Friday, January 21, 2011

Versatile....and more enLIGHTenment about ME!

    I'll just warn you right now...this post is all about me.
      And some of it is personal stuff about me. 
       The reason I'm writing it is because within the last couple of days I received, not one, but two Versatile Blogger Awards!! 
     And since it was 2 Awards, that means I have to double my info...*deep breath*
    In order to follow the rules I have to:
1.) Thank the person who gave me the award and link back to them in my post.
 2.) Tell you seven things about myself
3.) Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers
4.) Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award
     So, here goes. I want to sincerely thank the two Bloggers who gave me these awards...Rumtruffle over at A Crafty Kind of Truffle and Jo-anne over at Blooming Lovely...Rule #1...done!
     Rule #2 is going to be interesting because I've told you sooooo much about myself already on this blog. And now it has to be not 7 more things, but 14!!....Okayyyyy! I'll give it a try!

1.) I own 2 guitars, but I can't play them! LOL One was given to me as a gift by a friend who moved away. The other was an anniversary gift from my hubby. He said he loved my poetry so much he thought I should learn to put them to music. Isn't that sweet?!!...I thought it was a great idea, but as of go! ^_^
   2.) I don't do much cooking nowadays because of my health...and I miss it! Especially because I was a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself! ^_^ My specialties...which I think every good cook has...(and that I got repeated requests for, from family and friends)...were my Buttermilk Cornbread Stuffing (made with the ingredients out of the pouch in the neck of the turkey or chicken, and sausage, peppers, onions, etc...); Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Coconut Cookies; Walnut Double Chocolate Brownies; my Apple/Peach Pie; and my Cheesecakes of every kind.
   3.) I love sports! You probably already know that, especially if you've seen me talking about the Australian Tennis Open lately!
        But did you know I played basketball in High School...First string?! And that my 3 point shot was fabulous!!! ^_^
    4.) Oh Yeah, as you can see from the above photo, I'm also double jointed. That may have been why my 3 point shot had so much range! ^_^
   5.) I also had a Drama Acting class in High School that was a real challenge because I was deadly shy. The final test for this class, in my senior year, consisted of doing a blood-curtling scream (like the scream heard in the last scene of a famous play). If we did it, it was an "A" questions asked. If we didn't, it was an "F"...I did it......LAST. And only after the teacher badgered me so much that I actually was just screaming at her to make her leave me alone! ^_^...I got an "A"!
   6.)  I've never had children and it's one of the big regrets of my life. I had sincere reasons....mostly being afraid I would mother in the same way that I was mothered. I now know, after much learning about life and about myself,  that I would have been a pretty good mother.
    7.) Part of the reason I think #6 is true is because I'm kind of known as the "Baby Whisperer" in the family. ^_^ I can make just about any baby talk to me, smile or laugh, (I'm known for my laugh too) and get any fussy baby quiet in less than 10 minutes!!...And you may have trouble waking them back up, they go to sleep so hard! ^_^
   8.) I am part Cherokee Indian. And I'm fascinated about anything I find out about my heritage.
   9.) I have tons of siblings!...Well, not tons, but LOTS! There's 12. I'm the oldest of my mother's children. I have 7 sisters. 2 by my biological father, 4 by my mother, and 1 by my dad. The dad who raised me from birth); and I have 6 brothers. 2 by my biological father, 1(by marriage) by my dad, and 3 by my mother. One more and we get eggroll!! LOL
   10.) I have always had problems with my weight. My body, even though I was always athletic and healthy, (for the most part) was like a machine trying to get bigger all the time. We have been in a battle since I was about 9 or 10. That's why I never show current pictures of myself. I'd rather you know me by my heart and not my body shape. My heart is very curvy! :-))
   11.) I love trivia, learning, knowledge, and games. That includes T.V. games like "Jeopardy", or where partners play card games like "Spades". I even like playing Scrabble alone!...I always win...BIG!! :-] I can play or watch for hours if I have the time...with someone or alone.
      I was alone when I taught myself to name all 66 books of the Bible in 60 seconds!...^_^ As I said in one of my poems "...I'm often alone, but not lonely...". I kinda like ME! :-)
    12.)I'm going through my 'Change of Life' and I'm having a TIME with hot flashes at night. I wake up in a complete "flop sweat" sometimes. NOT COOL!!! ^_^
    13.) I've been in love...REAL love...only twice in my life. The first time, I was 10 years old. And Yes! It was real pure love!! {Or at least it felt like it!} It caused my parents a lot of stress at the time because all I wanted to do was be with him. My love was smart enough to know we were too young. He broke up with me when he saw the problems it was causing. I never saw him again...and I never forgot him...That first love can be S-T-R-O-N-G!!!!
   14.) I really like the person I've become. How many people can say that at 50 something years old?! :-)...I don't like the body I have, but I like the person that owns it, therefore I like it too. It comes with the territory!
     WHEW!! Are you sick of ME yet?!! ^_^ I'd be a pretty good friend, don't you think?!...LOL...Just talking about myself all the time!!
    Okay....I'm tired, so at this time I'm not going to complete #s 3 and 4. I'll do it at a later slow motion. *Teehee* I love sharing bloggie friends with everybody anyway. So you...and them...will be hearing from me!

