Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things Are Looking Up...and it SHOE is Good!

    This rainbow photo by Silja Erg shows exactly how I'm feeling on this fine Saturday morning! I'm feeling like the rain (metaphorically speaking) has started to lift, and I can "SEE" the rainbow! 
    As some of you know, I've been having a real problem with my eye for a few days now.'s much better! I took a picture on day two of it's flair-up. And last night I took an update picture and...WOW! does it look better! {This is the WARNING, for those squeamish about looking at eyes: I'm going to show you the photos in a minute!} 
    Thankfully, though, it hasn't been so bad that it's stopped me from doing my tennis watching or crocheting! {Congrats to 'My Boy', Nadal!!!...Although Tomic gave him a 'run for his money'! :-]} And it hasn't stopped me from talking with my fingers either! LOL {Along those lines, big thanks to all of you for the nice things you said yesterday about my revealing post about myself. It's so nice to have such nice, thoughtful, people like yourselves take the time to give me a little 'Heart Nudge'. :-) Thank you!!}
    Now, let me show you what I've been crocheting!...First I can tell you that the BIG man slippers are all done...both of them!
    I'm gonna list them in my Wuglyees shop for her next week some time...I had to custom make them to size without the person right here. I much rather alter them to size perfectly to their foot....As you can see, I'm a little nervous about them fitting properly. But I'll just have to trust that the measurements she gave me were completely accurate....I'm sure they were. It's just me. Creative license to be nervous. LOL
    These slippers have given me the "Slipper Bug". Now my mind is thinking about all the different color combinations I could do, and whether to make the sole the same color as the shoes,...and whether to add a flower or not add a flower. ^_^ This is another pair I finished, in a size 'Small'.
      I think these gray and black cuties would look good on a man or woman. Which way do you think I should market them?!
     When I finished these I started working on this...
     In case you can't tell, the colors are gray on one side, and then a combination of colors together on the other side: dark blue and purple yarns, and a black thread added in...This is what they became...
     They kinda look like 'High-Top' slippers. ^_^ They're not though...Now, do I add the flower I made to go with them....or not?! You be the judge.
     It's not sewn on yet. I'm not sure if I like it on there. I need some feedback on this one. Would you like a big flower on the top of your bedroom slippers?!...Hey! Some people have those bedroom slippers with the big floppy rabbit ears! How bad can a flower be?! ^_^ ...Anyway.....!
    Let me also tell you that Velma, over at SnowflakeDreams1, whose having that 'chock full of stuff' Giveaway, has ADDED a necklace to the mix too!
      Okay, look away now, if you don't want to see the before and after eye photos!!!...This is the way it looked after one day of applying warm towels and salve.

      And this morning this is what it looked like.
    I have a much happier eye!!!....I need to pluck my eyebrows, but my eye?!....HAPPY! :-)
     Rainbows and blue skies!!...Well, not really. In reality, we've got another HUGE snow storm on it's way, for around Tuesday. I got my eyes all better just in time to SEE it! OH JOY!!!!.....NOT! ^_^ I hope you all have a 'weather good' weekend!! Me?! I'm going to do this and that, fiddle around with some stuff, and just be...


D-is the Daring that it takes to just be me.
E-is the Emptiness 'The Truth' has helped to flee.
B-is the Blues that I've  felt throughout my life.
B-is the Beauty that I feel, now as Jeff's  wife.
I-is the Issues that come up from time to time.
E-is the Eagerness with which each hill I climb!


  1. Love the poem, I should do a similar one too about me! :P
    Don't know what to say about the slippers because I'm really not a slipper person ;) All I know is that the quality is good :)
    Good eye pics! ;) Scaaaary :D

  2. Mariann, Thank you...I could do one about you too! ^_^ Here goes:

    M-is for the MOOD with which a photo you can make.
    A- is the ACCEPTANCE of your life, a 'piece of cake'!
    R-is how RECEPTIVE you have been to all my rants.
    I-is how INCREDIBLY each comment you enhance.
    A-is for your ANIMALS, always one click away.
    N-is for how NOTICED they have been by you each day.
    N-is for each NEEDED picture, fox, horse, and blue jay!

    And thanks for the nice comment about the quality of my slippers too. That's important, even for the 'ugly'! LOL

  3. I do love the poem too Deb! I wonder if I could do that. Hmmmm, let me see......

    C-is for control of my tongue that I use.
    I-is for incredibly hard not to abuse!
    N-is for naturally wanting to talk.
    D-is for determining when I should balk.
    Y-is for yearning to let my self go,
    and having to tell myself that
    inevitable "NO!"

