Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BLIZZARD!!!...Definitely Time For Comfort Food!!

     THIS is what I wish it looked like outside today. Calm, blue sky, a little fish pond with shimmery fish, peaceful...*deep breath*. But what it REALLY looks like outside my window this morning is THIS!!!
    We're in the midst of a GI-NORMOUS blizzard!!I was just looking at the weather, and they say that here in Holyoke we're predicted to get anywhere from 12 to 16 inches!!!...UGH!
     It's only 7:45a.m. and already the winds are blowing ridiculously and the snow is coming down in piles! And it's suppose to snow all day today into tomorrow!
     You can probably just about imagine how HAPPY I am about it too!!! {That comment was for my friends in Arizona! LOL}
     We were going to try to take some pictures wider shots from the whole patio door,'s so snowed in that we would have to shovel just to open it, so.....
     ...NO!!!...But I think you get the idea! :-)) 
    This is a shot from the other side of the screen, through the glass...
       I say again....UGH!...But as you heard from my earlier comment, there is good news with a snow storm this big....HUBBY IS HOME!!! :-) It's too much snow for even the donut and cupcake trucks to plow through!! {Sorry morning coffee drinkers! You'll have to make your own this morning!! LOL}
    We're going to be cuddling and reading today...And eating!! :-) Speaking of which, I told you yesterday that I was going to share some of the goodies from my February Country Living magazine I just got!
   Food is not all of the goodies in this one! But for today, since I'm sure we're not the only ones snowed in, I'll just show you some of the delicious comfort FOOD!!! :-)
     And since I already showed you dessert yesterday... about a main course?! Like Red Wine and Apricot Braised Short Ribs!
     And something for vegetarians, featuring the onion?!!
      And for a side dish, how about my favorite the world....the potato! :-) 
      There's sooooo many ways you can eat it!...How about a Twice-Baked Potato with Chorizo?!
     Or Potatoes and Sausages with Olives, Lemon, and Parsley?!
      Or would you prefer Potato and Celery-Root Gratin?!
     Or do your tastes run more to Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup with Homemade Croutons?!...Are you drooling yet?! ^_^
     I love all of these! But my favorite in this month's magazine...and this just may be because I'm stuck in the house with this
      ...the Crispy Rosemary Potato Chips!!! YUM!!! Whoever thought of this recipe....hats off to you, and snow boots off to you, and thermal underwear off to you too! ^_^You should be able to be in your warm pajamas for these!!
    It's not just pretty pictures of food either, in this magazine. The recipes are there too! The perfect companion on a snow day, a warm kitchen and a book full of recipes to try out!!! :-) ... And some crocheting, of course! ^_^
   Oh yeah, and in case the Chocolate cake with the Orange Sauce wasn't enough dessert for you,  how about some irresistible candies?!
      CHOCOLATE candies!!! :-)
    As I said, there is a lot in this magazine. Over the next few days I'll share some of the other things. As a teaser, let me ask you, if you could have your dream home what would it look like?! I had an idea before I got this magazine....because it's something I think about a lot!!! But I just may be changing a few of my ideas now!!! ^_^ To be continued.....
     Okay, I'm off to look out the window and Oooo and Ahhhh some more. I'm NOT going out in it! I'm just going to admire it from afar!!...Maybe admire is too strong a word! ^_^
     Considering the fact that we're planning on being napping and lazing around fools today, I'm glad we have an answering machine. Today's poem may be what you hear if you call me today...unless I'm eating!....But I might not answer then either. Oh Well!! ^_^

Answering Machine Message

You have reached the home
of Debbie and Jeff;
There's  no need to speak fast;
There's a lot of time left.

If you leave us a message,
and your phone number too,
just as soon as we can
we'll  get right back to you.

Now, please don't  hang up;
We want to hear what you say;
And after your message-
you have a nice day!


  1. ohhhh goodness Wow that is a huge amount of snow at least your snuggled up in the warm ;-)) Im sat in the office having a boring quiet day so wish i could have brought my patch work with me. And i have to say all that food is making my tummy rumble love the look of the potato crisps. Have a lovely day at home, dee x

  2. That's a LOT of snow my friend!! Maybe you should bake one of those goodies and just eat and enjoy your day.! I'll be away from a computer for the next 3 days. But I'll catch up with you after that!! Take care and keep warm!

  3. Well I think congratulations are in order! You've finally got a decent blizzard, like the ones we have been having here! ;D Ohh I'm so glad! LOL

    And now....droooooooooooooooooool.....drip..drip.....drooool...(cleaning the keyboard) :)
    I love potatoes too but I'm more of a sweettooth so I would love to eat that chocolate cake!!

