Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calling All Tennis Players and Wuglyees Lovers!!!

    Isn't this Canvas Tote by TheSouthernPineapple cute?!! And for a tennis lover, it could be so handy too! You could put all kinds of goodies in here to take to the match with you...and it can be personalized with your name on it too!!! Woohoo!!!! 
     Okay, so my Woohoo was really because....It's that time of the year for the Australian Tennis Open!!!...And I am already having waaay more fun than a sleepless, achy-fingered, crocheter should have...especially at the time of morning I have to be up in order to watch tennis!...Oh yes, I could wait until later in the day and see the rerun of the matches, but who wants to do that?!! Not this tennis fan!!! I want to see it LIVE, before they can cut out the good stuff!! ^_^
    SPOILER ALERT! For all those who don't want to know scores, look away NOW!!...I am doing my blog and watching the match between David Nalbandian and Lleyton Hewitt. It's so good!!!! They both have a set a piece, but Lleyton just sprinted ahead to 5 games in the 3rd set! Looks like he's on his game this year.
    As I go along here I'll be sharing some cute tennis inspired items from etsy, for your viewing pleasure while I rattle on! ^_^

      Love Tennis by Headpockets

    The first match I watched this morning had me hanging on the end of my seat! {Not really 'my seat', unless you call a pile of sheets and a blanket squeezed to within an inch of it's life and beaten up after every point, a seat!} It was between Ekaterina Makarova and Ana Ivanovic {Who hubby refers to as "My Girl"}. It was a true nail-biter all the way through! And a big surprise in the end too, because the top ranked Ivanovic.....my hubby's girl, LOST! The 22 year old Russian, Makarova, played her heart out and beat Ivanovic fair and square. I feel bad for Ana. She's had a rough go of it in recent years, but WOW! Was it ever a good match!

      Tennis Note Cards by HallONeilDesigns
     And another Woohoo!! Nadal, "My Boy", won his first match too. Well, "won" is not necessarily the right word because his opponent had to forfeit as they got into the match, because of some kind of injury. I didn't actually get to see that one. I can hardly believe it, but I totally forgot that it was on!...I KNOW!!! ^_^ That's because I was "Head Down" into crocheting some custom slippers...some BIG ones! {I'll show you the one I finished in a minute.}

Tennis Racquet Applique...Embroidery by DBembroideryDesigns

     So, you can just about tell what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the morning...And maybe this afternoon! That's if they replay some of the matches that I didn't see already. They can only show one match at a time, but they give you the scores of the others as they're going on...I sure wish I could have seen the Tsonga match!! I know he won, but it went to the last second of 5 sets!! That's the kind of match I like to sit and wiggle my toes and yell at the T.V. for!! ^_^
     Okay, on to other things...I finished one of the slippers for the customer with the size 15 (38.1cm) feet.
     It came out pretty good, but....WOW! It's really big! I really hope the measurements were right or else somebody is going to have a flappy shoe on their feet! ^_^
     The other thing I need to talk about is the Giveaway! I've decided to giveaway 2 of my Wuglyees crochet flower necklaces. This peach and yellow one, with the silver and gold crest button, and hanging from a gun metal chain...
      ...and this green one, with the eggplant and swirly brass colored button, also on a gun metal chain.
     So, if you're a follower of this blog, just keep commenting and your name will go in the box to win them!...Or you can buy your own from my shop HERE. {Just saying! LOL} And yes....both necklaces will go to the one winner.
     Okay, Hewitt and Nalbandian are 3 to 3 in the 4th set now. Hewitt is up 2 sets to David's 1 right now. He has to win this set to have it go to the 5th set. I don't think Lleyton wants that to happen, so I foresee a real battle! ^_^ My kind of match!!
    Have a good day Tennis players, bloggers, and crocheters alike!!

The 'Racket' Men

Playing tennis with 'Hewitt'
is more like playing with a wall;
Just when you think you've  hit a winner-
Oh No!-Look Out!- Here comes the ball!

'Roger Federer's'  shot
changes fast-and that's his key;
But for steady, angled shots,
catch a game with 'Agassi'.

'Roddick's' serve can part your hair;
It comes so fast across the net.
He just gets stronger every year.
(Don't think we've seen his fastest yet!)

These guys are good as good can get.
I watch intensely-set by set!    


  1. ohhhh lovely necklaces you are so clever. I picked up to crochet books yesterday and a hook and some wool and i managed to do a chain but Oo Boy did my fingers hurt it is soooo not easy but i am not giving up its my thing to learn this year, i would love to make a blanket..well i can dream ;-)) Enjoy your tennis, Dee x

  2. delia, Thank you so much about my necklaces. I'm so happy to hear that you're going to try to crochet this year!! Cool! If you need any pointers, let me know! :-)

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE The tennis hat and the two flowers!

  4. Alicia1/18/2011

    The slippers are cool. I'm sure his big feet will enjoy!

  5. Elle The Heiress, Thank you! :-) I thought that hat was cute too!...And who knows, you may WIN the flower necklaces! :-)

  6. Alicia, I'm so glad you like them! And I hope you're right about him liking them...And that I didn't make them TOO big! YIKES! :-))

  7. Sorry, I'm not into tennis, but I love the great etsy finds! Those are some BIG slippers too! I hope they're right! But they sure are good looking!!
    I wish the best to all who enter your giveaway too!

  8. Thanks CinLynn! I just finished the other one...And I know you're not into tennis. *Teehee*

  9. Anonymous1/18/2011

    Love it Deb. Great poem. We like tennis as much as you. I was bummed when Agassi quit playing, he was one of my favorites. There are alot of good players, on both the men's and women's side. Great hat. Wow, size 15. Now that's a big foot. Peg

  10. Peg, YAY! Another tennis lover! And you're so right! I loved Agassi. I miss him now too. But I have Nadal!!! :-) Although truthfully, because I'm so familiar with everybody's play, I never see a bad match! I always know somebody. Makes it really fun...And thanks for the nice words about my old poem too. :-) {By the way, I finished the BIG slippers too!}

  11. Considering the tennis is here in Australia at the moment & about a 90 minute drive away from me, would you believe it if I said I avoid it like the plague? My Mum would be in shock with me saying it but I miss the greats like Henri Le Conte, John Fitzgerald, Wally Masur and Pat Cash. Although I will cheer for the Aussies but that's about it.
    I love your poem though :)

  12. Jo-anne, I can tell from the names you gave that you know your tennis!! And I miss some of the oldies too, but because I continually follow it I've grown a love for new ones as old ones leave the scene...Now is the time that I say I wish I lived THERE!!! You can come and have my snow, and I'll come and have the Australian Open!! ^_^ ...And thanks about the poem too!

  13. I would gladly swap with you while the Australian Open is on :)

  14. Jo-ann, *Teehee*....That's what you say now!!

  15. Again another lovely peice of art/crochet.
    On Friday I am featuring you on my blog Debbie and wondered if there was anything in particular you would like me to let people know about you? If you think of anything drop me an email hcpigott@yahoo.co.uk
    Helen x

  16. Rumtruffle, Hi! How nice!! Well, I've talked so much about myself I don't know what to say! LOL You can look at my profile in my Wuglyees etsy shop if you like. Otherwise, I'll leave it up to you...and Thank You! :-]

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