    How's that?? So it's not the best....I'm not a poet afterall! LOL
    Love the slippers too by the way. I like the flower on the the purple ones!

  4. Wow! :D You did it before I had any time to start thinking about it! Haha I love it and I hope you don't mind if I share it on Facebook! :D

    Cindy, love yours too, there's a little poet inside of us all ;)

  5. Cindy, It's fabulous!!! It's a very good poem!...Uh Oh! I've created a rival!! ^_^ ...And thanks for the nice words about the slippers too. That's one YES for the flower. Good!

  6. Mariann, I'm glad you like it. It's yours! Do whatever you want with it! It was fun to do yours! :-)

  7. Deb, Love how you get everyone thinking and trying new things, but come on what can I do with such a horrible name like Velma.....LOL....
    or my middle name Enriqueta :) I love your slippers. Thank you for bringing up my giveaway.I'm so glad that your eye is doing much better and looking at the pictures really shows the progress to better healthier eye. Have a wonderful day!

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, I don't think Velma is a horrible name at all! Velma is you! You must love you!! Here's why...

    V-is for the VERY loving way you see the world.
    E-is Enriqueta's EVER present love unfurled.
    L-is for the way you like to LEARN to do new things.
    M-is how you've overcome life's MANY jabs and stings.
    A- is for ANTICIPATION of what else life brings!

    I hope you like Velma now. :-) And thanks for all of the nice words about my slippers and the encouragement about my eye Enriqueta! :-) (I like that!)

  9. Anonymous1/22/2011

    Those slippers are fabulous!! They look so cozy and comfy :)

  10. So glad your eye is better and love the blog. Love the idea you feature your items here before putting on Etsy. Just read an old Gooseberry Patch book my mother-in-law gave me. It's the holiday edition lots of crafts, recipes, etc. One thing they have is crocheted slippers wherein you make 4 blocks then attach together and they make slippers, but i thought they looked a little strange-around the toes. I love your slippers so much better. Hope they fly out of your store and the multi color look like unisex to me.

  11. I think I like the flower on the slippers to. It just finishes them off nicely. You have inspired me to go work on my yoyo bag. (I'd put it aside for a while, but time to get it back out. I want it finished before our holiday to the beach in two weeks)
    Love the poem, you can make a poem about anything cant you?! :)
    SO glad your eye is better. I have another test on mine on the 27th. Not looking forward to it as its an angiogram (yuck)
    Should I tell you that we have blue skies and beautiful sunny days here right now? LOL!

  12. whatnomints, Thank you! I've been working on the matching one to the last pair all day. I decided to sew the flowers on them too. We'll see how they come out. :-]

  13. Ira Mency, Thank you so much about the slippers!...I never heard of Gooseberry Patch books. I'd love to see those slippers though! I'm doing different slippers, different ways, trying to get to one I really like. So far I like the style of the black one into today's post. It can be done in so many different colors...and altered to appeal to men and women...Also they're simple to wear...By the way, I'll be talking to you soon.

  14. Alittlesprite, Thanks for the nice words about the poetry. Yes...I can write a poem about just about long as I have some sort of knowledge or connection with it. My brain functions in poem form I think. :-))...And thanks for the feedback about the flower on the slippers. I came to the same conclusion. I sewed the flower on that one today, and started it's companion. :-)...And YAY! The yoyo bag continues! I hope I get to see the finished result!

  15. Great poem! But then again all of you poems are wonderful! I'm glad you put the flower on the slippers I was going to mention that it looked great with that one on it.
    I'm glad your eye is better :)

  16. Wow your eye does look a huge different well done for treating it yourself ;-)) I do love your slippers and i have to say i love them with the flower on it makes them extra special and girly to me. Dee x

  17. You will, I am taking photos as I progress.

  18. Jo-anne, Thank you for appreciating my poems so much. And for the feedback about the flower on the slipper. I'm almost done with it too...And glad I can SEE it! :-)

  19. Thanks Delia! It's not completely out of the woods yet, but I'm keeping the treatment up, and I can feel the improvement every day...And YaY! Another vote for the flower! Thanks for the feedback. I'm feeling good about putting them on them now. :-)

  20. Alittlesprite, Great!! I'm fascinated about the idea of a "yoyo bag". Can't wait to see it! :-]

  21. Alicia1/26/2011

    Can't wait to get my slippers this weekend! They look great!

  22. Alicia, I'm just glad you like them!! :-)


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