    About the dream house, don't get me started on that one since it would be a long article I think LOL We were looking for a house to buy some time ago and stumbled onto one which would be really great. Lots of room (which we sooo lack) both inside and outside and a guesthouse with a huge garage. Now we are waiting for the bank to let us know what they think about it... I have moved into that house so many times already, in my head of course, trying to figure out if I would love it there. We'll see what the future holds but something needs to be decided soon because we aren't getting any younger and I will not bring a kid into this tiny flat :( So fingers crossed! ;)

  4. delia, Awwww! It's no fun being at work when things are slow. I remember that time. Sorry. :-/ And too bad I can't send you some homemade stew...cause that's what we're making right now. Crock pot we can take a nap! ^_^

  5. CinLynn, You said it, Sister!!! ^_^ Eating, sleeping, and crocheting! Is there anything else to do on days like this?! :-)

  6. The book I Can Make You Happy is a self help book, Quite a few years ago I had 2 berevements and Paul's books hepled me get my confidence back.
    I have had a poetry book published called Negative V. Positive which sold very well.
    Thanks for your interest and comment

    Have a nice day.

  7. Mariann, Ha! Ha! Only you would congratulate me on SNOW!!!! LOL The only thing good about it is that I'm not here worrying my head off about hubby being out there in this "stuff"! He's HOME!!! :-)

    And yeah, I wish I had all of the ingredients for that chocolate cake in the house! Then I'd be sitting here grinning through darkened teeth and orange sauce! LOL

    And did I see "kid"?!!! Are you.....?! Or are you going to?!! :-) How wonderful!!!..When?!....Can I suggest a name?! ^_^ Dream house or no dream house, if you got love in your house you'll be good!...Just saying. :-] But I have my own ideas on my dream house too, so I understand.

  8. Welcome to my world of poetry (Yvonne), Ohhhh! I see...And thanks for letting me know about the book of poetry too. And you have a nice day too. I hope you're not snowed in like us! :-)

  9. Yeah, good thing he's at home! :) And he can take a pic of you with that darkened grin on LOL :D

    No, I am not and will not be until there is something solid in our life, I mean a bigger place to live. So we'll see. But about name suggesting you could do that but our names are so different from yours that it just wouldn't work! :D

  10. Mariann, Oh, I don't know. Mariann is not such a different name! LOL

  11. Makes me wish I had my beading tools with me. I have lots of tools! It's windy and a bit rainy and cooler today. Have fun eating and crocheting!

  12. CinLynn, So far I'm just having fun eating!! LOL

  13. Stop it with all these great food pictures!! You sure know how to make a mouth water!! ;-)

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

    Oh, and have you entered my $75 EmersonMade GIVEAWAY yet?

  14. Jen, Ha! Ha! What was it that got you?! Potatoes or chocolate?! ^_^ Happy Wednesday to you too!

  15. Deb, that is alot of snow. We got snow last night too but not as much as you. Ok now i'm really jealous cause you get your Country Living magazine earlier than I get mine that is not fair....LOL....... Hope your staying warm with your husband. Love your funny poem. Thank you for sharing.

  16. We've got snow too, but the worst must have gone your way! Sorry about northerners just are the toughest things around. So enjoy the day with the hubbs and I also love Country Living Mag and that issue is a good one!

  17. Thanks for the comment! Fortunately I wasn't in MA this time. I was in NY so we weren't to snowed in here this time. It seems you got crazy amounts of snow though!

  18. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! that really looks chilly!
    Hope you've managed to shovel your way out by now.
    Definitely time for comfort food! or as my hub would say "that's hearty"!

  19. SnowflakeDreams1, I Know, huh!!!! I couldn't believe it was still snowing into the evening too!! The towns around here got really socked!...No worries, though! Your country living magazine will make up for it, and give you something to distract yourself with...for sure!!...{no matter when you get it! LOL}...And thanks for the nice words about the poem too! :-)

  20. yaya, Yeah, I weather people referred to the storm as a "snow BOMB" because of the way the 2 fronts hit each other and came together for the whopper of a storm!...I agree. It feels like we got hit with a bomb alright!...Oh well, we've got "Country Living", right?! ^_^

  21. AlyciAmore, Yes, you were very fortunate...although New York got some too. Here in Holyoke we got 19 inches, I think they said. Jeff was standing in 16 inches of it trying to clean the car off last night! UGH!

  22. planettreasures, Oh Yeah! It's chilly. In the 20s!! And yes, we got all shoveled out. :-)) And then went back under the covers!! ^_^

  23. You are a funny one and I'm craving lots of great food and a new dream house, now :D
    We left Sunday for Florida(snowbirds=without snow)and ran right into a blizzard in North Carolina, had to check into a Best Western and ride it out. I called my Mama in Brockton and she was as snug as a bug with electricity which is all you need. She did say the TV Weather folk were driving her crazy, pre-empting programming to give blow by blow descriptions of the storm. She said, "I know it's snowing, can I please just watch my Soaps?"
    Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find you.

  24. Mary, Ha! Ha! See!That's what you get for trying to run!! ^_^ And it sounds like your mama has the right attitude! She just rolls with it, and doesn't want to be aggravated in the process! My kind of woman!!...I hope the weather eases up for you as you get further down! {Georgia got hit too though, so keep going when you get there! ^_^}


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