"I Love Me!"

I love me.
I love the happy me.
I love the fact of me.
I love the silly me.
I love me.

I love the confident me.
I love the cooking me.
I love the sexy me.
I love me.

I love the cuddly me.
I love the caring me.
I love the beautiful me.
I love me.

I love the supportive me.
I love the sporting me.
I love the giddy me.
I love me.

I love the quiet me.
I love the talkative me.
I love the pensive me.
I love me.

I love the sensitive me.
I love the thoughtful me.
I love the world, with me.
I love me.

I love the patient me.
I love the stylish me.
I love the smiling me.
I love me.

I love the creative me.
And the one who created me,
because he helps relate to me
why I love me.
And I do love me!


  1. I LOVE this post.
    Love getting to know more about you.
    Love the pictures
    and Love that we have a LOT in common!

    I gave you a shout out on my latest post cause I think you are truely amazing!

  2. Alittlesprite, Awwwww! How nice! I better go take a look at that shout out!! (I didn't do my blog reading yet this morning) And THANK YOU!! :-)

  3. Congrats again!
    I love no 8 :)
    I thought I would share some things about me too ;)
    I love board games and scrabble too! In our family I'm the one who always wants to play and hubby is the one who never does :S so I have to do a lot of persuading ;)
    About no 13... hubby is my first and only love! :D Yeah, I know, I'm boring hahaha
    Love the poem! ;)

  4. I also love this post! Makes me feel so much closer to you! I LOVE the person you've become as well and I can't wait to give you a hug in person in the near future! I got that award too, but I have the grandkids today, so I'm thinking about what to say about me! I have to talk about me???!!! What do I say!!! LOL

  5. Mariann, I sure wished we lived closer! Oh, the conversations we could have around a scrabble board!!! :-] And F.Y.I., I can't get my hubby to play with me much anymore either...because I always win! ^_^ I still have a couple of girlfriends that can give me a challenge every once in a while though!...And I don't think you're boring at all. I think you used your mind, and not just your heart, when you chose him maybe. You're smart! :-)

  6. CinLynn, I can't wait to meet you in person either!!! :-) Oh, the times we're gonna have my sister!!...And I can't wait to see what things YOU come up with to tell us about you!! I have to really do some thinking on these. It's funny how the things you think are uninteresting really is interesting to somebody!...I'll be looking!!

  7. Jazzy E, Thank you!..I saw your Giveaway, but there's no old lady flat shoes in there for me! ^_^ I guess I'm going to have to pass this time..But it looks like a good Giveaway for someone younger, or more balanced than me!! LOL

  8. Wonderful post. It just helps us get to know you better. Great poem, love it. You always make my mouth water with all your food pictures.

  9. Congrats on your award. Nice images...

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much for always giving such nice encouragement. :-) Too bad I can't fix you some pretty food...It tastes better than it looks! ^_^

  11. Priscilla, Thanks! :-)

  12. What wonderfully positive affirmations. If we could keep them close to our heart what healing. Thank you for the personal glimpses. We have a lot in common but my guitars are not idle! Take care. I appreciate your obviously warm heart. Pam

  13. SOiNTOiT, Oooo! You can play?!! Do you record?!...I'm jealous! :-)) And thank you for the nice words too.

  14. Do you know what, you are one special lady and you tug at my heart strings, i could spend hours listening to you, you have so much love, honesty, fun and wisdom and your soul is a magical one. Hugs Dee x

  15. I'm not surprised at all that you won 2 Versatile Blogger Awards. A pleasure learning more about you! Your honesty and heart are so very refreshing. I think I gained a few pounds reading #2. I too love to bake sweet goodies. I agree with Delia, your soul is so very beautiful! Congratulations on your well deserved awards :)

  16. Congrats on your win! You are so deserving and I love finding out more about you. I think it's great that you love you..more people need to love themselves and then share that love with othes, just as you're doing with your blog, your talents, and you wonderful sense of humor!

