Friday, January 7, 2011

Boredom's Inspiration

    I woke up to the news on the T.V. this morning...explosive devices causing fires in mail rooms; people impersonating super hero crime fighters, to try to (?) help the police; Anna Nicole's lawyer/friend being cleared of all charges;  and another snow storm watch in effect for the Northeast...*sigh!*
    I had to find something else to focus on...QUICK!! And since my crocheting arm is not quite 'up to snuff' yet, I decided to look at some other people's crocheting and knitting to, at least, keep myself inspired...To crochet!!!...It's not going to be long....It's not going to be long!!! :-)
    The arm warmers with the flowers in my header photo are from an Etsy shop called afra. They have all kinds of things with different textures and designs...a handmade fiber person's inspiration palette! I like these arm warmers because guessed it...the flowers! I just love a new place to stick a flower! :-] ... Speaking of which...
     ...When I saw this Daisy Chain Hat (PDF pattern) by NellieMagelly I just started smiling...just because! 
   So, on I went, looking for other crocheted goodies. These are some of the things I found....Lace Medallions in DELIGHT by RaesRags.
       Knit/Crochet Moccasin Slippers by natalya1905.
       Don't you just wanna slip your feet in them...and then lift your feet in the air and look at 'em?! LOL
     How about this Wire Crochet Sculpture by tessituraelica.
     None of my wire crocheted items ever looked this perfect! WOW! How cute would this look on your entry-way table, next to an interesting lamp?!....I'd fill it up with sweet treats for my guests to nibble on too, I think! :-) Hmmmm...Wonder if, with some practice,  I could make something like this?!
     I know I could make something like this crocheted purse kit!...But I run from things like this. The repeating of the same pattern over and over, and then having to sew it together!....Yikes! I get bored easily. This kind of thing should truly be left to those who do it well, and love to do it! And obviously zycee knows what she's doing here!
    I certainly can see how cute it would be all put together, but do I want to do it?!....Uh....that would be a BIG NO!!! LOL
       Lastly today, I'm just going to say, with a big smile on my face,...JasmineCreations!!!....I mean, this whole shop is full of the most beautiful shawls and wraps you'll ever want to see!!! There's this light green ruffled shawl...
    ...This White Silver Bridal Wrap...
    ....this grey and white ruffled Batik shawl...
    ....and many, many, more!! You HAVE to check out this shop! {I think they're pretty reasonably priced too, considering how much time and effort I KNOW goes into making something like this by hand!}
    I love Etsy!! No matter how bored you are, sitting quietly with a pulled muscle, there's always a feast for your eyes and mind to browse through! And it's getting more and more numerous every day...the things to look at, I mean. It looks like the whole world has finally discovered HANDMADE!!...Problem is, they don't want to PAY for it!!! ^_^
    Okay, off I go to watch hubby fold clothes, organize my stock room,...wash my hair. :-) Yep, he's going to even do that for me today! {Sounds all romantic, but I sure wish I could do it myself.  Something tells me I'm going to be REALLY wet when this is all done! LOL}

Loved Enough

He vacuums my floors,
and washes my tubs;
Cooks me good meals,
and gives nightly back rubs.

He drives me to meetings,
and carries my bags;
And when we go walking,
he zigs when I zag.

I've never cleaned an oven
(He does it willingly).
He also shops for grocery,
and at night he reads to me.

I'm the one that does the laundry;
But he helps me with the dusting,
and does all the endless repairs
that keep our old car from rusting.

There's  also other things he does,
like cuddling with me at night,
and being a gentle, unselfish lover
who can dance like its going out of sight!

There'll  never be anyone more loyal,
or more competitive at playing a game;
or anyone as hard of a worker.
I'm very thankful to carry his name.

I know it must be selfish
that I can get him to scratch my head,
or fill my water cup for me,
or help me make the bed.

Yes, I know I'm loved enough;
He just wants to make me happy;
And whatever I need he'll do;
I come first, and he'll do it all snappy.
Loved enough?-Yes I am, and quite sappy!


  1. Ohhh I love that Daisy Chain Hat!! Thanks for showing us all these pretty items! :)
    I love Etsy too and I so agree that you can always find pretty things there to look at (and buy sometimes) ;) I just received a fabulous necklace from an etsyan today!! It's gorgeous! Wanna see? You've actually seen it in one of my treasuries before
    Happy head washing! ;) I hope it doesn't get really wet. I actually don't like other people washing my hair since it's so long but I guess it's better to have someone do it for you when you can't ;)

  2. Oh, forgot to say that I love the poem too! :)

  3. Mariann, I love that hat too! It makes you smile, doesn't it?! :-) And that necklace is GORGEOUS!!! It's right up your alley too...BLUE! ^_^ So pretty! I hearted it...and another one in her shop too! Thanks for sharing!...And thanks for the poem love too! :-)

  4. Those shawls are so gorgeous!! You have such a knack at finding the coolest things on Etsy! Thanks for sharing them! Hope your hair dries before next week too! LOL

  5. CinLynn, They sure are, aren't they?!! I definitely don't have the kind of patience that would let me do more than one of those at one time...even if my arm WAS in shape for it!! ^_^ And the hair should be dry by next week...especially since I don't have to go out in the snow today!! :-)

  6. Anonymous1/07/2011

    great choises..!! thank youu..:)

  7. Anonymous (afra), It was my pleasure! Thank you for letting me share! :-)

  8. Beautiful peom...and very pretty shawls...
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  9. What a beautiful poem.
    That daisy hat is adorable. The flowers look so pretty. I just wish I could crochet flowers like that. I need more practise :)
    The shawls look great too,especially the green one.

  10. We blog Artists, Thank you for the nice words about the poem. :-) And I agree, her shawls are fabulous!!...F.Y.I., I LOVE your blog too!! The artwork is fabulous!

  11. Jo-anne, Thank you, about the poem. And yeah, that daisy chain hat is so cute!! I wish I didn't have to jump through hoops in order to sell children's items in my Etsy shop, because I have so many ideas for things I could make!! The laws here about testing for materials, buttons, having permanent tags, etc...for children's items is too much trouble and expense for me!...Just contact me by email about the flower making. I'll tell you how to do it. It's not that hard. :-)

  12. Alicia1/08/2011

    Hope you're better soon....selfishly so you can make me some slippers! I love those but I'd love some made by your talented hands more. Muah!

  13. Alicia, Ha! Ha! I think it won't be long now. I have one little stubborn area that catches every time my arm goes to a particular position. It's not aching all the time now though. {That's why I forget about it until I put my arm in that CERTAIN position!...O-U-C-H!!} As soon as it's better though, I'll work on that slipper idea!! ^_^

  14. Thanks everybody! :-]

  15. Hi, it is so great of you to feature my work :) Thank you so much :)
    Just wanted to let you know I am now teaching wire crochet! So if you are interested, pop over to my site and you will see my classes.
    Thank you again, so much. I also have my fine art /wire sculpture and jewelry site at
    If you are interested :)
    Best wishes,


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