Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful For Thursdays and...Dare I Say It...SNOW!!!

                At the turn of the clock...signed 8x10 print by Kecky

     This print says it all! Yep! The clock has turned again. It's another Thursday I need to stop and be thankful for...and we got buried again last night in S-N-O-W!!!!!! If you're dealing with this snow like we are here in the Northeast of the United States, are you sick of it too?!! UGH!...This is what my backyard looks like this morning...after anywhere from 5 to 12 more inches...
      ...It's still a little dark, and we're not exactly sure how many inches Holyoke got yet....because this is all we see...
      ...and the snow storm just subsided about 40 minutes ago. The weather people don't have snow totals up yet. Just as well, because truly...who cares anymore?!! LOL As long as I can get to some breakfast, my computer, my books, and crocheting...I'm good!! ^_^
      And yes...I know, I know...some of you who love this stuff, or want to feel the snow for yourself, don't get our mood about it...But imagine your trip to Hawaii, or your vacation to the Bahamas, being canceled for it, and not being able to get back home, and having all 7 of your little kids with you in the airport, and none of the gift shops or restaurants are open, and your husband has a fever starting, and etc... I think you get my drift. That's how it feels...after the umpteenth snow storm!
     But the snow still looks good from the standpoint of creative minds!
             Let it snow...Fine Art Photo by bomobob

          Just the Two of Us 7x12 Fine Art Photography by LarryNicosiaPhoto

     So, I'm thankful at least for them...if not for the snow right now...I said right now because I DO realize that the whole world would turn differently without it!...*grumble grumble grumble*
     Okay, moving on!!...I'm thankful that hubby is home today, even if he's not gonna be that much fun today! He's gotta go through that Colonoscopy procedure tomorrow, so today he's got to do the whole prep thing...FUN FOR HIM!! ^_^
     I'm gonna be the doting wife, the "Uh huh, Yeah sure honey!" girl...eating and crocheting away!...Speaking of which, tomorrow I'm going to do a 'How-To' about crocheting. How to hold the yarn and any little tips I think might help any new crocheters out there. I decided to do it after I read the post by Dee Dee on her blog dee dee's vintage retro delights. She's giving crocheting a go, but she's having a little frustration about it it seems. 
     So, if any of you have certain questions you want me to answer, or something specific you'd like to see, let me know in your comments below. 
      I'd also like to thank my blogger pal over at Facing 50 with Humour for my Awesome Blog Award!! I'm honored! :-)
     Okay, Enjoy your snow New Englanders!! I'm gonna eat breakfast, take a nap, and try to enjoy mine...from inside the house! Yeah, I'm thankful for it...sorta, but Oh No!! I'm not going out there!!! LOL

Thankful Thursday

The week is almost over.
That's one thing I'm thankful for.
Let me think about it,
'cuz there must be plenty more.

I'm thankful on this thursday,
that I have nowhere to go,
'cuz my husband will be home
and we're expecting loads of snow!

I'm thankful that there's tennis,
every morning around 3.
Australia's time is different
and sleep's always aluding me.

I'm thankful for new projects,
custom orders yet to do.
And thankful I crochet,
and knit and write a little too.

I'm thankful on this Thursday
to appreciate my gift;
And appreciate other people's,
and receive a little lift!

Yes, I'm thankful on this Thursday.
Also thankful, let me say,
that's this poem is not endless,
'cuz I'm thankful every day! 


  1. Nice poem Wug! We SHOULD be thankful everyday. But it's nice to write down what we're thankful for as reminders isn't it! You DID get a lot of snow! It's snowing pretty good here right now too. I'm not sure how much we're supposed to get, but I'm thankful I'm in the house and away from it! Enjoy your day with hubby!

  2. CinLynn, WOW! You're getting it too huh?! It's so fun....and sleep-inducing...isn't it?! ^_^ After breakfast...which I'm eating alone in front of the hubby with his tongue hanging out...I'm going to look at it out the window for a few minutes and drift off to "NAP-land"!! ^_^

  3. Oooooh! Aaaaah! You finally have what it looks like a decent amount of snow! :P Congratulations, my friend! I know how long you waited for this to happen! hehe Looks really pretty too! :)

    I love the Let it snow...Fine Art Photo!!

