH!...And how great would that teach you how to crochet over a cup of hot chocolate!! ^_^

  3. I'm glad your eye is doing better and FYI I wouldn't have used that antibiotic too if they are talking about awful side effects in the web.
    Congrats on the features! I especially love that treasury!

  4. I'm so glad your eye is better today. Congrats on the article about your using buttons. I love to use old buttons in the things I make too. Love your turquoise necklace!

  5. Mariann, Thank you! I'm sooooo glad to have Google!!!...And I knew you'd love all of that pretty turquoise! :-)

  6. Susan, Thank you so much, about the treasury and my eye! I'm glad the eye is feeling better too!...And Hello fellow old button buddy!! :-)

  7. OMG I love this post and your poem is so great! Nice treasury colors! Thank you for featuring me !

  8. You are one "sick" puppy!!! LOL I laughed so hard when I read the part about you being afraid to take meds! But I sure understand your hesitation since you have had reactions so some in the past. I'm so glad it's better today! And congrats on all the nice things that happened yesterday!

  9. Ira, Thank you! I'm glad you like it...and Thank You for featuring me!! :-)

  10. CinnLynn, Ha! Ha! See! You learn more about me...and you know it's time to be afraid...Be very afraid!!! ^_^ ...Especially if you're coming towards me with some kind of new medication!!!

  11. I'm glad to hear that your eyes are better this morning.
    Yes, more snow on my way!!

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

  12. Priscila, Hello! Yes...isn't it awful....crazy.......WINTER!! :-)

  13. Awards season is upon us, Golden Globe, Oscars and the 'Versatile Blogger' award.
    I would like to pass on the 'Versatile Blogger' award to you. You have a lovely blog and I feel you are very worthy of this award. Details of what to do are on my blog....
    Helen x (its a nice green award too!)
    PS I think I know which fact 'about me' that had you laughing ;D xx

  14. Rumtruffle, Thank you so much for my award! I thank you for the nice words. I'll try to follow the rules, but since I just recently received a different award with similar rules I won't be doing it right away...*Still giggling about your answer* :-]

  15. I'm glad to hear that your eye is improving :) I also know what you mean about the medication. No point putting more stuff on or in our bodies if they may cause nasty side effects.
    Once again you provide us with a great poem to read. I love collecting buttons too. You never know when you will need them.

  16. Jo-anne, Yes, it's feeling much better. I just had a bit of cloudiness today. I'm going to give it a good warm towel before bed. It should be really good by tomorrow...And yes, I know you're a button collector too. It was nice to get noticed for my old "babies". ^_^

  17. Ever since I was little I remember looking through this big old icecream container of buttons my Mum had collected over the years. Some of these buttons were very old. My Mum STILL has this container. (We went through it last time she was home so I could get some for my crochet teatowels. In the end I made crochet buttons instead)
    I hope your eyes get better soon, continue what you are doing for a few days after they feel better, just to be sure the infection is all gone :)

  18. Those eyes..your window to your soul...are precious so don't let them get bad. If it doesn't clear up soon, let the Doc know you were scared of the's OK to do that! Maybe they can talk to you about it and even change the med if needed. Can you tell I work in a hospital? Now for something completely different...I love buttons. I have a big, beautiful tin full of old, new, funky, you name it buttons. However, I do nothing with them. Maybe I should send them to you?! Now take care of you beautiful eyes!

  19. Alittlesprite, Looks like I'm not the only one around here that saves buttons...and I think that's great! I would sure like to get my hands on your mum's button container!! ^_^ And thanks for the encouragement about my eye. I was thinking the same thing...about continuing the routine for a few days after. It's getting better and I want it to stay that way!

  20. yaya, Thanks for the suggestion about talking to the doctor. I was in this field for a while too. You're absolutely right,....but sometimes they push with the meds, and I feel like I have to fight about it. I'm tired of fighting about it..FRUSTRATING! I wonder that the drug companies have more influence on doctors than they care to admit! {That's where my fear comes from!}...And boy would I like to see those buttons!! Maybe we can barter for an exchange! :-)


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