  17. Debbie, can I say I really enjoy every one of your posts? you have a gift, with words with your humor. I love it. I'm sorry to hear about your health, otherwise I would ask you for one of your cheesecakes. one of my favorite desserts. I felt by reading about your childhood that I know you just a bit more. I would ask you to babysit anytime.

    stay off the icy roads. have fun with your friends and family this weekend.

    ps. after eating that fruit salad, my tongue was tingly, must have been due to the kiwis right?

  18. delia, Awwwww! Are you sure you're talking about me?! Ha! Ha!...That's really sweet. Thank you...Between you and I though, it took me a lot of years and a lot of learning to get to be the real me. And I'm still learning every day. I recommend it highly for everybody...but not to take so long! ^_^

  19. Julie, :-) Thank you, sincerely. And as to the number 2 comment, maybe I should have told you that I also have been a 'Lifetime member' of more exercise clubs than I care to mention too! Ha! Ha!

  20. yaya, WOW! My head is gonna be too big to sit up here in front of the computer!! Ha! Ha! Thank you...And just so you know, (taking a chance sounding kind of preachy) I love me because of learning that my God loves me just like I am. I don't argue with him. :-)...And I agree that more people should learn to love themselves...and each other! The world would be a much different place, wouldn't it?! :-)

  21. Croatian_Latina, I'm so glad you enjoy my ramblings. I enjoy your posts too. (Kiwi salads and all... *Puckering my lips*...which would have tasted great with some cheesecake underneath it!...Just saying! ^_^)....And I think Beli and I would have a great time...if she stayed awake long enough!!! :-)

  22. I loved reading about you and getting to know you better. It's also a great thing that you love you. There are so many people who don't even like themselves let alone love themselves.
    About those yummy foods you cook. Is there a chance that you might share some recipes with us?

  23. Jo-anne, I'm glad you liked it. It was a LOT of talking!! :-) And as to the recipes, which one do you want?! I can tell you any of them...except the secret ingredient in my cheesecakes. I've had all kinds of people trying to get me to loose my lips about that! Ha! Ha!

  24. I love this post! And I especially love the poem! I'm always interested in finding out a person's background - not being nosy or anything (lol), just cool to know where they came from and how it leads up to today. Great job Deb :D

  25. Denise, Thanks my friend...I'm kinda nosy myself too! :-)) How would we have ever learned ANYTHING if we weren't interested in other people, and in knowing what we didn't know?!

  26. I wish we lived closer too.
    I told my hubby that yours doesn't want to play anymore too because you always win and he laughed :D There's a card game that we both love to play but it's more fun if there are 4 players. I have convinced him to play with me though by saying: you win at this game anyway so don't you want to win again? It usually works :P
    Thanks for the smart compliment! ;) I have thought so many times that I wouldn't want to go out to look for a man. I mean when I met him I was only 14 and I wasn't looking for one. He just came into my life and has stayed there ever since! :D But I have friends who are my age or older and they are excellent people but they still haven't found love... Makes me so sad. You know my mum had to live alone for almost 20 years (I mean without a man) but now few years back she found love again and they are happily married now! Makes me soo happy too! She got to move from her flat, which wasn't awful, but the neighborhood was not pretty and mostly full of russians. They now live in a small town in their own house with a cute dog and a big backyard! Isn't life just full of surprises! :D

  27. Mariann, F.Y.I., most card games are more fun if you play with other players...if they're good sports, that is! Somebody to challenge you! ^_^...That trick about the winning thing only works with my hubby if we're playing 'UNO'. That's a card game with colors and big numbers that you just flip down according to colors and numbers. It's more of a random winning thing. He figures that he at least has a chance playing that!! LOL And usually...I hate to admit...he does win it!!! ^_^ ...I'm happy for your mom too. It's tough finding someone to share your life with these days, who'll add to, and not take away from, who you are. It's important to have things in common. Hubby and I have similar backgrounds. We're kinda from the same though, even though he was born in the North and I was born in the South. And our Bible study and the love we grew for Jehovah God has been the cement that's given us the 'staying power' and the strength to get through just about anything...together...All people who choose to marry should be as fortunate. :-)


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