    All the best to your hubby for both today and tomorrow!

    About crocheting. The last time I crocheted something was last summer and the last time before that was highschool LOL so will be fun to see what you post tomorrow :)

  4. Mariann, Oh Yeah, I'm just happy, happy, happy about all this snow.....NOT!!! LOL And hubby says thanks...See you with crochet needle in hand tomorrow! :-)

  5. awww more snow goodness i have to say i love it but im glad when it goes to ;-)) Beautiful photo's love the way it has fallen on the tree's. Please wish your hubby goodluck for tomorrow bless him. And thank you for taking the time to do a post tomorrow on crochet for me i can't wait to see it now ;-)) Hopefully by next week i will have mastered it a bit more ;-)) Take lots of care, dee xx

  6. There must have been at least 10" of heavy wet stuff in Northeast MA this morning! I was on the verge of tears when attempting shovel! I'm way too tired of the snow and it is not even the end of January!!! Luckily my angel-like neighbor showed up with his plow. The entire time shovelling I could not stop thinking how wonderful it would be to live where there is little to no snow. Someday I'll make that dream come true. Best of luck to your husband!!! ~Val

  7. Deb I am with you on the snow!! Here in NY we just got another foot! UGH! I am looking forward to spring!! Its a crazy winter so far and we are just beginning! lol

    Hope your hubby's test turns out ok.


  8. Anonymous1/27/2011

    Again... an offer of a trade. Your snow for my humidity! At least then my hair could settle.

  9. Yes, more snow!! White is everywhere!
    Stay warm.

  10. delia, Thanks for the nice words about the snow photos. I must say, looking out the window is still very calming, even though I can't see my grass anymore! The snow on the trees is sorta like a post card view. But still...I long for Spring! :-)...As to the crochet post, I've been taking photos all day and thinking about what would be the best way to post them. I hope it helps and inspires you to carry on! :-))

  11. Miss Val, My hubby just went out now to get the snow off the cars and shovel. It's not gonna be good!!! Hopefully someone with a plow will come over and help him out!! :-) Just think, pretty soon birds will be chirping and singing in the trees and snow will be a distant memory!! ^_^

  12. Cathy, WOW! You got the foot I thought we were gonna get!...THANK YOU!! :-)) Just like you said though, it's only just begun!!! Hurry up Spring!!...And thanks for the encouragement for hubby. :-)

  13. Michele, Ha! Ha! Yeah, your hair would settle, but it would have to be under a hat or in a scarf and no one would see it anyway!! ^_^ {Although I don't want the humidity either!! LOL Can't I just have perfection?!}

  14. Priscila, And isn't it grand??!!!....NOT! ^_^

  15. Beautiful snow pics...I love the snow, very calming, and it feels like time stands still for a while (for some reason). I hope we get some more!

  16. I've got to admit that I love the snow but I'm over in Vancouver, BC and don't see snow all that often! But growing up in the East, i feel your PAIN!!! Enough is enough, right?! Hang in there, bundle up!

  17. We received some white stuff today too, but thankfully after I got home from I guess that's something to be thankful for on a Thursday!

  18. KERRY, I'm glad you liked them. I must admit though, that, in my opinion, that "STUFF" is much nicer to look at than deal with in person! LOL ...And I hope Y-O-U get some more, and go ahead and keep it all while you're at it too! ^_^

  19. ag., Another snow lover...Well, I guess SOMEBODY's gotta love it! ^_^ And yep! Enough is enough!!!

  20. yaya, You got some too?!!...Now we're really in this thing together!! ^_^ Or should I say, up to our necks in this together! ^_^ ...Yeah, thankful. :-}

  21. OH, my goodness, all that snow! So different from down here... But Daniel is arriving in NYC in a few minutes and will enjoy a good bit of snow there... I always loved the first or second snow storm, but after January I usually was ready for spring! I guess I live in the right climate! (Ask me again in August when I am melting in the heat!!) Love, Silke

  22. Silke, I know!! My family lived in Savannah. {I was almost born there! LOL} You've got the right kind of weather right now, but Daniel is going to get a taste of what's we're dealing with, I'm afraid! You just enjoy that beautiful weather while you can! August is coming!! ^_^

  23. Sarah, Thank you!! :-)


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