Friday, January 14, 2011

Letters to..."UGLY" Slippers?!

    I want to to start today's post sending BIG hugs to all good friends! I'm sure you all have some. And it doesn't matter whether they're young, old, skinny, "plump",...*giggle* right next door, or far away. Good friends know just how to make you smile and start a day off right!...And each one is unique and hold a special place in your life. Hugs to you, Good Friends!!!
    I'm talking about this because, as I've told you before, I've got the best friends in the world!! And I recently got a letter from one of them that really made my day!...She writes me at least once a month usually. And it always comes with lots of smiles! Why?! Take a look for yourself!
     She sends me the most adorable photos of her cats and pets!!! They're usually in different poses of mischief, or just relaxing themselves all over the place.
     Mixed in with all of the news of how everyone in the family is doing, is the play by play of what all of the cats, dogs, turtles, name...are up to! :-) I'm not sure if she knows what a kick I get out of her letters. She's very funny, and a pretty good writer! {I hope she doesn't venture into poetry or I'll have some stiff competition! LOL}
    Her letters make me smile straight from the mailbox, before the letter is even opened, because her love for her rescued, spoiled, and 'pampered to death', house guests shows up right on the envelope!
     I think it would be pretty good to be a kitty in her household!! ^_^ I could nap the day away without a care in the world!
      Truth is, with that pulled muscle in my arm recently, I WAS napping the days away like I didn't have a care in the world!!...But now, I'm back in business! Crocheting like a fool again. Oh! It makes me so happy!! The only thing that could make it better is if I was in Hawaii, with a lei of flowers around my neck, and a tall coconut and pineapple drink next to me on the table, with a L-O-N-G straw sticking out of it!! {Can't put it in my hand. Then I wouldn't be able to crochet! ^_^}
    Let me show you what I've been doing...But first I'd like to thank MaritimeArts for putting my Silver and White Stated Elegance Wedding Necklace Set ... her recent Negative Impressions Treasury on Etsy.
      She does such a good job picking items to show off! There's some really nice items in this one too! Please check it out...and her shop too. Just follow the lighted links.
     It's funny that she shared this necklace set of mine too, because the hat I just finished yesterday has this same kind of sparkly thread.
    I actually used two threads together. A sparkly gold and white one, and a plain white one. The two together make it a bit warmer...And of course I had to make a flower for it. The flower is only one thread though. The gold and sparkly one.
    I haven't decided if I'm going to list it, or use it as a Giveaway. 
         Speaking of which, just as a reminder,...the drawing for the Giveaway, this afghan,...
      ...{directions--> HERE }... is tomorrow!!!
     Lastly,....Yes! It had to end somewhere! ^_^ ...I finished the other "Ugly" Knock-Around Slipper! Now they're an "Ugly" pair!!
     I made then to fit a medium to large foot. And as you can see, I added a little draw-string ribbon so that it can be worn a little closer around the foot, if desired.
    Now, on to the next thing!! ^_^ It's a good thing I have priorities set in my life, or else this crocheting thing could really get out of hand!!....Stop laughing! ^_^


Big rocks of life, important things,
decisions in your prime,
require the best that you can give;
Deserve the choicest time.

We have to go to work;
and everyone needs time to play;
But without priorities
the speed of time will take your day.

And if you don't believe it,
try this trick, with rocks and sand;
Put rocks in a bucket
and fill the sand in, hand by hand.

Now, empty out your bucket,
and then fill it all back up.
But this time, put the sand in first,
the same sand, cup by cup.

The thing that you will find
is that you don't now have the room!
Putting rocks back in is now like
putting a baby back in the womb.

The rocks are goals, priorities,
the important things to you.
The sand can be most anything,
even recreation too.

Yes, Such is the challenge
when you're managing your time.
That's why Big Rocks come first!
They help prioritize the climb.


  1. ... nice poem ... good post !!

  2. I actually think those slippers are adorable :-) I love slippers. And since we have tile floors throughout our house slippers are always on my

    Thank you for all your support of my shop and of me. I seem to be on and off of the internet, mostly off :-( so just wanted to stop by quickly to thank you and say hi. Hope you are staying warm. Many blessings for you and your family this New Year!

  3. Oops....that's me (MaritimeArts) in the comment above. My hubby must be logged into Google instead of me :-)

  4. a truthmark, Thank you very much! :-)

  5. cimarronpeacekeepers, I'm glad you like my "ugly" slippers. I just gave them away! LOL My girlfriend really liked them too...Oh well, gotta make some more I guess! ^_^ ...And thanks for your support too!

  6. By the way, MaritimeArts, I knew it was you all along! I just thought you must have gotten another blog or something! ^_^

  7. Those slippers are soooo not ugly but supper cozy and cute there i have said it again, i adore them. And that is so sweet to love the sparkle that it has to it. I had to smile at your friends letter to and all the pictures of her lovely animals no wonder it makes you smile each time. Have a lovely weekend, Dee x

  8. delia, *Teehee*...Thank you AGAIN for the slipper love!...I gave them, and the hat, away today!! ^_^ Made me almost as happy as my friends pets make her!....Have a good weekend!

  9. I like the slippers to! My current crochet project is a drawstring bag. I just finished making 52 little yoyos that go in between the bottom and top parts of the bag. Just have to single crochet it all together now. I love the beanie. I have made a few myself. Mine are baby-sized though. Hubby and I will be opening a little store at the markets soon, and I'm going to sell all my crochet stuff there. (Hopefully)

  10. Alittlesprite, Hello! And welcome to the backyard! :-)...I would love to see your bag!! {I am intrigued about the yoyos!!} Now that I follow your blog, maybe I will...I have an etsy shop ( where I sell my crocheted things. Do you have one?! I look forward to getting to know you! :-]

  11. I think the pink ribbons are a nice touch to the slippers. They don't look ugly at all!

  12. Thanks Jo-anne!! I took a chance on those because the area where you slip your foot in didn't seem firm enough to me...My friend liked that touch too! :-)

  13. Someone said I should open one but I'm not sure. I make teddy bears too but they are not artist bear quality. I mean, they are good, but not good! I will definatly post a pic of my bag when its done. It's been an epic crochet for me. I only just taught myself how to crochet recently.

  14. Alittlesprite, I don't know whether you should or not, but I can tell you that when I first opened mine, with my Wuglyee bear as my shop mascot, so to speak, everybody was asking me if I was going to make more bears. For me it's a big NO!!! One crocheted bear was more than enough for me!! LOL And there's a lot to think of when you're making items for children too. I say, read up about it really good before you decide. I have made a little money! Not enough to have hubby quit his day job yet though. :-] ...I'll be looking for those pictures!


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