Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here's What happened...

   I can't do a lot of writing today. My pulled arm muscle is giving me 'A TIME'!! But I still can tell you the story of what happened to get me in this predicament. Here goes...
    No! I did not slip on a banana peel while mopping the floor, that made me land on my arm...
    No! I was not out swimming in the ocean and got stung by a jelly-fish that made me hop around and land on my arm.
    No! I was not trying to put wood on the fire and got too close to the fireplace, jumped back, and twisted my arm in an acrobatic fall...{Although most of the time it does feel like it's on fire!}
    And No! I was not wandering around in the desert until I collapsed, only to wake up and find my arm in a crumpled mass underneath me! LOL
   I'm afraid the real story is pretty anti-climactic...I woke up....and went to reach for something...{a cup of tea, I think}...and WHAM! The pain hit me!!...*sigh!* How sad is that?!! My body is so bad off that it doesn't even want to reach for a cup of tea!! ^_^ And it's making me pay for trying to do it now too!!!
    Oh Well.....What am I doing about it?!
    I'm sitting in one spot, with pillows propped up all around my arm, letting my mind whirl around like the Holyoke Merry-Go-Round...trying to be patient...and stay in as little pain as possible.
    Thinking of quiet places that we've visited, like Maine, with ocean waves hitting the shore, and seagulls and calming sounds of coastal water.
   Thinking happy thoughts about Australia, because it's only a little while now until there will be TENNIS!! The Australian Open will begin on January 17th!! I can't wait!!!
   By then, for sure, it'll be "Hello Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer!!!...and Goodbye pulled muscle!!!"...Well...IT BETTER!!! 
    I'll still be sitting still, in front of the T.V., but I need to be able to swing an invisible rackett in the air when I get excited! LOL
    Okay, off to do some more RESTING!!!....I really miss crocheting. :-(

Ode To A Pulled Muscle

Go ahead and sting and burn;
Go ahead and cause sharp pain;
Go ahead and take control
and cause a throb in my forehead vein!

Go ahead and make me sit;
Go ahead and pull and ache;
Go ahead while you still can,
while I'm slow and half awake.

Pretty soon I'll see you go!
Pretty soon I'll move around;
Pretty soon I'll have every muscle
doing a boogie all over town!


  1. I would have had to laugh if it was because of slipping on a banana peel! Hubby did that a number of years back and it WAS hilarious!! But this is not a bit funny. I can tell you're in pain and I'm so sorry. Hope it heals soon! In the meantime, catch up on your magazines. Nice to talk to you too.

  2. CinLynn, Poor hubby!! I can feel his pain...even though it was in the past! LOL And yep! Magazine reading is all I'm good for right about now. My mind can still work! :-)

  3. Feel better Deb!! I can imagine how much you miss crocheting! Hope you can get back to it soon! :)

  4. Cathy, Thank you...I'm working on it!...Or rather, NOT working on it!

  5. sMacThoughts, Thank you!

  6. Anonymous1/05/2011

    Awwww get better soon! I hope you are been looked after very well!

    Oh and the'll have to stop raining there first. Just sayin....

  7. Michele, Thank you!....Yeah, I heard about the rain. I'm hoping for good! :-/

  8. And don't ever ever reach into the back seat of the car with your right arm to reposition a bass amp...took about two years to get over that bit of duh....hey, seriously, Debi, take care. Your crocheting needs you :) Pam

  9. uh oh! I hope your arm gets better soon! Make that hubby get your tea next time! :]

  10. Ouch! I hope your arm feels better soon. I know how easy it can be to hurt yourself while reaching for something :(

    Gosh don't remind me about the tennis, they take all my favourite shows off the tv when the Australian Open is on. Although its not a bad thing I guess it means that we are one step closer to finishing the school holidays. School goes back not all that long after the tennis finishes :D not that I am counting or getting excited about that.

    Take care of your arm xoxo

  11. SOiNTOiT, Yikes! That hurt just THINKING about stretching my arm to the back seat!!!...OUCH!...^_^ thanks for the smile...assuming your arm is all better now?!

  12. Hollie, Ha! ha! That's what's so sad...Hubby was handing the tea to me!!! ^_^ Warn me next time...will ya?!

  13. Jo-anne, Thanks for the sympathy. I just woke up from another long nap, and I think the arm feels a little better! Maybe it needs a lot of naps just like me! :-] And woo woo woo{sympathy woos} for the T.V. shows going off air during the Australian Open. I didn't even think of that! But the same thing happens here during some sports seasons too. Thankfully though there's always tons of cable stations to make up for it!! ^_^ But yay for the good news...there is school afterward!!

  14. Yikes! :S Wishing you a quick recovery!

  15. Mariann, Thanks... ^_^ I'm on the mend though.


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